Review of Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan: Creates strong wind, absolutely prevents vibration!

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Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan with a capacity of 64W provides the ability to create strong wind, soothing hot weather. At the same time, with a safe suspension system, the product has absolute anti-vibration ability to help users feel more secure when working. installed in family space.

1. Mitsubishi C56-RA4 design: Elegant, modern!

Mitsubishi ceiling fan C56-RA4 (old code C56-RW4) possesses a modern and sophisticated design, with elegant white color, suitable for installation in many different spaces such as living room, bedroom, bathroom. workplace, restaurant or showroom,… The harmonious combination of slender lines and neutral tones creates a luxurious beauty for this ceiling fan, helping it easily integrate into any interior decoration style. Which room?

The fan is made of high quality materials, meeting RoHs standards, ensuring it is not toxic to humans. The fan surface is covered with a durable, rust-resistant paint layer with high color fastness. Fan shaft length is 32cm, use a safe hanger, absolutely no vibration during operation.

It has 4 plastic blades with a modern 3D curved design, creating even wind, with a blade diameter of up to 140cm. Thanks to this large size, the airflow that C56-RA4 creates will spread evenly throughout the space, quickly cooling during summer days.

On the surface of the fan, we will see LED lights used to display the operating status of the ceiling fan. This light is very bright so we can observe both day and night, and based on that to have more accurate adjustments to reality.

In addition to the white version, C56-RA4 also has a luxurious dark gray color, providing more choices for consumers.

2. Durable, high-capacity bearing motor

One of the highlights of the Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan is the use of a bearing motor, famous for its high durability. This type of motor has a simple design, low friction, helping the fan operate durably even when running at high speed for a long time.

With an operating capacity of up to 64W and an air flow of 240.7 m3/minute, the Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan is capable of creating a strong airflow, ensuring the space is cooled quickly and effectively, meeting the needs of the customer. Required for use on hot days.

With 5 wind levels from low to high, the Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan allows users to customize the wind level to suit their specific needs, providing maximum comfort and convenience.

In addition, this ceiling fan also integrates 2 different wind modes: normal wind and natural wind. The wind mode will usually blow out the wind at a steady speed, not alternating rhythmically. Meanwhile, the natural wind mode simulates a cool breeze in nature, with continuously changing blowing intensity, consistent with the human body’s biological rhythm, creating a cool and comfortable feeling.

3. High quality, safety protection features

To ensure user safety, Mitsubishi has equipped the C56-RA4 with a 4-level safety system, considered the best standard for ceiling fan systems today. It includes:

  • Heat-resistant fuse: Automatically shuts off the power when the temperature is too high, ensuring user safety and at the same time protecting the fan from problems that may be caused by overheating.
  • Safety lock and safety switch: protect the fan in case of falling screws
  • Safety switch: automatically disconnects the power source when an incident occurs, ensuring maximum safety for users.
  • Safety cable: prevents the fan from falling in case of an unexpected incident, ensuring absolute safety for users and the surrounding environment.

4. Other features and utilities of Mitsubishi C56-RA4

4.1. Convenient remote control

Controlling the Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan becomes extremely simple and convenient thanks to the remote control feature. You can easily adjust the wind level, wind mode as well as turn on/off the fan from afar without having to get up or move.

4.2. Automatic shutdown timer

A quite convenient feature on the Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan is the ability to schedule automatic shutdown after a certain period of time. You can choose to set the timer to turn off after 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours of use, helping you flexibly control the time you use the fan and save energy.

5. Conclusion

With a reference price from 2,460,000 VND, Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan brings modernity, convenience and high quality to consumers. With safety features, strong operating capacity, diverse wind modes and sophisticated design, this product deserves to be a top choice for cooling your living and working space.

Above is a detailed review of the Mitsubishi C56-RA4 ceiling fan line, a quality wind generating product from a reputable Japanese brand. Hopefully this information has helped readers better understand this product, thereby providing more reference options for their families.

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