Review of Daikiosan DM201 air conditioning fan: 180W capacity, 80 liter water tank!

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The Diakiosan DM201 air conditioner fan was launched in 2023 but until now has only appeared widely on the market. Its size and weight are relatively bulky and it does not have many modern features, but with a powerful 180W capacity, Daikiosan DM201 can still effectively cool large spaces.

1. Evaluate the design of Daikiosan DM201 air conditioning fan

Daikiosan DM201 possesses a modern, sophisticated and convenient design. However, its size is also quite large and bulky, up to 133cm high and the front surface is 58cm wide, only suitable for places with spacious spaces such as halls, factories, lounges or shops. However, if placed in a family space, it will take up a lot of space.

Review of Daikiosan DM201 air conditioning fan: 180W capacity, 80 liter water tank!
Daikiosan DM201 air conditioner fan has outstanding color scheme (Photo: Dai Viet Group).

This cooler model has a minimalist, neutral style, often found in high-capacity air conditioning fan models. However, Daikiosan also refreshed its appearance with a white-blue color scheme that looks more eye-catching and attractive. The virgin plastic material is also relatively sturdy and durable, and the surface is easy to clean.

Review of Daikiosan DM201 air conditioning fan: 180W capacity, 80 liter water tank!
Using dry ice will give a better cooling effect when the weather is extremely hot (Photo: Dai Viet Group).

Other details such as the control cluster, water adding door, and water level scale are all reasonably arranged and easy to operate and use. The three air intake sides are separated by a coarse plastic dust filter, limiting dust from sticking to the honeycomb-shaped wooden cooling panel inside. The wheel system is also firmly designed, helping to move the air conditioner fan safely and easily.

2. Engine, capacity, cooling efficiency of Daikiosan DM201

Daikiosan DM201 air conditioning fan uses a copper motor, which is 1.5 to 2 times more durable than a conventional aluminum core motor. The motor’s shell is also coated with high-quality anti-oxidation powder coating, contributing to improving its durability.

The capacity of this Daikiosan air cooler is 180W, very powerful, it can create an air flow of 5,500 to 6000 m3 per hour, effectively cooling a space of about 50 – 60m2. Not to mention the fact that it has a very large tank capacity, up to 80 liters. With a consumption of about 5 to 6 liters per hour, on average Daikiosan DM201 can cool for 15 – 16 hours. But it is also important to note that when filled with water, its total weight will be very large and it will be difficult to move flexibly.

Review of Daikiosan DM201 air conditioning fan: 180W capacity, 80 liter water tank!
Daikiosan DM201 has a large water tank that can be used for many hours continuously (Photo: Dai Viet Group).

In general, if your home space is spacious enough, this air conditioning fan model will provide a much superior cooling effect compared to other types of electric fans, its blowing range is both wide and far, combined with With air conditioning, you will no longer have to worry about the summer heat. And, if used indoors, we only need to pour a moderate amount of water, about half the tank capacity is enough for comfortable use.

However, to be honest, this cooling fan model will be suitable for larger, more crowded spaces, such as restaurants, cafes, lounges, halls, classrooms… That way we can develop maximize its effectiveness.

A little more to say is that the operating noise level of the Daikiosan DM201 air cooler is only 40 to 60 dB, not affecting the usable space.

3. Other features of Daikiosan DM201

3.1. Effective Ag+ disinfection technology

In addition to the basic function of creating cool wind, the Daikiosan DM201 cooler is also equipped with Ag+ antibacterial technology. This technology will use nano silver particles to destroy bacteria, mold and other agents that cause unpleasant odors in the water source, and the wind blowing will have a cleaner, more comfortable quality.

Review of Daikiosan DM201 air conditioning fan: 180W capacity, 80 liter water tank!
Water inlet of Daikiosan DM201 (Photo: Dai Viet Group).

3.2. Water level sensor, automatically turns off the pump when it runs out

In addition, due to the large capacity tank, surely during use we will sometimes forget to add water to Daikiosan DM201. That’s why the manufacturer integrated a modern water level sensor into the DM201, which will automatically turn off the pump when detecting insufficient water, avoiding the situation of running the engine dry, wasting both electricity and energy. risk of engine damage.

Basically, this Daikiosan air conditioner fan model does not have too many special features, but the two things it is equipped with above are very practical and useful in daily use.

4. Conclusion

In general, the Daikiosan DM201 air conditioner fan is not much different from other cooling devices in the same price range. Its biggest advantage is its large capacity, wide cooling range, Ag+ disinfection feature, plus large water tank capacity. In addition, the design can also be a plus point because the color scheme of the DM201 is quite outstanding when placed next to other models.

However, objectively speaking, if you are planning to buy this device for your family, you should consider carefully. Because of its size and weight (when water is added), it will be somewhat cumbersome to display. In addition, there is no negative-ion filter, no remote, and the wind mode is not diverse, so it cannot bring the best utility in the residential space.

On the contrary, it is extremely suitable for public, crowded spaces such as halls, factories, and waiting rooms.

Above are’s comments on the Daikiosan DM201 air conditioner fan model. Hopefully this information will help you have a more multidimensional view of this cooling device, and make shopping choices that suit your needs.

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