Review of Panasonic fan F-308NH: Blowing wind comfortably, smoothly without making noise!

Panasonic F-308NH fan is a reliable product, providing comfort when used. With a compact design, high-quality materials, moderate capacity and many smart features, this fan will definitely be a perfect choice for every family.

Not only on hot summer days, even when the weather is normal, the electrical device we use the most in the house is probably the electric fan. And if the electric fan you are using is old or broken and needs to be replaced with a new one, the Panasonic F-308NH fan will definitely be a household appliance worth considering.

1. Panasonic F-308NH fan design

The Panasonic tree fan (or standing fan) has a very neat design, with a fan body that is more fragile than conventional standing fans. In general, in terms of aesthetics, you may find it beautiful, you may also say it is not beautiful, but it cannot be denied that when placing this fan in the living space it is very harmonious and somewhat luxurious.

And, although it is a tree fan, the height of the F-308NH is only on par with some mezzanine fan models, its lowest height is 91cm, the highest is only 105cm. Although the height cannot be adjusted up to 130 cm like many other standing fan models, it still has the advantage of neatness, and is still high enough to blow air through some household items such as sofas, tables, etc. chair.

Review of Panasonic fan F-308NH: Blowing wind comfortably, smoothly without making noise!
Fan height changes flexibly (Photo: Panasonic).

In terms of color, the F-308NH will have two color options: light blue (F-308NHB) and earthy pink (F-308NHP). Although these two colors are somewhat not as prominent as red, gray, and blue, they bring a softer, gentler feeling to the living space.

Its fan cage, like other types, is tight and sturdy, covered with high-quality electrostatic paint to prevent wear and tear over time. The Panasonic F-308NH fan blade is transparent, has up to 5 blades with a diameter of 30 cm and is capable of creating even and very quiet wind.

Review of Panasonic fan F-308NH: Blowing wind comfortably, smoothly without making noise!
The 5-blade fan is transparent and beautiful (Photo: Digital Appliances).

Finally, unlike most fans that have a control panel on the fan body, the Panasonic F-308NH has a control panel located at the base. To be honest, this position is quite difficult for us to manipulate, because every time we need to adjust it we have to bend down, which is not too good for those with back pain.

Review of Panasonic fan F-308NH: Blowing wind comfortably, smoothly without making noise!
The control panel is arranged on the base (Photo: Digital Appliances).

However, Panasonic has also thought about this point. At the bottom of the control cluster we will have a small cavity, and that is the location to place the remote control. The remote control has all the buttons to change functions like the control panel, you can sit or lie in place and still customize the fan as desired. And if not in use, you can store the remote in a familiar location such as a table top, cabinet, or place it back in the base area.

Review of Panasonic fan F-308NH: Blowing wind comfortably, smoothly without making noise!
Convenient remote control (Photo: Digital Appliances).

2. Engine, capacity and wind modes of Panasonic F-308NH fan

Panasonic 5-blade fan F-308NH uses a familiar copper wire motor, but has bearings to increase durability when operating, as well as minimize noise. However, the capacity it is equipped with is only 37W, which will not be as high as many other standing fan models, so the amount of wind generated will also be a bit modest, about 40m3 per minute.

In general, the Panasonic F-308NH is considered to not blow strong wind, and the range is not wide. But in return, it operates extremely smoothly, almost without making any annoying noise even when used in closed spaces and is completely suitable for use at bedtime. If your family has elderly people, young children, or is quite sensitive to noise, then the Panasonic F-308NH will definitely be an extremely suitable choice.

Review of Panasonic fan F-308NH: Blowing wind comfortably, smoothly without making noise!
Natural wind technology brings a more comfortable experience to users (Photo: Panasonic).

The F-308NH has 3 different high and low wind speeds, but importantly, it has an additional 1/F Yuragi natural wind mode. This is an advanced feature of Panasonic in simulating natural wind. When we turn on this function, the fan will rotate at an inconsistent speed, creating an unusually strong and weak wind so that we feel like we are being blown by the wind. Compared to normal wind mode, this mode will not cause a feeling of puffiness or discomfort, and will not affect the user’s health.

3. Other features of Panasonic F-308NH fan

3.1. Smart timer mode

On the remote or control panel, we can set a shutdown timer for the Panasonic F-308NH, up to 4 hours. This feature will help us manage fans more effectively, especially when used with air conditioning at night.

3.2. Automatically disconnects when operating abnormally

In addition, to ensure safety for the device as well as for users, the F-308NH is also equipped with an automatic shutdown function when there are signs of abnormal operation. Thanks to that, the reliability of the fan is improved compared to other product lines.

4. Conclusion

With beautiful design, moderate capacity, smooth wind and many smart features, Panasonic 5-blade fan F-308NH deserves to be a great choice for every family. The reference price of this product is about 2.1 million VND, quite reasonable compared to the quality it brings.

Overall, if you are looking for a quality fan model that prioritizes comfort and does not need too much power, then this Panasonic 5-blade F-308NH fan model deserves consideration.

Above are the comments of About Panasonic fan model F-308NH. Hope this shared information will be helpful to you.

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