Review of Panasonic 2-way 180000 BTU inverter air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8

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Belonging to the 2-way inverter air conditioner line that has just been brought to the Vietnamese market by a Japanese manufacturer, the 18000 BTU inverter 2-way air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 is a product that has attracted the attention of many users.

1. Origin of Panasonic 18000 BTU 2-way air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8

Panasonic is a Japanese brand, however this company currently has manufacturing plants located in many countries around the world such as China, Thailand, Malaysia… and even in Vietnam. Although they may have origins (made in) in different countries, Panasonic air conditioner product lines all comply with the company’s quality standards so users can feel secure when choosing.

Current 2-way air conditioner 18000 BTU CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 produced in Malaysia and import complete units to Vietnam. The product is genuine distributed with a selling price of 25,790,000 VND. The 1-year warranty for the entire machine and 7 years for the compressor are similar to other genuine Panasonic air conditioner product lines distributed on the market.

The price is not cheap, but does the quality of the Panasonic CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 air conditioner make users satisfied when choosing and using it?

Review of Panasonic 2-way 180000 BTU inverter air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8
Modern design of Panasonic CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 air conditioner (Photo: Panasonic).

2. Evaluate the quality of Panasonic 2-way inverter air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8

2.1 Design evaluation

Also uses a rectangular box shape for the indoor unit, however instead of being bulky like other 18000 BTU air conditioners, the Panasonic CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 2-way air conditioner line is designed in favor of length with overall size. is 295mm x 1060mm x 249mm. This brings 2 benefits:

  • The first is friendliness with the room’s architecture, not taking up much space on the wall.
  • Second is to increase the area of ​​the air blower, increasing the room cooling efficiency

In addition, Panasonic also uses high-quality materials for the plastic frame to give it a glossy appearance. Information about the operating status of the air conditioner (whether it is turned on or not, whether there is a timer, whether it is connected to wifi, whether it is in ECO mode or not) is displayed through indicator lights with different colors. each other also helps users understand the operating status of the air conditioner without having to look at the remote.

Along with the plastic unit, the outdoor unit, although heavy in weight, is extremely compact in size (619mm x 824mm x 299mm), allowing users to take advantage of empty spaces on apartment balconies or side walls. outside the house on the ground to conveniently install air conditioning. Supporting copper pipes with a maximum length of up to 30m, and a maximum height difference of up to 15m, users can even place the heater on the rooftop of the 3rd floor and still be able to use air conditioning for the family’s first floor comfortably. .

Review of Panasonic 2-way 180000 BTU inverter air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8
The outdoor unit has a compact but durable design (Photo: Panasoonic).

The included remote control design of the Panasonic CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 2-way air conditioner has a simple structure but has a larger viewing screen to help users clearly see the operating parameters of this air conditioner.

2.2 Cooling effect

Instead of using BIG LAP fan blades like the 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU air conditioner models of the YZ series, Panasonic CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 uses Aerowings blades. With a structure of 1 main air flap and 1 auxiliary air flap, it helps increase the efficiency of distributing cold/warm air faster in the room. However, the weakness is that the wind direction cannot be adjusted to the left or right, it can only be adjusted up. down.

Review of Panasonic 2-way 180000 BTU inverter air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8
Dual air flaps (Photo: Panasonic).

Panasonic CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 uses a high-end compressor and new generation R32 refrigerant gas so it cools very well. At the same time, it is super quiet when the noise level of the indoor unit is only 28 – 32 dB, while the outdoor unit is at 50dB. This ensures comfort for users in the room and neighbors because the machine operates so quietly.

Of course, as a 2-way air conditioner, Panasonic can both heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Users can flexibly adjust the room temperature between 16 – 30 degrees Celsius, with an adjustment of 0.5 degrees Celsius each time increasing or decreasing.

Panasonic 2-way air conditioner model CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 also has a variety of different temperature adjustment modes for users to choose from, including:

  • Quiet mode – super quiet operation, gentle cooling, super low indoor unit noise, suitable for sleeping or few users
  • Powerful mode cools the fastest, lowering room temperature by 3 degrees Celsius after just 5 minutes of operation
  • ECO mode saves electricity
  • Mild dehumidifying mode – dehumidifying on humid days
  • Independent fan mode

Therefore, users can completely choose a mode that best suits their needs.

2.3 Power saving efficiency

Using inverter technology combined with AI artificial intelligence in energy-saving ECO mode, the Panasonic 2-way 18000 BTU CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 air conditioner has a 5-star energy label with an index CSPF reached 6.62 – Extremely energy efficient.

Review of Panasonic 2-way 180000 BTU inverter air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8
5-star energy label with extremely high CSPF index (Photo: Panasonic).

The average power consumption for cooling mode is 1420 Wh, while heating mode is 1350 Wh, only equivalent to a 9000 BTU 2-way air conditioner without inverter. This will help users save maximum monthly electricity bills when in use.

2.4 Air filtration ability

Panasonic CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 2-way air conditioner is equipped with a dust filter combined with technology. PM2.5 fine dust filter so it not only removes suspended materials such as pet hair, dust mites from clothes, etc. but also filters up to 99% of fine dust from 2.5 micrometers in size as well as pollen. This helps create a healthy living space for users.

Unfortunately, this model does not have a deodorizing feature, so it is not recommended to limit regular smoking in the room, or if used in the kitchen, an additional hood is needed.

Review of Panasonic 2-way 180000 BTU inverter air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8
The machine has the ability to connect to wifi for easy control via smartphone (Photo: Panasonic).

3. Is Panasonic 2-way 18000 BTU inverter air conditioner CU/CS-YZ18AKH-8 worth buying?

The answer is yes

Because although the price is not cheap, with its multi-functional cooling/heating ability, super energy saving and good fine dust filtering, this is definitely a very good choice for families in need. Buy an air conditioner for a room of 20 – 30m2 for long-term use.

According to’s statistical data, although the listed price is nearly 26 million VND, currently (May 13, 2024) many units are distributing Panasonic 18000 BTU inverter CU/CS-2-way air conditioners. YZ18AKH-8 with Price from only 20.9 million VND. Therefore, users who want to buy this inverter air conditioner should not forget to use’s search engine to find a reputable place with the cheapest price.

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