Review of Samsung DU8000 TV series: Beautiful display in its segment, many convenient features!

Samsung DU8000 is the successor to last year’s CU8000 series. Although the hardware specifications have not changed much, on this year’s DU8000 series Samsung has added many interesting utilities to enhance the user experience.

If you’re looking to buy the best affordable 4K TV of 2024, the Samsung DU8000 should be on your radar. Launched not long ago, this is the 2023 CU8000 replacement product line that was very successful in the market and is considered very good value for money.

So, can Samsung DU8000 inherit the advantages of Samsung CU8000? And what distinctive features will it have? In this article, will analyze this new popular Samsung TV line so you can have a more multi-dimensional view of the product, thereby considering whether to buy it for your family or not.

1. Samsung DU8000 design: Marking a new generation!

This year’s Samsung DU8000 TV series basically has an appearance that has not changed much compared to its predecessor. It also applies the Air Slim design to achieve an ultra-thin size of only 2.6cm, making it one of the thinnest popular TVs we can find on the market.

The TV material used is still plastic, but with Samsung’s perfect processing quality, there aren’t too many mistakes that we can blame. Because after all, this is just a popular product line.

Review of Samsung DU8000 TV series: Beautiful display in its segment, many convenient features!
Samsung DU8000’s appearance has not changed much compared to CU8000, still beautiful and luxurious (Photo: EscolhaSegura).

Seen from the front, the Samsung DU8000 shows absolute class and sophistication with an ultra-thin frame combined with a black screen border inside that is only 0.9cm thick. With this combination, we will have the most optimal display space on all sizes of the Samsung D8000. But it’s a bit unfortunate that this TV line doesn’t have Ambient Mode+, otherwise its aesthetic value would be much higher.

The TV stand is T-shaped, also made of plastic. It is special in that it can change 2 heights to better suit the room’s display style. The first rung, the bottom edge of the screen will be about 7.8cm away from the table surface, suitable for placing a soundbar, while the second rung is only about 5.3cm away, giving a better feeling of optimal visibility.

Review of Samsung DU8000 TV series: Beautiful display in its segment, many convenient features!
Unique TV stand with the ability to change height (Photo: EscolhaSegura).

The back of the TV is a large plastic panel, finished with faux metal scratches, so it looks very beautiful and premium. All connection modules are clustered in a small recess on the right side (when viewed from the front), while the power cord is on the left. Also on this back, Samsung has pre-arranged screw holes, so we can use the VESA mount to hang the DU8000 on the wall. With a flat cross-section, when placed close to the wall it will give a better aesthetic effect, and be safer from the mischief of children or pets in the house.

2. Image and sound quality of Samsung DU8000

In terms of specifications, the Samsung DU8000 uses Edge LED technology, 4K resolution, 60Hz refresh rate (except for the 85-inch model which is 120Hz), supports HDR10+ dynamic range, has Motion Xcelerator technology, Contrast Enhancer and upscale images with Crystal 4K processor.

Basically, the specifications of the DU8000 are the same as the CU8000, but the DU8000 will deliver better image quality, especially the ability to display black colors as well as HDR content. Compared to its predecessor and other 4K TV models in the same segment, the maximum brightness of the Samsung DU8000, although still not exceeding 400 nits, is significantly brighter, and the HDR effect in a dark room is extremely impressive with black color. deeper, also less prone to blooming phenomenon (dark areas are not really dark but have halos around them).

Review of Samsung DU8000 TV series: Beautiful display in its segment, many convenient features!
Samsung DU8000 offers superior display quality compared to its predecessor and competitors in the same segment (Photo: EscolhaSegura).

4K picture quality is simply outstanding, and the Crystal 4K processor does a great job of upscaling input content whether from USB sources or online applications. For fast-moving content or scenes with lots of detail, every movement becomes smoother thanks to the Motion Xcelerator feature, the image is less blurry than regular 4K TVs.

In particular, the Samsung DU8000 has a great Game mode with an input lag of less than 15 milliseconds. If you have a strong enough PC case or PlayStation gaming console, you can take advantage of this TV.

Review of Samsung DU8000 TV series: Beautiful display in its segment, many convenient features!
The black color on the Samsung DU8000 is very deep, and there is little halo phenomenon (Photo: EscolhaSegura).

