Review of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635: A popular TV model that is worth the money!

Leading the trend of smart entertainment experiences, Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635 is a choice worth considering for every family. With sophisticated design, superior image and sound technology and Google TV operating system, this TV promises to bring complete entertainment moments.

1. Design of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635

At first sight, the TCL 58P635 can make a strong impression on users with its seamless, sophisticated and aesthetic design. The ultra-thin borders at the edges give it the elegance and modernity required of a modern TV, which can coordinate with any interior style to add emphasis to the entertainment space.

With a rather rare 58-inch size, this TCL TV model feels not as ‘oversized’ as the 65-inch models, while still having more spacious display space than the 55-inch model. It can be said that this size will be the perfect choice if you are wondering between 55 or 65 inches.

Review of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635: A popular TV model that is worth the money!
TCL 58P635 has a very eye-catching appearance with ultra-thin borders (Photo: Oficinadanet).

The TV stand is still an upside down V shape, made from plastic so its vibration level cannot be completely eliminated, but it is still sturdy enough to support the TV. However, the base size is not high so it is not suitable for the front soundbar layout.

In terms of connectivity, this 58-inch TV has dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, it also has 3 HDMi 2.1 inputs, 1 USB, 1 digital audio output (Optical), 1 AV input, 1 RF input, Ethernet port and 1 headphone output.

Review of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635: A popular TV model that is worth the money!
Full connection port for usage needs (Photo: Oficinadanet).

In other words, there will be enough ports so that we can connect to digital players and gaming devices, while still being able to connect to the Soundbar. Of course, that’s just a suggestion, you can take advantage of this number of connection ports as you wish.

The remote that comes with the 58P635 is nothing special, it even has a pretty ugly and outdated design. However, it still fulfills its function well and a positive point is that it supports Google Assistant, just hold the button and speak into the remote to give commands to the TV.

Review of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635: A popular TV model that is worth the money!
Remote interface is a bit outdated, but fully functional (Photo: Oficinadanet).

2. Display quality of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635

This TCL TV has 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, 16:9 aspect ratio ideal for watching movies, it also supports HDR10 and Micro Dimming. Overall, this is theoretically an Ultra HD model with some contrast improvements.

Actual use shows that TCL 58P635 has very good display capabilities compared to a cheap smart TV. Even though its panel is only VA LCD, blacks are quite deep and overall, the screen shows a lot of detail, especially in scenes with lots of light, and doesn’t lose detail in dark scenes. The only thing is, because there is no backlight with local dimming capabilities, in dark scenes, we will see light leaks at the edges of the screen.

Review of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635: A popular TV model that is worth the money!
The TV has light leaks, a common phenomenon on low-cost TVs (Photo: Oficinadanet).

Viewing angles are also relatively good, only losing color and contrast in unnatural TV viewing positions. Although there is a reflection phenomenon, if you place the TV in a space with little exposure to sunlight, it is not too uncomfortable.

Sharpness is not a problem, 4K quality and AiPQ 2.0 processor are clear to every detail. Thanks to the upscaling ability of this technology and AI algorithms, low-resolution content when displayed on this 58-inch screen is still very clear, without pixelation. In addition, TCL also provides quite a few adjustment options with presets such as Movies and Games. But it doesn’t stop there, the TCL 58P635 allows users to make finer saturation and tone adjustments, as well as several technologies to improve sharpness and motion.

Review of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635: A popular TV model that is worth the money!
TCL 58P635 is a cheap TV model with very good display quality (Photo: Oficinadanet).

In general, for users who rarely tinker with advanced TV settings, this TCL Google TV will still produce quite nice images in default mode. If you want better colors, you can also actively enable dynamic color enhancement, which algorithmically optimizes the vividness of colors.

3. Gaming performance

Although this TV is not a gaming TV model, when downloading GeForce Now to try some Nvidia cloud-based games, the TV’s performance was still quite good. In general, it is not too suitable for competitive games like FPS, MOBA, but works smoothly with AAA titles like The Last of Us, God of War, Forza Horizon 5.

4. Sound quality of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635

The sound of the TCL 58P635 is good enough but cannot be defined as ‘powerful’. Because the TV is thin and compact, the space for built-in speakers is limited. This can limit the low frequencies and overall dynamics of the sound.

The sound system has a total capacity of 19W, includes two speakers and is located at the bottom of the screen. They point downward and have pretty good midrange reproduction. In a space with an area of ​​about 10 – 20m2, we only need the volume at 15 – 30 to be able to clearly hear news and television content. From level 60 and above, there will be sound distortion, quite common with most cheap TVs.

Review of Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635: A popular TV model that is worth the money!
The sound of the TCL 58P635 is enough, if you want to listen better, you need an external speaker (Photo: Oficinadanet).

Worth mentioning, the 58P635’s specifications do not include Dolby Atmos or DTS, only Dolby Audio. Although this technology can create quite interesting surround sound effects, it still cannot bring the most realistic experience due to lack of capacity. If you want totoshown sound quality, it’s best to use an external sound system, such as a soundbar or a decent system.

5. Operating system

Google TV, is basically a version of Android TV but with a better user interface. It has a lot of apps available, of all kinds and for all tastes. This operating system provides smooth and convenient navigation, as well as access to a large number of applications and online services from Google Play. It also offers smart features like voice search, and personalized content recommendations.

And, because it is only a cheap TV model, on the TCL 58P635 we do not find many smart functions other than Chromecast. With this feature, we can watch content from smartphones, laptops or tablets on the TV screen.

6. Conclusion

Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635 has proven to be a very potential TV in the popular price segment. Although it still cannot match Samsung or LG in terms of technology, it cannot be denied that this TCL TV model is really very good. Even considering the price, it is worth considering more than products in the same segment from the other two major brands, such as Samsung’s BU8000 series or LG’s UQ8050 series.

If you are considering a smart TV for basic use, just need the screen to meet the requirements, the system works well and the controls are convenient, then at a price of 7.2 million VND Google TV TCL 4K 58 inch 58P635 will be a good value for money choice.

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