Review of Mitsubishi Inverter 12000 BTU 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF

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Listed at a not cheap price, the Mitsubishi inverter 12000btu 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF conquers users thanks to a series of impressive high-end equipment. Let’s review this model in detail with to give yourself useful information.

1. Evaluation of Mitsubishi 12000btu inverter MSY-JW35VF air conditioner design

Although it does not have an outstanding appearance like some other high-end air conditioner lines of the Mitsubishi Electric brand, the Mitsubishi 12000 BTU inverter MSY-JW35VF air conditioner condenser still has sophistication and elegance to suit the space. different rooms.

Meanwhile, the outdoor unit of this 12000 BTU air conditioner is designed with a streamlined appearance, measuring 699 x 538 x 249 mm so users can fully take advantage of empty space on apartment balconies, or house walls. for convenient booking. The outdoor unit of the Mitsubishi inverter MSY-JW35VF air conditioner supports a maximum copper pipe length of up to 20m (normally other air conditioners are only 15m), so users can even place the air conditioner on the rooftop and connect it downstairs. Convenient downstairs.

Review of Mitsubishi Inverter 12000 BTU 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF
Trendy design of Mitsubishi MSY-JW35VF air conditioner (Photo: Mitsubishi).

The point that makes the Mitsubishi 12000 btu MSY-JW35VF air conditioner different from other cheap air conditioner models on the market is its durability. The machine is designed with a series of equipment to ensure impressive durability over time:

  • The outdoor and indoor units are both covered with an anti-dust coating, which minimizes the accumulation of dirt and mold, helping to increase operating efficiency while ensuring long-term durability.
  • The electrical circuit is covered with a layer that is anti-moisture and anti-insect
  • The circuit system is also protected in a fireproof box
  • The compressor is designed to operate stably even in cases of unstable power sources, and the outdoor unit can withstand voltages up to 450V, very suitable for many regions of our country.
  • The radiator is covered with an anti-corrosion layer that effectively resists salt water and acid rainwater

With all these optimizations, the Mitsubishi 12000 BTU 1-way inverter air conditioner MSY-JW35VF will bring users a cooling device with a durability that can last up to 10 – 20 years and still be used well.

Unfortunately, the indoor unit of the Mitsubishi Electric MSY-JW35VF air conditioner does not display the temperature like some other models. This will make it so that when needing to understand the operating mode, the user can only look at the remote control.

2. Evaluate the cooling efficiency of Mitsubishi 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF

With a high-end compressor using a high-end Poki motor, accompanied by high-performance R32 refrigerant gas, Mitsubishi MSY-JW35VF achieves optimal cooling efficiency. At the same time, in the indoor unit, the use of a squirrel-cage fan with dual air flaps provides an impressively quick and effective distribution of cold air throughout the room space.

Therefore, with fast cooling mode (press the FAST button on the remote control), users can almost feel the difference immediately. And it only takes about 15 minutes for the air conditioner to lower the room temperature to the set temperature, and the FAST mode will also automatically turn off after 15 minutes to save optimal electricity.

Review of Mitsubishi Inverter 12000 BTU 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF
Remote comes in the product’s sales box (Photo: Mitsubishi).

Especially with the optimizations inside the compressor (optimized radiator fan design, high-end motor structure…) providing super smooth operation. The noise level of the indoor unit of the Mitsubishi MSY-JW35VF one-way air conditioner is only about 18 – 43 dB, while the outdoor unit is fixed at 51dB. This helps bring the most comfortable moments of rest to users.

This Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner is also equipped with a sleep mode with automatic temperature adjustment to ensure deep sleep, and a smart timer feature helps users make the most optimal usage plans. .

3. Evaluate the electricity saving ability of Mitsubishi MSY-JW35VF air conditioner

Mitsubishi Electric offers high-end compressors with the ability to optimize energy efficiency up to 98%. Combined with inverter technology and PAM controller, it helps optimize the compressor’s operating frequency to ensure good cooling efficiency while optimally saving electricity.

The 12000 BTU MSY-JW35VF air conditioner is labeled 5-star energy by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with an energy efficiency index. CSPF reached 5.49 – belongs to the 12,000 BTU inverter air conditioner that saves electricity very well on the market today (many 12,000 BTU inverter air conditioners only have a CSPF index of less than 5). Therefore, in the long run, especially with high usage intensity, users will find the Mitsubishi MSY-JW35VF air conditioner “worth the money” because it saves a lot on monthly electricity costs.

Review of Mitsubishi Inverter 12000 BTU 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF
5-star energy label (Photo: Mitsubishi).

4. Evaluate the air filtration efficiency of Mitsubishi 12000 BTU MSY-JW35VF air conditioner

Mitsubishi Electric MSY-JW35VF air conditioner is equipped with an exclusive plantinum – ceramic anti-mold dust filter that retains dust, allergens and deodorizes at a stable level.

However, if compared with many air conditioner models in the price segment that are equipped with PM2.5 fine dust filtering technology, or kill bacteria/viruses with UV rays, it is clear that Air filtration is one of the weak points of the Mitsubishi MSY-JW35VF air conditioner.

Review of Mitsubishi Inverter 12000 BTU 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF
The outdoor unit is protected thanks to many layers of equipment (Photo: Mitsubishi).

5. Price and who should buy Mitsubishi 12000 BTU inverter air conditioner MSY-JW35VF

The listed selling price of Mitsubishi 12000 btu 1-way inverter air conditioner MSY-JW35VF is 14,482,000 VND.

However, according to’s statistical data, many stores and agents are currently selling this model at prices ranging from only
10,550,000 VNDwhich is nearly 5 million VND cheaper than the listed price.

At this price range, the Mitsubishi MSY-JW35VF air conditioner is probably a great choice for the need for an efficient and durable cooling, energy-saving device for long-term use for rooms from 15 – 20m2. However, if you need a modern air conditioner with wifi connectivity and good air filtration efficiency, the Mitsubishi MSY-JW35VF is not a good choice.

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