In terms of sound, the Samsung DU8000 has a standard 2-speaker system below the screen with a capacity of 10W each to deliver louder sound than what we expect from conventional built-in TV speakers.

Overall, the sound quality of this line is good enough, but not impressive. The high and mid range are clear, not distorted, the bass is present but still a bit thin, a common feature of popular price range TVs. The most impressive highlight is still Adaptive Sound technology that can optimize sound for each frame, this technology will bring us a more diverse and richer sound experience.

3. Operating system

Samsung DU8000 uses Tizen OS operating system, the user experience is smooth and easy to understand. We can easily watch streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube, as well as interact with Samsung Gaming Hub, Samsung TV Plus, Samsung Daily and other management apps.

In addition, Tizen OS also supports smart home features through SmartThings, allowing control of home devices from your TV.

4. Connect

The Samsung DU8000 has multiple connection ports, including three HDMI ports to connect multiple devices such as game consoles, sound systems, and Blu-ray players. Additionally, there are two USB-A ports for playing content from USB and other storage devices.

Wireless connectivity includes Wi-Fi for internet access and streaming services, as well as Bluetooth 5.2 for connecting headphones, keyboards and other devices.

Review of Samsung DU8000 TV series: Beautiful display in its segment, many convenient features!
The connection port on the Samsung DU8000 is complete for all needs (Photo: EscolhaSegura),

The Samsung DU8000 also supports mirroring functions to cast content from your phone to your TV, including AirPlay 2 for Apple users, Screen Mirroring for Android users, and Tap View exclusively for Samsung phones.

5. Other features of Samsung DU8000

Elegant design, great picture quality, decent sound and diverse connectivity. Although these factors alone are enough to make the Samsung DU8000 attractive, it actually doesn’t stop there, it still comes with a series of other interesting features and support applications.

  • Samsung Gaming Hub: turns DU8000 into a gaming hub by providing direct access to a vast library of more than 3,000 games from popular platforms like Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now.
  • Samsung Daily+: is an application that synthesizes applications such as SmartThings, WorkSpace and Samsung Health so that we can easily manage our daily activities and lifestyle from the comfort of this TV.
  • Samsung TV Plus: this service offers more than 80 free channels, including a variety of content such as movies, sports, news and children’s programs.
  • Samsung SmartThings: turns TV into central control of smart devices in the home. With this feature, you can control and monitor compatible devices, from smart lights to security systems, all through an intuitive interface on your TV.
Review of Samsung DU8000 TV series: Beautiful display in its segment, many convenient features!
Samsung DU8000 has an easy-to-use interface and rich utility features (Photo: EscolhaSegura).

There are also other add-ons such as:

  • SolarCell control: An environmentally friendly remote control is recharged using sunlight or room light, eliminating the need to replace batteries.
  • Multi View mode: Ability to split the screen to view two content at the same time, such as watching a movie while viewing content mirrored from your phone
  • Samsung Knox security: Strong protection with multiple layers of security to keep your data and privacy safe from unauthorized access.
  • AI Energy mode: Energy saving mode adjusts the TV’s brightness automatically based on environmental light, reducing energy consumption.
  • Virtual assistant: Integration with virtual assistants like Bixby, allowing TV control and content access via voice commands.

6. Conclusion

For those looking for a new 4K TV at a price that isn’t too high, the Samsung DU8000 is the best choice. This line of TVs offers good picture quality, beautiful design, many additional features and a variety of sizes. As follows:

  • Smart TV Samsung 4K 43 inch 43DU8000 price 11.9 million VND.
  • Smart TV Samsung 4K 50 inch 50DU8000 price 14.9 million VND.
  • Smart TV Samsung 4K 55 inch 55DU8000 price 16.9 million VND.
  • Smart TV Samsung 4K 65 inch 65DU8000 price 18.9 million VND.
  • Smart TV Samsung 4K 75 inch 75DU8000 price 29.9 million VND.
  • Smart TV Samsung 4K 85 inch 85DU8000 price 49.9 million VND.

Above are’s comments about the Samsung DU8000 TV series. Hopefully these shares have helped you better understand this product line, and make shopping choices that suit your needs.

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