Review of LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!

With the LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV, LG has brought consumers a classy entertainment device at a very affordable price. It is the perfect combination of sophisticated design and the most advanced imaging technology, and its 48-inch size is also very flexible for many uses.

1. Evaluation of LG 48B4PSA OLED TV design

This LG OLED TV model possesses an elegant design, with thin and smooth lines creating a luxurious beauty for every family’s interior space. This sophisticated design not only enhances the modern beauty of the TV but also helps it blend perfectly with the surrounding space, creating a feeling of unity and harmony.

Not only is the frame thin, but the border inside the screen is also very thin at only 1cm, maximizing display space. Especially when watching TV in a dark room or at night, this border will blend with the surrounding space and create an extremely interesting ‘floating’ viewing experience.

Review of LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!
Luxurious design, modern style (Photo: LG).

In terms of physical size, the thickness of LG 48B4PSA is 4.6cm, not the thinnest, but it still helps the TV look neat and elegant, placed on a table or hung on the wall, it is very beautiful even when viewed from a distance. Which angle?

Overall, the 48-inch size of this TV is not too common on the market, and it was created almost exclusively for a small portion of consumers in need. For example, if your living space is relatively limited, 50 inches looks too big and 43 inches looks too small, then 48 inches is the perfect choice. On the other hand, for gamers, or professional editors and traders who need a large screen to display as much information as possible, 48 inches is also the perfect size. The weight of the TV is only about 11.5kg, using it with an arm is absolutely no problem.

2. Display quality of LG 48B4PSA

Using an OLED panel, the contrast of the LG 48B4PSA is simply amazing. Each pixel on the screen can automatically adjust brightness and turn it on and off individually, helping to create the most vivid and realistic content. Not only that, LG also equips it with intelligent automatic brightness adjustment technology, which will analyze surrounding light conditions to create the best, most balanced image quality in that condition.

Review of LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!
Powerful Alpha 8 Ai processor (Photo: LG).

The level of image detail is also nothing to worry about, 4K resolution combined with the extremely powerful Alpha 8 AI processor can improve LG 48B4PSA’s Ai performance by up to 1.5 times, image quality Graphics are 2.3 times better and processing is 1.8 times faster than the Alpha 5 Ai processor. Thanks to this powerful processor, the 48B4PSA can ensure that every displayed content, regardless of input quality, has the finest detail, the most optimal colors, and is completely free of noise. seed.

In terms of color, this 48-inch TV is simply perfect. It is certified for 100% color fidelity according to CIE DE2000 standards, ensuring that every color reproduced on the screen is very accurate, and as close to real life as possible. For those who work in photo editing, this is truly a perfect choice.

Review of LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!
LG 48B4PSA reproduces content with the highest sharpness, rich details and accurate, realistic colors (Photo: LG).

And if you’re worried about burn-in, LG also has a solution, called OLED Care. Basically, when we activate this function, every time the TV screen stops at a content for too long (maybe the Menu page, or the content is paused), it will automatically launch demo videos, start The screen must always be active. This way we can overcome this inherent phenomenon and better protect the OLED panel.

Review of LG 4K 48 inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!
LG 48B4PSA OLED TV also supports gaming extremely well (Photo: LG).

Finally, not only is it good for entertaining with movies, but with a 120Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync technologies, the LG 48B4PSA is also extremely suitable for playing games. As long as you have a powerful enough PC, or a PlayStation or Xbox game console, you can take advantage of the beautiful display quality of the TV to adventure and explore in the virtual world.

3. Sound quality of LG 48B4PSA

This 48-inch LG TV has a 2-channel speaker system, total capacity of 20W, the sound quality is generally not as excellent as the image but is enough for entertainment with popular content. The bass is not thick and strong, so listening to music is not good, but the mid sound is very balanced to reproduce movie dialogue clearly. And, although there is also Dolby Atmos, the speaker’s capacity is not enough to reproduce perfect surround sound. We may still feel sound coming from many directions, but the feeling is quite faint, not enough to create vibrate.

Review of LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!
The TV’s sound quality is sufficient and can be improved if desired (Photo: LG).

To balance sound performance with image, we should use an external sound system, maybe a soundbar or if you already have a multi-channel system, you can take advantage of it.

4. Operating system

LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA OLED Smart TV runs on LG’s latest WebOS 24 platform. This operating system is inherently very popular because of its fast and smooth operation with almost no lag, downloading and installing from the application store is also quick, saving time. But in this day and age, anything that helps us save time is great.

Review of LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!
WebOS 24 operating system (Photo: LG).

But it doesn’t stop there, this year’s WebOS interface has also had a few changes, it has been optimized to be compatible with larger screens, displaying more suggested content. At the same time, there will be some interesting things for us to learn and tinker with. For example, this year LG introduced to users the Ai Picture Wizard feature for the first time. Through a series of display suggestions, we can create quality frames with appropriate brightness, contrast, and color. with my own eyes.

Review of LG 4K 48 inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!
New Ai functions on LG 48B4PSA will bring a new experience to users (Photo: LG).

5. Conclusion

Above are’s comments about the LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA OLed smart TV. It belongs to LG’s lowest-end OLED TV product line, so many aspects have been significantly cut to become more wallet-friendly for consumers. Although it does not have as many important core technologies as higher-end models, in reality the display quality of this 48-inch OLED TV is still excellent, easily creating a large gap with other models. Popular LED TV.

And, with a reference price of 26.8 million VND, LG not only directs this product to households, but gamers, design experts, editors or traders are also targeted. Because with sharp display quality and standard colors, LG 48B4PSA can simply accompany them to complete the job, or overcome bloody games in the most perfect way.

In short, if you are also looking for an affordable OLED TV that can be used for many purposes, the LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV will be a choice worth considering this year.

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