Review of LG 4K 65 inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!

If you are looking for a popular 65-inch TV with adequate picture and sound quality, and a responsive smart experience, then the LG 4K 65-inch 65UT7350PSB smart TV will be a worthy choice in 2024. .

Although classified as a popular LED TV segment, the LG 4K 65-inch 65UT7350PSB smart TV still provides an extremely impressive usage experience. With sharp 4K UHD resolution, combined with the Alpha 5 Gen 7 AI 4K processor, this TV ensures optimal display quality for all content. Vivid images, vibrant colors, and high brightness make the experience of watching movies, playing games, or enjoying TV shows truly engaging.

Besides incredible image quality, the LG 65UT7350PSB also excels in audio capabilities. With 20W speaker capacity and AI Sound Pro technology, this TV is capable of simulating a 9.1.2-channel surround sound system, providing a vivid sound experience that spreads throughout the space. Impressive bass and powerful mid-range make you feel like you’re sitting in a professional movie theater.

1. Evaluation of LG 65UT7350PSB design

At first sight, the LG 65UT7350PSB makes a strong impression with a screen size of up to 65 inches. This is an ideal size for spacious spaces such as living rooms or entertainment rooms, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience without being limited by distance.

Review of LG 4K 65 inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!
LG 65UT7350PSB has a large screen size, suitable for display in spacious spaces (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

The design of the 65UT7350PSB brings a luxurious and modern look. The edges are beveled flat, creating an elegant look, while the screen frame is neat and slim, helping to focus all attention on the large screen. However, a notable point is that the black border inside the screen will be quite thick and not optimally thin.

Review of LG 4K 65 inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!
The inside border of the TV screen is quite thick (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

In terms of size, this 65-inch LG TV is not as thin as some modern bezel LED TV models. However, this is a balance between design and audio performance. The fact that this TV is thicker means it has more space for the speakers, and we can expect a more impressive sound quality.

The stand of the LG 65UT7350PSB is made from high-tech black polymer plastic, with a finished texture that feels like metal. The back of the LG 65UT7350PSB is quite simple, with no special highlights other than the connection ports.

Regarding connection ports, this TV is equipped with 3 HDMI ports (with 1 port supporting eARC), 2 USB ports, Optical port, LAN port and antenna port. This is a full set of connection ports, meeting the basic needs of most users.

2. Image quality of LG 65UT7350PSB

With 4K UHD resolution and Alpha 5 Gen 7 AI 4K image processor, LG 65-inch 4K 65UT7350PSB smart TV delivers sharp and detailed image quality. This processor not only improves signal processing speed but also optimizes content quality, from movies, videos to games.

Review of LG 4K 65 inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!
Alpha 5 Gen 7 AI processor (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

It is also equipped with 4K AI Upscaling technology, which helps optimize image quality from low-resolution content to close to 4K standard. And it must be said that LG’s image upgrading ability is very good, all HD input quality is very sharp, rich in detail, without noise when displayed on a 65-inch 4K screen.

A highlight of the LG 65UT7350PSB is that the screen brightness reaches 380 nits when viewing HDR content, about 25% higher than popular LED TV models on the market. However, it must be said that although it has quite good technical specifications, due to limitations in display technology, it still has many limitations when shown in strong light environments, at which time the contrast and brightness are affected. greatly reduced, making the content no longer retain its appeal. Ideally, with this TV we should not arrange it in an area with a lot of light such as near a window.

Review of LG 4K 65-inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!
The display color of the LG 65UT7350PSB is quite poor due to no supporting technology, but the brightness is better than other products in the same segment (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

In terms of color, in general, the LG 65UT7350PSB has the ability to reproduce impressive and vivid colors from all angles, but color accuracy and contrast are somewhat poor because it lacks technology to support a wide color gamut. There’s also no local dimming feature. However, we can still improve color quality easily through pre-installed professional modes such as Vivid, Standard, Eco, or Cinema.

Review of LG 4K 65 inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!
LG 65UT7350PSB has very impressive gaming performance (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

On the other hand, with an input lag of less than 12ms when connecting a game console via HDMI, the LG 65UT7350PSB also shows quite good gaming performance. Even though it does not support FreeSync, with only ALLM and HGiG it is still enough to bring the experience to life. smooth gaming. Advanced game settings also help optimize frame rates so you can play a variety of game genres comfortably.

3. Sound quality of LG 65UT7350PSB

As mentioned above, with a significant design thickness, the LG 65UT7350PSB will have more space for speakers, and it is likely that it will produce better sound than thinly designed LED TV models. And that’s true. Although it is also a 2-channel speaker system with a total capacity of 20W, this 65-inch TV delivers a much more impressive midrange and bass range. Compared to other LED TV models, its bass is more solid, stronger, and easier to fill the space to create a lively feeling for everyday experiences.

Review of LG 4K 65 inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!
The sound quality of LG 65UT7350PSB is impressive in its segment (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

Regarding sound technology, this 65-inch LG TV only has AI Sound Pro. In theory, it has the ability to simulate TV speakers into a 9.1.2-channel surround system, but in reality, with low power levels, the 65UT7350PSB is difficult to create the desired effect. If we want to take advantage of this technology, we need at least a multi-channel sound system, or a good enough soundbar to do it.

4. Operating system

LG 65UT7350PSB uses the WebOS 24 operating system with an improved and refreshed menu system. Friendly user interface, easy to use, helps you easily access and adjust settings on the TV.

The LG 65UT7350PSB’s home screen is designed with rows of popular content and application suggestions, making it easy to access your favorite applications quickly. This layout is quite similar to Android TV’s, so it feels easier to use than the old-style interface.

Review of LG 4K 65 inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!
Latest WebOS 24 operating system (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

In addition, on WebOS 24, LG also added a few new functions such as Ai Picture Wizard, Ai Concierge and Quick Cards to optimize the TV usage experience. In particular, Ai Picture Wizard will help you customize the frame quality with contrast, brightness, and color vibrancy to better suit your eyes. This is an extremely interesting feature so that even users without any experience can create beautiful image quality.

Regarding LG’s application library, although it is still smaller than some other brands, it generally provides all the necessary applications for users’ entertainment needs. It still meets the criteria of being smart, dynamic, and meets all requirements from basic to advanced.

5. Conclusion

Above are’s comments about the LG 4K 65-inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB, a popular TV model that was just launched not long ago.

Although there are some disadvantages such as quite thick design and not so good colors, overall this 65 inch TV model is still worth considering if you are looking for a large screen TV with good picture and sound quality. uniform bar. The smooth operating system, quick operations and smart customization capabilities will also be big plus points, creating an entertainment product worth considering with a sale of about 16.8 million VND.

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