Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!

Google Mini LED TV Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L is quite expensive, but if you are determined to find the best Sony TV in the LCD LED line, this may be one of the best choices. can be found on the market.

In the current era, consumer demand for a television does not just stop at displaying content but has expanded with the concept of entertainment centers. To meet this, the TV not only needs to have beautiful images but also must provide quality sound and diverse utility features to meet all user needs.

These elements are considered basic for a top entertainment TV. However, each person’s needs for using television are different. Some people just need a simple smart TV, while others want premium display quality and advanced technology. Google TV Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L is a product for families with conditions, aiming for perfection in image, sound and design.

1. Overview of Google TV Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L

This 85-inch Sony TV uses a VA panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, combining a Mini LED backlight system and Sony’s leading Cognitive XR processor. It integrates advanced features such as Acoustic Multi-Audio+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, IMAX Enhance, HDMI 2.1 port with VRR, ALLM and HFR (High Frame Rate), Google TV operating system supports Chromecast, AirPlay, remote control. Voice control and many other features.

2. Evaluation of Sony XR-85X95L design

In terms of appearance, the XR-85X95L has many similarities with the X95K 2022 series but also has some obvious differences. The finishing quality is more advanced as expected from a top TV. Although still using plastic as the main material, every detail is meticulously machined, finished and tightly assembled. To add elegance, Sony has used a metal frame surrounding the screen, and it is an infinity edge.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
Sony XR-85X95L has a very luxurious appearance, suitable for high-end living spaces (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

In terms of size, this 85-inch Sony TV is about 5.5cm thick, a bit thinner than the X95K. Overall, this thickness is quite good for a TV using the Mini LED backlight system. The black border around the screen is about 0.8cm wide, relatively thick, but on an 85-inch screen, this border is still considered thin.

The back of the TV has Sony’s signature checkerboard design. The connection ports are neatly arranged on the right, the power port is on the left. In addition, the back of the XR-85X95L has no outstanding details, is flat for mounting close to the wall and has 4 VESA mounting screw positions in the center.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
Unique stand with 3 layouts (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

The included stand is made of aluminum alloy, has a unique design that can be arranged in 3 different styles. The first type raises the TV to place the soundbar in front; The second type is to lower the TV’s center of gravity so it stands more firmly; and the third type is to move the stand from the two edges to the center so that we can place the TV on a small surface.

3. Sound quality of Sony XR-85X95L

In terms of sound, this high-end Sony TV is equipped with 6 speakers including 2 woofers, 2 mid speakers and 2 treble speakers, each speaker has a capacity of 10W. The system is called Acoustic Multi-Audio and delivers good sound quality with a clear, accurate and distortion-free tonal range, quite powerful bass and crisp dialogue.

In terms of technology, this TV supports Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital surround sound. However, to be honest, it cannot create a completely immersive surround sound experience, because due to its large size, the TV needs to be placed in a large space, which inevitably causes sound to be reflected and interpolated. When hitting a wall, the sound from behind is not strong enough even though we can still feel it.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
The sound of the Sony XR-85X95L is very good, but it’s even better if combined with a soundbar or external speakers (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

In addition, Sony XR-85X95L also integrates other high-end audio technologies such as XR Surround, Voice Zoom 2, Acoustic Center Sync and 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer to provide a virtual surround sound experience, improving voice filtering quality. and compatible with various audio devices.

Finally, another cool thing is that this 85-inch Sony TV has the ability to automatically adjust the sound according to the user’s position. However, it only works with Bravia Cam, because it needs the camera to determine seating position.

4. Image technology and display quality on Google TV Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L

First we will talk about the image processing aspect. This Sony Mini LED TV model uses the leading Cognitive XR processor of 2023, the same type used on most high-end TV models at that time.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
High-end Cognitive XR processor (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

This processor will divide the screen into hundreds of areas and recognize each object in those areas, then analyze hundreds of thousands of different elements to create frames per second with detail, contrast, best color, motion and sharpness. As for its ability to handle low-quality content, the XR-85X95L is able to reproduce content very well and every detail is meticulously preserved in the final 4K image.

Next is the backlight system, which turns this Sony Google TV into a high-end one.

