Review of Samsung QN90D 2024 Neo QLED TV series: Brighter, better!

Samsung QN90D is one of the most notable TV lines in 2024 from the Korean giant. With beautiful design, smart Tizen operating system and impressive image performance, this TV promises to bring a great entertainment experience to users.

1. Samsung QN90D design: Simple but stylish!

This year’s Samsung QN90D TV series has a modern and sophisticated design. The frame surrounding the screen is made from gray-black metal, creating a luxurious and premium look. The stand is also made from metal, has a hexagonal shape, it is quite heavy and sturdy. When installed on the TV at the back, it will feel as if the screen is floating in the air, especially when watching at night. night. This is a very interesting design that can add emphasis to the TV.

Review of Samsung QN90D 2024 Neo QLED TV series: Brighter, better!
Attractive, sophisticated front design (Photo: The Shortcut).

The remote control that comes with this line is the advanced Eco Remote version. It has a long bar shape, with a circular navigation pad on top and volume and channel controls on the bottom. In addition, there are also quick access buttons for popular services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Samsung TV Plus.

Review of Samsung QN90D 2024 Neo QLED TV series: Brighter, better!
Sturdy metal stand (Photo: The Shortcut).

An interesting point about this Eco Remote is its ability to self-charge using solar energy. On the bottom of the remote, we will see a solar panel. Just leave it facing the light to charge the battery inside. Additionally, it can also be charged via the USB-C port.

2. Operating system: Smart, convenient!

The Samsung QN90D 2024 series still runs on the latest version of the Tizen operating system. Although the interface still has some design shortcomings, it provides all the necessary features for a modern entertainment experience.

On this operating system, we can access all popular online services such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix… In addition, it also supports AirPlay to stream content from Apple devices and Miracast to connect to Windows devices.

Review of Samsung QN90D 2024 Neo QLED TV series: Brighter, better!
Smart Tizen OS operating system (Photo: The Shortcut).

Besides, Samsung also integrated the Vietnamese Bixby assistant into the QN90D series. Thanks to the navigation microphone system, we can use voice commands to control TV functions easily. However, navigating the settings options and switching between input sources on this QN90D series will be somewhat complicated. Image settings options are often hidden under multiple layers of menus. In addition, there is no Enter button on the Eco Remote, so switching between HDMI ports also requires many steps.

3. Sound quality: Enough!

This year’s Neo QLED Samsung QN90D TV series is equipped with a 2-speaker sound system, each speaker has a capacity of 10W. This is a fairly common sound configuration on low-cost and mid-range TVs today, so the sound quality is not too outstanding, only enough to listen to television content and news.

However, thanks to the AI ​​NQ4 Gen2 processing technology, the QN90D series can automatically fine-tune the sound, making the characters’ voices in the movie clearer and easier to hear.

On the other hand, the TV will also support Dolby Atmos surround sound technology and Q-Symphony feature. However, to fully enjoy these features, we need to connect the TV to a soundbar or an external audio system that supports multi-channel.

4. Display quality of Samsung QN90D: Great in price range!

Samsung QN90D has 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, supporting popular HDR formats such as HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG. Once again the company continues to say NO to Dolby Vision on this TV line, in complete contrast to its competitors.

However, perhaps it is also because Samsung believes that adding Dolby Vision is completely unnecessary, because the company’s ability to support dynamic range is more than enough.

Review of Samsung QN90D 2024 Neo QLED TV series: Brighter, better!
Excellent display quality, higher brightness, higher contrast (Photo: The Shortcut).

When viewing HDR movie content, the maximum brightness measured on 10% of the screen area is about 2000 nits, and on the entire screen is about 600 nits. This increase compared to last year’s QN90C line is not much, but just having ‘more’ is a remarkable improvement.

Besides, using the new NQ4 AI Gen2 processor with 20 AI neural networks, the QN90D’s ability to optimize images (and sound) is also extremely excellent. Its processing power helps optimize any low-quality input content, upscaling it to higher quality without changing the original content. There’s also Real Depth Enhancer Pro that sharpens foreground images and increases contrast, giving content a completely new, 2.5D-like look.

Review of Samsung QN90D 2024 Neo QLED TV series: Brighter, better!
Not only entertainment, Samsung QN90D also offers excellent gaming capabilities (Photo: The Shortcut).

Quantum Dot technology is not new, but don’t forget, the QN90D uses a Mini-LED system with 1.5 times the number of zones compared to regular QLED TVs, so its local dimming ability is extremely good, allowing for produces deep blacks with almost no halos.

As for color, Samsung QN90D has DCI-P3 color coverage of 93.88%, BT.2020 color gamut of 72.34% and Rec.709 of 99.4%. With these parameters, the QN90D series can reproduce images with very high quality and outstanding colors, such as the blades of grass on the sunny steppe being reproduced very brightly and very naturally.

5. Game Mode: Powerful!

With a 120Hz refresh rate and support for up to 144Hz with VRR (variable refresh rate) and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, the QN90D is also ideal for gaming. Furthermore, its input lag in Game Mode is just under 3 milliseconds. This is much lower than the 10ms threshold – considered suitable for gaming.

Review of Samsung QN90D 2024 Neo QLED TV series: Brighter, better!
The TV supports modern gaming features (Photo: The Shortcut).

Besides, the Samsung QN90D is also equipped with the all-new Game Bar 4.0, which allows us to monitor the refresh rate and frame rate (FPS), as well as switch between other useful features to Get a better experience.

6. Connection: Rich and diverse!

Unlike the QN900D and S95D which have One Connect Box, the QN90D uses a universal connection module on the right side of the back of the TV. Although it is not as convenient as One Connect Box in terms of wiring, it is no less convenient. Even when hanging the TV on the wall, we can still access these ports to connect as desired.

Review of Samsung QN90D 2024 Neo QLED TV series: Brighter, better!
Full connection port but still retains the fragility of the TV (Photo: The Shortcut).

In terms of port count, it will include four HDMI 2.1 ports (one with eARC), two USB ports, one Ethernet port, Optical port, antenna connector and CI+ 1.4 slot. Wireless connectivity has Bluetooth and WiFi, but is only WiFi 5 and does not support the latest WiFi 6 or 6E standards.

7. Conclusion

Having said that, Samsung QN90D is a mid-range TV series worth considering in 2024. Reasonable price, flexible size, excellent contrast, strong color performance and attractive gaming features, it has too many factors to attract users.

In terms of size, Samsung QN90D has dimensions of 43/50/55/65/75/85/98 inches. However, the 43-inch version is temporarily not available in the Vietnamese market, only available in the remaining sizes.

  • Smart TV Neo QLED Samsung 4K 50 inch 50QN90D price 32,900,000 VND

  • Smart TV Neo QLED Samsung 4K 55 inch 55QN90D price 36,000,000 VND

  • Smart TV Neo QLED Samsung 4K 65 inch 65QN90D price 45,100,000 VND

  • Smart TV Neo QLED Samsung 4K 75 inch 75QN90D price 68,200,000 VND

  • Smart TV Neo QLED Samsung 4K 85 inch 85QN90D price 97,500,000 VND

  • Smart TV Neo QLED Samsung 4K 98 inch 98QN90D price 146,900,000 VND

Above are the comments of about Samsung QN90D Neo QLED smart TV line. Hopefully this information will help you have more useful information to choose the most suitable product for yourself

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