Review of Panasonic F-400C table fan: Simple, compact, powerful!

Panasonic F-400C is a compact and powerful table fan model. Although it does not have any modern functions, this fan model scores points thanks to its simplicity, good cooling is enough.

As a familiar and prestigious brand from Japan, Panasonic with more than 100 years of development history has penetrated into every Vietnamese household, present in all types of household appliances such as rice cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners. Air conditioner, hair dryer. And most importantly, an indispensable device for year-round use, an electric fan.

Panasonic’s electric fans score points in the eyes of Vietnamese consumers thanks to their optimal cooling ability, strong engine capacity and good durability. After many years of use, there are few engine problems. That’s why, even though Panasonic is not currently focusing too much on producing electric fans, the designs are no longer diverse, but as long as they are new products, Vietnamese consumers prioritize choosing them for use in their families. .

The case of the Panasonic F-400C table fan below is similar. It can be said that this is the only table fan model that the company still sells at this time. In fact, it is not a new product, it has just been produced and sold by Panasonic year after year.

So, why does a product that has not had any changes in style or any technical or technological upgrades over the years still have such appeal in the market? Let’s Let’s find out in this article.

1. Panasonic F-400C table fan design

The Panasonic table fan model has a fairly compact overall size, only about 62cm high and 44cm wide. Basically when used it does not take up space, can be arranged anywhere and can be placed in a high or low position.

The fan is made entirely from high-quality plastic, durable over the years and very resistant to force. Unfortunately, even if it is bumped or dropped, it will not easily break or break.

Review of Panasonic F-400C table fan: Simple, compact, powerful!
Panasonic has a compact design that can be used in any space and any location (Photo: Anh Chinh Dien May).

For users to have the right choice for their interior space, Panasonic offers two colors: Blue (F-400C-B) and Ivory White (F-400C-I). If you want the fan to blend easily with the interior space to create a good overall aesthetic, you should choose Ivory White. If you want a fresh and clean feeling, choose Blue.

Review of Panasonic F-400C table fan: Simple, compact, powerful!
Panasonic F-400C has two colors: Blue and Ivory White (Photo: Panasonic).

The fan cage can be said to be the most notable detail of the Panasonic F-400C, because it is larger than other table fan models. Usually, table fans will only have a fan cage of about 35cm (30cm blade diameter) to look compact and optimize space as much as possible. However, this Panasonic fan model has a large 45cm fan cage and an inner rotor diameter of up to 40cm. If you look closely, you will see that the base of the fan looks significantly smaller than the fan cage, making the overall look quite strange.

Of course, Panasonic designed it like that for their purpose. Larger blades mean the fan can create greater air flow and cool more effectively. And don’t worry that a large fan cage is unsafe. Panasonic still ensures that the woven fan blade design is very tight and sturdy, the blades are difficult to bend due to daily impacts and it can limit objects, or children’s hands, from penetrating inside.

Review of Panasonic F-400C table fan: Simple, compact, powerful!
Simple control button mechanism (Photo: Dien May Anh Chinh).

As for the control gearbox, Panasonic has designed it to be so minimalist that even children can operate it. It simply has 4 buttons, 3 to change wind speed and one to turn off.

2. Engine, cooling capacity

Panasonic F-400C table fan is equipped with a pure copper wire motor core motor, with very high durability and longevity. This is also one of the main reasons why this fan model has been popular for many years, because it is really very durable.

Under normal use conditions, no impact, no fire, we only need to maintain by oiling the engine once a year, and cleaning the fan cage regularly is enough. And also with good fan preservation conditions, we can still keep the fan operating smoothly, without making any unpleasant noise, and placing it in the bedroom space will not have any effect.

Review of Panasonic F-400C table fan: Simple, compact, powerful!
Panasonic F-400C has a powerful, durable engine (Photo: Dien May Anh Chinh).

Regarding cooling ability, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Panasonic F-400C has a capacity of 48W – 54.5W (depending on speed), and rotation speed from 694 to 1215 rpm, flow rate Maximum wind 46 m3/min.

This amount of wind is generally quite a lot and can make us feel cool, eliminating sweat and heat in just a few minutes when sitting 2 – 3 meters close to the fan. Remember to avoid sitting too close to the fan because large amounts of wind blowing directly at you can easily cause you to get winded, feel short of breath, and even cough. Please keep your distance just enough to feel cool. The F-400C’s fan cage is large so its air dissipation range is very wide, we don’t need to worry about sitting too far away and not being able to get wind.

And, one thing to note is that during use, there will definitely be times when you find the fan is not running fast and the wind is not blowing strong. Do not worry. In fact, the speed of all types of fans (including air conditioner fans) depends on the power voltage. When you turn on the fan and see its speed decrease, you can understand that your area has many devices consuming a large amount of power, leading to an unreliable power source in the house. Once that time has passed, the fan will operate as strongly as before.

Review of Panasonic F-400C table fan: Simple, compact, powerful!
The fan is labeled with a 3-star energy label (Photo: Anh Chinh Dien May).

Also talking about electricity, the Panasonic F-400C table fan is also certified with 3-star energy saving by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Although electric fans actually do not consume too much electricity, this is also information for those who are interested.

3. Conclusion

Above are the comments of About the Panasonic F-400C table fan, one of the most popular electric fan models on the market. Its compactness and power are suitable for every family and every space. Although there are no new features, sometimes what we need is simply its effective cooling ability.

The product costs from 780,000 VND, not too high compared to many other fan models. And considering the quality and reputation of the Panasonic brand, we can even buy it right away without much reference.

Hope the information shared in this article will be helpful to you. Hope you can find a suitable electric fan soon.

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