Review of lof malto milk: Origin, price, ability to support height increase

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Lof Malto milk launched in 2022 with a striking yellow packaging design, combined with unique images and 2 unique flavors that are very popular with GenZ people. Let’s find out whether Lof Malto’s brand origin, price and ability to support height increase is up to standard.

1. Which country is Lof Malto milk from?

Lof Malto Milk Just launched on the Vietnamese dairy market in September 2022 and is a product of International Dairy Joint Stock Company (IDP) – a Vietnamese company that is also the owner and co-producer of Ba Vi milk products and milk products. Kun for children.

The brand was established in 2004 with a modern factory system, meeting high quality standards in many provinces such as Hanoi, Ba Vi and Cu Chi. Raw materials for processing dairy products are taken directly from the brand’s LIF Love’in Farm dairy farm, so quality and flavor can be completely controlled.

Review of lof malto milk: Origin, price, ability to support height increase
International Dairy Joint Stock Company (IDP) factory in Cu Chi (Photo:

Lof Malto milk line is a new barley milk product with the message “Lof Malto – Lead with Lof” – “Loving energy leads the future” aimed at the Gen Z generation, teenagers should The product has eye-catching, modern packaging, completely different from other brands today. Milk also contains all the important nutrients necessary for development during this period of puberty.

2. Detailed review of Lof Malto barley milk

2.1 How many flavors does Lof Malto milk have?

To the present time, Lof Malto Barley There are 2 main flavors that are extremely new, attractive and very popular with young people.

  • Lof Malto Chocolate-flavored barley milk: has 2 forms including 180ml box (a box of 4 boxes costs 29,000 VND) and 240ml bottle (one bottle costs 10,300 VND)
  • Lof Malto Milk with Mint Chocolate flavor: available in 1 form: 180ml box (a box of 4 boxes costs 29,000 VND)
Review of lof malto milk: Origin, price, ability to support height increase
Malto Milk with Mint Chocolate flavor (Photo: Milk World)

2.2 What age is Lof Malto milk for babies?

Because it is a milk line specifically for teenagers and helps support development, Malto milk products will be most suitable for them. Children 9 years and older. According to recommendations, children can use 1-2 boxes a day to supplement energy and other necessary nutrients for the body and when participating in activities that require energy consumption.

Review of lof malto milk: Origin, price, ability to support height increase
Lof Malto milk packaging design is youthful and modern, suitable for GenZ (Photo:

2.3 Ingredients table of Lof Malto milk

Unlike most other drinking milk products on the market today, the main nutritional ingredient of Lof Malto milk comes from a novel combination of barley and chocolate to supplement nutrition, energy and necessary vitamins. other. Specifically, the main ingredients contained in Lof Malto milks including:

  • 32% milk (water, milk powder): Is the main source of nutrients, calcium, protein and vitamin D for children
  • Vegetable fat: Increases the flavor and fatness of milk
  • Sugar: Creates sweetness and adds energy to the body
  • Cocoa powder: Brings chocolate flavor to the product
  • Barley extract (10g/L): A natural source of fiber for milk, helping to prevent constipation. At the same time, supplement B vitamins and iron.
  • Stabilizers (460i, 466): Extracted from nature so completely safe to use. This substance helps the milk have a certain consistency and does not separate the water between the ingredients.
  • Natural and synthetic chocolate flavor: Adds flavor to the product, making it easier to drink and more delicious
  • Calcium Phosphate: Is another active ingredient that provides calcium to the body found in Malto milk, supporting the development of strong bones.
  • Salt: Helps balance the flavor of the product
  • Natural sweeteners Steviol Glycoside and Stevia: This sweetener is extracted from the Stevia plant so it is very safe and can bring a sweet, easy-to-drink taste to the product.
  • Vitamins of all kinds (B1, B3, B6, D3, K2-MK7): Vitamins and minerals necessary for the body and comprehensive development of children

Besides, Lof Malto It can also provide enough energy for the body to help maintain alertness for the whole day. The energy level that Lof Malto milk brings is 67.2 Kcal/100ml. Therefore, the product is often used by GenZ students between classes to help regenerate energy and help them stay more alert.

2.4 What do consumers think about Lof Malto milk?

Below is a summary of actual customer experiences about the taste and quality of Lof Malto milk:

Review of lof malto milk: Origin, price, ability to support height increase
Customer reviews about the taste of Lof Malto milk (Photo:
Review of lof malto milk: Origin, price, ability to support height increase
Review of Lof Malto milk (Photo: Shopee)

3. Does Lof Malto milk increase height?

Besides the delicious taste and natural sweetness of barley combined with the bittersweet, refreshing flavor of chocolate and mint, milk also adds many other necessary vitamins and minerals. Especially vitamins K2, D3 and Calcium play a great role in the body’s height development.

Review of lof malto milk: Origin, price, ability to support height increase
Lof Malto milk contains K2, Calcium and D3 to help increase height (Photo: Bach Hoa Xanh)

Based on the product ingredient list provided from the brand, Lof Malto milks also have other equally important uses such as:

  • Provides nutrients to develop and maintain the body’s health: Each box Malto milk are rich in nutrients from milk, barley, chocolate and also supplemented with many important vitamins and minerals such as Protein, Vitamin D, B1, B3, B5 and K2-MK7…
  • Building strong bones: The combination of calcium and vitamin D are two very important active ingredients in the formation and maintenance of bones.
  • Quickly replenish energy: On average, 100ml of Lof Malto milk contains up to 67.2 kCal, so it will help you restore your health and energy immediately to maintain your body’s alertness and flexibility.
  • Stimulates taste buds: Different from conventional milk drinks, Lof Malto milk flavors Very new and different so it will not cause boredom, allowing users to change their taste.

Above are customer reviews and information to answer questions “Does Lof Malto milk increase height?“. In general, the majority of customers who have purchased and used the product are satisfied with the taste and moderate sweetness of the milk. Drinking barley milk during the development stage is also a way to supplement healthy nutrition for your baby, especially when doing outdoor activities, participating in sports, etc.

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