Review of Samsung 4K 50 inch 50BU8000 smart TV: Mid-range quality but price is only under 10 million VND!

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50BU8000 is one of the TV models worth considering today because it has image, sound, and features all in the mid-range segment, but the current price is only under 10 million VND.

1. Samsung 4K 50 inch 50BU8000 smart TV design

BU8000 is a mid-range product line launched by Samsung in 2022. When it was first launched, it created a big craze in the market and is still ‘keeping heat’ until now.

In terms of design, although only using plastic material, the Samsung 50BU8000 is solidly finished, not creaking at all. The most prominent feature of its design is the Air Slim style ultra-thin screen vienf. Its thickness is only a little more than 2 cm, bringing elegance and luxury. And yet, viewed from the front, the four edges of the TV are also impressively thin. When the screen is turned on, the TV has a black border inside but is still very thin, not affecting the viewer’s experience.

Review of Samsung 4K 50 inch 50BU8000 smart TV: Mid-range quality but price is only under 10 million VND!
Samsung 50BU8000 is impressive with its thin bezel, increasing display space (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

All of these factors have created a luxurious, high-end value for the Samsung 50BU8000. Furthermore, the size of 50 inches is not too large, it can be placed in small rooms, and can also be used as a presentation screen in large spaces such as shopping centers, meeting rooms, coffee shops…

The TV stand is also made from plastic, but is quite sturdy and is deeply attached to the screen so it will keep the TV standing firmly on a flat surface.

At the back, the 50BU8000 has basic connection ports including 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports (1 of which supports eARC), Optical port, and television port. The ports are arranged on the right side of the TV, making the back of the TV flat so that it can be placed close to the wall when hung.

2. Screen and display quality of Samsung 4K 50 inch smart TV 50BU8000

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50BU8000 uses edge LED technology, so it will limit light deviation like background LED technology. However, the overall quality of its panels will not be as good as OLED or QLED panels.

The TV’s resolution is 4K, very sharp. Combined with the Crystal 4K processor, it can upgrade all input quality, optimize color, contrast, and detail for low-quality content when displayed on a large screen whose quality far exceeds that of the original content. Although there is more 4K content now than in previous years, it must be said that not all the content we love is 4K, it may even just be SD. Therefore, the upscale ability of the 50BU8000 is extremely important, the core of providing sharp display capabilities.

Review of Samsung 4K 50 inch smart TV 50BU8000: Mid-range quality but price is only under 10 million VND!
Crystal 4K processor with powerful upscale capability (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

And, this 50-inch Samsung TV model is also equipped with a lot of modern imaging technology to enhance the user experience.

First, we have Dynamic Crystal Color which helps increase the color range, providing more vibrant, realistic colors. In terms of contrast, it is equipped with two technologies: IMAX Enhancer and HDR that can create a clearer difference between light and dark areas. When watching HDR content movies, black and less black details will not be merged into one, creating volume and giving us a more realistic viewing experience.

In addition, features such as Motion Xcelerator motion smoothing or Auto Low Latency latency reduction technology when playing games are also integrated, providing a complete gaming and entertainment experience.

There is one thing to note. On this TV there are quite a few picture modes, but the beauty of it is that we can customize the parameters of those modes from brightness, color… This will basically take quite a bit of time, but it works. Allows us to self-configure the display to best suit our eyes.

3. Sound quality of Samsung 4K 50 inch smart TV 50BU8000

Smart TV Samsung 4K 50 inch 50BU8000 has a system of 2 speakers with a total capacity of 20W, the sound is generally quite good compared to many TVs in the same segment. The sound experience of the TV is quite good, the sound bands are separate and create a highlight on the overall sound background. Although there are not many sound configurations, just Adaptive Sound technology that optimizes sound according to content is enough to bring a diverse sound experience to listeners.

Review of Samsung 4K 50 inch smart TV 50BU8000: Mid-range quality but price is only under 10 million VND!
Adaptive Sound technology provides a rich sound experience (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

If you have more advanced needs, you can invest in a soundbar to take advantage of Samsung’s unique Q-Symphony feature. When combined together, both the TV speaker and the soundbar will emit the same audio content, increasing the overall experience many times over. Besides, having a soundbar or external system will also promote the effectiveness of Object Tracking Sound Lite technology to give us a deeper and clearer multi-dimensional sound experience. For those who want to watch movies, I think a soundbar is an accessory that you should invest in.

4. Smart operating system and features

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50BU8000 uses Tizen OS operating system with a diverse application store, supporting multimedia entertainment experience. We can easily access popular applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, and many others to enjoy our favorite content.

The home screen interface is conveniently designed, and content recommendations on popular platforms also closely follow daily usage needs. In addition, operations on the TV are also quite smooth, with little delay when switching between applications, providing a quite satisfying user experience.

Review of Samsung 4K 50 inch smart TV 50BU8000: Mid-range quality but price is only under 10 million VND!
TIzen OS operating system with friendly interface, rich content store (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

And, there is a small change on the Samsung 50BU8000. When it was first launched, it had both Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant and Google Assistant. The reason there were 2 virtual assistants was because Bixby did not support Vietnamese at that time, so the company integrated Google Assistant so that Vietnamese consumers could control the TV by voice more easily. But since November 2023, Samsung has updated the operating system, Bixby can recognize Vietnamese, so Google Assistant has been removed. Overall, Bixby virtual assistant still recognizes Vietnamese quite well, saving time inputting data from the remote, helping us have a more convenient interactive experience.

Another feature of the Samsung 50BU8000 is SmartThings support. When installing this application on a smartphone and connecting it to a TV, we can turn the phone into a TV remote control, or connect the TV to other smart devices in the house such as light bulbs, speakers, fans…, turning the TV into a remote control. into a control center for devices to manage them more intelligently.

Review of Samsung 4K 50 inch smart TV 50BU8000: Mid-range quality but price is only under 10 million VND!
SmartThings allows users to turn Samsung 50BU8000 into a control center for smart home devices (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

5. Conclusion

Overall, the Samsung 4K 50 inch 50BU8000 smart TV is not a new TV model on the market, but still worth our consideration. With stable display and sound quality, luxurious design and flexible smart features, this 50-inch TV satisfies daily entertainment needs.

More importantly, the current selling price of this TV model is quite cheap, only about 9.9 million VND, making it even more suitable for those who are looking for a reputable brand TV.

Above are the comments of About the Samsung 4K 50 inch smart TV 50BU8000. Hopefully these shares will help you have a more multidimensional view of this product, thereby making shopping choices that suit your needs.

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