Review of Panasonic F-400C table fan: Compact, powerful!

Panasonic F-400C is a compact, powerful and energy-saving table fan. The product is made in Thailand, but applies advanced Japanese technology, promising to bring optimal cooling performance.

Panasonic is a major Japanese electronics brand, with a history of more than 100 years of development. The F-400C table fan product is manufactured at a factory in Thailand, but still applies advanced, high-quality technology from the “land of the rising sun”.

Japanese engineers have directly participated in the design and quality control process of Panasonic F-400C. This helps the product not only possess a modern and sophisticated appearance but also have superior performance compared to competitors in the same segment.

In addition to its beautiful design, using the Panasonic F-400C in the living space is also very flexible. Thanks to its compact size, this product does not take up too much space, but can still create large air flow and cool effectively.

With a weight of only 2.1kg, users can easily move the fan to any location in the house, meeting the cooling needs of each space. Panasonic F-400C can be installed in the corner of the room, desk or bed, helping to bring comfort and ease to the user.

1. Panasonic F-400C table fan design

The Panasonic F-400C has a fairly compact overall size, with a height of 62cm, a width of 44cm and a depth of 25cm. Thanks to that, the product does not take up too much space and is easy to install in the corner of the room, on the desk or even the bed.

Weighing only 2.1kg, users can easily move the fan to the desired position without having to ask for help from others. This is very convenient, especially when using fans in different spaces in the family.

Besides its compact size, the Panasonic F-400C is also equipped with a sturdy handle, making moving the product extremely easy. The handle is designed to be comfortable, with just the right size for the user to hold firmly.

Thanks to this flexibility, users can easily move the fan to any location in the house, from the corner of the room to the desk, bed, etc. This helps optimize usage and meet needs. Cooling for each different space.

The body of the Panasonic F-400C fan is made entirely from high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and good bearing capacity. The product surface is covered with a beautiful layer of paint, effectively preventing scratches and stains.

The combination of high-quality plastic and durable paint helps the Panasonic F-400C have a luxurious, sophisticated appearance. The product can be suitable for many different interior spaces, bringing beauty and harmony to the room.

To meet the diverse needs of users, Panasonic F-400C is provided with two different color versions, including:

  • Blue version (F-400C-B)
  • Ivory White version (F-400C-I)

Users can choose colors suitable for the interior space, to create harmony and high aesthetics. Blue brings a fresh, clean feeling, while Ivory White shows sophistication and luxury.

With its compact size, the Panasonic F-400C is very suitable for use in spaces with limited space, such as living rooms, bedrooms or offices.

The product does not take up too much space, but still provides large air flow, creating comfort and ease for the user. This is very useful, especially on hot summer days, when you want to increase the ability to cool the living space.

Another notable thing is the fan cage design of the Panasonic F-400C. The fan blades are woven tightly and securely, preventing objects or children’s hands from getting inside.

This helps increase safety for users, especially when there are small children in the family. Parents can feel more secure when letting the fan operate, without having to worry about the risk of injury to their children.

To provide optimal cooling efficiency, the Panasonic F-400C is equipped with 3 transparent colored fan blades, with a wingspan of up to 40cm. This is large in size compared to the fan body, helping to create strong air flow.

Users can clearly feel the cool air from the F-400C fan, even when placed at a distance. This is very useful, especially when you want to cool a large area in the home.

Panasonic F-400C is equipped with a gearbox with 3 different wind levels, helping users easily adjust according to needs. Changing the fan speed requires a simple operation with the buttons on the fan body.

Thanks to that, users can customize the air flow from gentle to strong, meeting different cooling needs. This is a very useful feature, helping to bring maximum comfort to users.

2. Engine, cooling capacity

Panasonic F-400C uses copper wire motor core motor, ensuring durability and long life. This motor operates stably and continuously without overheating, even when used for a long time.

In addition, the Panasonic F-400C’s engine makes very little noise, bringing quietness to the space used. Users can comfortably work and rest without being disturbed by noise from the fan.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Panasonic F-400C has a rotation speed from 694 to 1215 rpm. Maximum air flow reaches 46 m3/min.

However, the actual rotation speed of the F-400C fan depends on many factors, such as power supply voltage, environmental temperature conditions, etc. Therefore, users may encounter differences compared to the parameters. announced.

Panasonic F-400C uses power from 48W to 54W, depending on the selected wind level. This power level operates stably, does not create too high a temperature for the engine.

Thanks to that, the product can operate continuously for many hours without worrying about overload, ensuring safety and long life. This is a notable advantage, helping the Panasonic F-400C become a reliable choice for the family.

Panasonic F-400C is certified with 3-star energy saving, equivalent to a high level of energy efficiency.

With low power capacity, combined with strong wind flow, this product helps users save significantly on monthly electricity costs, especially on hot summer days when the fan must be used for many hours.

To meet different usage needs, Panasonic F-400C is equipped with 3 different wind levels, including:

  • Level 1: Light wind
  • Level 2: Moderate wind
  • Level 3: Strong wind

Users can adjust the appropriate air flow, depending on weather conditions and space used. For example, when in a closed room, you can choose a light wind level to save electricity. Meanwhile, when used outdoors or in large spaces, you can switch to strong wind level to create strong wind flow.

A convenient feature of the Panasonic F-400C is the ability to rotate, helping to spread the wind throughout the space. The fan can automatically rotate from left to right, or vice versa, creating comfort and coolness for the entire space.

The fan’s ability to rotate in reverse helps distribute the wind evenly, without causing a dry or hot feeling in a fixed position. This provides a more comfortable and pleasant experience for users, especially on hot days.

3. Conclusion

Panasonic F-400C is a compact, powerful and convenient table fan model, suitable for all families. With smart design and stable cooling capacity, this product brings comfort and convenience to users.

The biggest advantage of the Panasonic F-400C is its compact size but large capacity, helping to effectively cool living spaces. At the same time, being easy to disassemble for cleaning is also a plus point, helping to preserve the product for a long time.

However, the price of the product can be considered quite high compared to the general level. However, with the quality and reputation of the Panasonic brand, users can rest assured about the performance and durability of the product.

Based on the above reviews, the Panasonic F-400C is worth considering when you are looking for a flexible, efficient and energy-saving table fan for your living space.

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