Review of LG 4K 43-inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB: Thin and light, good display, convenient enough!

Beautiful overall design, scoring points with a thin and light body and good display quality, enough features, LG 4K 43-inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB is one of the 43-inch TV models worth considering in the popular segment. 2024.

1. Design review of LG 4K 43 inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB

In today’s era of modern display technology, the most important thing is not only the image quality but also the overall design of the product. LG has really shined in this aspect with the smart TV 43UT8050PSB.

The design of this 43-inch LG TV is simple but extremely sophisticated and elegant. The thin border around the screen creates a spacious, airy feeling like a beautifully framed picture hanging on the wall. This helps the TV harmonize with the interior space, easily integrating into any room.

One of the reasons why the LG 43-inch 4K smart TV 43UT8050PSB is worth considering is its 43-inch size. This is the ideal size for small living spaces such as apartments, motel rooms or small offices.

Review of LG 4K 43-inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB: Thin and light, good display, convenient enough!
LG 43UT8050PSB has a luxurious and sophisticated appearance (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

With this size, you can enjoy a high-quality TV viewing experience without needing too much space. The ideal viewing distance for a 43-inch screen ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 meters, suitable for rooms with an area of ​​15 to 25 square meters. Not only that, the slim design with a thickness of only 5.71cm also helps LG 43UT8050PSB easily install, move and save maximum space.

The familiar upside-down V-shaped stand helps the TV easily stand firmly on any flat surface. Another plus point of this stand is that it can be easily disassembled, allowing us to arrange and arrange the TV to our liking more flexibly.

2. Screen and display technology of LG 4K 43 inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB

With 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), LG 43UT8050PSB smart TV delivers images that are sharp, detailed and 4 times more vivid than Full HD resolution. You’ll enjoy realistic frames, vibrant colors, and amazing detail in every scene. To optimize image and sound, this 4K TV is equipped with a powerful a5 Gen7 processor, using advanced image and sound processing algorithms to make the TV viewing experience more realistic and vivid than ever. time is over.

Review of LG 4K 43-inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB: Thin and light, good display, convenient enough!
The a5 Gen7 processor optimizes images from many dimensions (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Not only does 4K content display great, SD, HD or FHD content when displayed on this 43-inch TV also has higher sharpness and detail thanks to 4K AI Upscaling technology. Using artificial intelligence to analyze and process images, compared to the old generation, LG 43UT8050PSB can display low-resolution content with much higher quality.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technology that enhances the contrast and color range of images, providing a more vivid and realistic TV viewing experience. Smart TV LG 43UT8050PSB supports HDR10 standard, helping to reproduce colors and image details most accurately.

Review of LG 4K 43-inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB: Thin and light, good display, convenient enough!
The screen has sharpness, high detail, and realistic colors (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

To optimize HDR10 performance, the 43UT8050PSB is also equipped with Dynamic Tone Mapping technology. This technology helps adjust the brightness and contrast of images frame by frame, ensuring you always enjoy the highest quality images without being too bright or too dark.

And, if you are a movie fanatic, Filmmaker Mode on the LG 4K 43-inch 43UT8050PSB smart TV will be a valuable highlight. This mode was created to reproduce images according to the standards of professional filmmakers, helping you enjoy movies at home as if you were in the theater.

Besides entertainment purposes with television and movie content, LG 43UT8050PSB will also support gaming extremely well. With HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) technology and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), this 43-inch TV helps reduce input lag, enhance contrast and color to deliver the best gaming experience.

In addition to being an entertainment TV, the LG 43UT8050PSB smart TV is also designed to support smooth gaming. With HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) technology, 43UT8050PSB can reduce input lag, enhance contrast and color for the best gaming experience.

Not only that, it also has special features for this purpose, such as Game Dashboard to display important information such as FPS, input lag, temperature…, helping us control the state of the game. and TV with ease. And Optimizer is an optimization tool that allows us to adjust image, sound and latency settings to suit each game.

Overall, this 43-inch LG TV can meet a variety of user uses with relatively good display quality. It may not have too much advanced technology, but what is equipped is completely suitable for a popular TV, even a little more advanced.

3. Sound quality of LG 4K 43 inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB

With a 2-channel speaker system with a total capacity of 20W, in general, the LG 43UT8050PSB provides good enough sound quality within its price range. When used daily, the volume produced by the TV speakers is quite loud, and the dialogue is clear and easy to hear. If the TV space is about 15 – 20m2, the volume level from 25 – 50 is almost enough for us to enjoy all content. Only the bass volume that the TV produces is a bit weak and thin, easily overwhelmed by dialogue. Increasing the volume to high also causes cracking and crackling.

Review of LG 4K 43-inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB: Thin and light, good display, convenient enough!
The sound is enough for basic needs (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Included with the speaker system are some of the company’s typical audio technologies, such as AI Sound and AI Acoustic Tuning. But overall, its impact on the final sound quality is not much due to the limitation of speaker capacity. If you want a surround effect and a better experience, you can combine LG 43UT8050PSB with two bluetooth speakers at the same time thanks to Bluetooth Surround Ready technology, then the experience will be much more comfortable and high quality.

4. Operating system and other features of LG 4K 43 inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB

LG Smart TV 4K 43 inch 43UT8050PSB uses the latest WebOS 24 operating system, with many improved menus and upgraded performance. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface helps you easily access and adjust settings on the TV conveniently. It also supports creating up to 10 separate user profiles, allowing each family member to store and customize their personal settings without affecting other users.

Review of LG 4K 43-inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB: Thin and light, good display, convenient enough!
WebOS 24 operating system (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Regarding the application library, perhaps in terms of massiveness and popularity, WebOS cannot match Google, but it is still complete with the most basic things that every user needs. Online platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, VieOn, FPT Play, Tik Tok, TV 360 are pre-installed. If you want to expand, you can visit LG Content Store to search. It has about 2000 expanded applications in the fields of games, entertainment, living, education and current affairs.

In addition, it also has some other useful functions such as:

  • Browse the web directly on TV in full screen mode
  • Watch content seamlessly across multiple rooms with Room to Room Share
  • Magic Remote supports voice control and smart air mouse
  • Connect and remotely control from phones and tablets via AirPlay 2, Apple HomeKit, LG ThinQ.

5. Conclusion

Above are comments from About the LG 4K 43 inch smart TV 43UT8050PSB. With beautiful design, impressive image performance and enough smart features, it can be said that this LG TV model has met very high standards for a popular 43-inch TV. If your requirements do not fall outside of these factors, the LG 43UT8050PSB is one of the new 2024 TV models worth considering.

Its selling price is about 9.9 million VND, which will compete directly with the Samsung 43DU7700 model priced at 10.1 million VND.

Hopefully the shares in this article have helped you better understand this 43-inch LG TV.

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