It uses a FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) system with 864 backlight control zones, each managing tens of thousands of pixels to control independent on/off, creating pure deep blacks close to OLED. best. In addition, the company also applies XR Backlight Master Drive technology with a unique algorithm to control the on and off ability of thousands of mini LED lights with greater precision. As a result, the blooming phenomenon (light around bright objects on a dark background) commonly found on LED TVs has been controlled much better. If we don’t pay close attention, we almost don’t notice it.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
Full Array Local Dimming backlight system (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Another benefit from optimal backlight control is screen brightness. SDR brightness measured on 10% of the screen area is about 1,588 nits, and on HDR content is 1,723 nits. This is an extremely impressive parameter and although the brightness on the entire screen will be reduced, it still ensures the TV has extremely high brightness and beautiful display despite strong light environments. However, this TV model only supports three basic HDR formats: HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, excluding HDR10+, but this does not make any significant impact.

But there is one point where this TV is not good, or rather, Sony has tried to improve, but not significantly. That’s the perspective.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
The TV has excellent anti-glare, but the viewing angle is a bit limited (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

In fact, due to the use of a VA panel, the Sony XR-85X95L cannot have a wide viewing angle. Although Sony has tried to improve this problem with X-Wide Angle and X-Anti Reflection technologies, it only maintains good quality at tilt angles of 35 to 40 degrees. If observed with a larger tilt angle, the image quality will decrease sharply in terms of brightness, color and black level.

Also related to the color display aspect, this TV model performs quite well. It has significantly improved color reproduction thanks to XR Triluminos Pro and XR Picture technology, the DCI-P3 color space coverage reaches 96%, almost perfect, and the REC.2020 color space is also quite high. with 77%.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
Triluminos Pro color technology (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Regarding gaming capabilities, despite having a native 120Hz refresh rate with an average input lag of about 10.5ms (1080p/4K@60Hz) and 19ms (1080p/4K@60Hz). Although not the best, it is still acceptable for gaming. In addition, the XR-85X95L also has a few other gaming support technologies such as ALLM, VRR, Genre Picture Mode and Auto HDR Tone Mapping (no HGiG) but it does not support 1440p, there is no variable scanning frequency. 144Hz and also FreeSync. Overall, it still meets the needs of popular entertainment gaming quite well.

5. Operating system

Sony XR-85X95L uses the Google TV operating system, creating a difference with its interface and functions compared to regular Android TV. Google TV is smooth, direct, and easy to navigate even with multiple apps open at once.

The application store of this platform is very diverse. Through the Google Play Store, we can download thousands of applications. In addition to popular applications such as Youtube, Netflix, Galaxy Play, Clip TV, FPT Play, VTVcab ON, VieON…, which are pre-installed, we can also access many other applications if desired.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
Google TV operating system (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

In addition, this operating system integrates Google Assistant to support TV control by voice via remote or microphone on the TV, creating a more convenient and advanced user experience. It also has Chromecast and AirPlay so you can stream content from your phone or tablet to the big screen.

Also talking about functionality, if you have enough money to own a Sony 4K 85-inch XR-85X95L Google Mini LED TV, you should buy a Bravia Cam (cost about 4 million VND) to take full advantage of the TV’s capabilities. With this camera, the TV can detect our sitting position to adjust the image and sound accordingly, as well as allowing us to control the TV with gestures and detect ambient light to regulate energy. automatically.

Review of Google TV Mini LED Sony 4K 85 inch XR-85X95L: Premium experience!
Bravia Cam will add more features to the Sony XR-85X95L, providing a more premium, perfect experience (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

6. Conclusion

With a reference price of 72.5 million VND, Sony 4K 85-inch Google Mini LED TV XR-85X95L is without a doubt one of the most expensive LED TV models on the market. It’s excellent in terms of display and every aspect from sound, technology, to experience is very good. Although there are still some limitations in viewing angles and gaming capabilities, these two factors do not affect the overall experience too much.

Overall, this high-end Sony TV model will be suitable for consumers who want a high-end experience and are suitable for luxurious living spaces. If you are also looking for such a TV, then the Sony XR-85X95L – one of the best LED TV models that Sony has ever produced – will be a great choice for you.

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