Review of Daikiosan DM105 air conditioner fan: Improve quality of life!

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Daikiosan DM105 air conditioner fan is a cooling device for home spaces. With a neat vertical design, 200W capacity and modern features, this cooler model promises to help you dispel the heat this summer.

1. Evaluate the design of Daikiosan DM105 air conditioning fan

Daikiosan DM105 is designed in vertical form, 124cm high, up to 37.8cm wide, but due to its streamlined design and soft lines, it does not feel cumbersome or cumbersome when looking at it. Thanks to this design, the fan can be placed in many locations in the house without taking up too much floor space. With a weight of 12kg, it is also quite easy to move thanks to the 4 wheels below.

The color of DM105 is light gray, creating a modern and luxurious feeling. The glossy plastic material creates a sturdy, sturdy feel when looking at it while also limiting dust and making the surface easy to clean.

The control panel at the top of the fan is quite rich with many buttons and display parameters, allowing us to easily customize functions such as wind speed, cooling mode, timer… In addition, it also comes with Comes with a remote control for more convenient operation. Another plus point is that in the control panel area there is a small screen displaying the room temperature, based on which we can customize the fan function more appropriately.

Overall, the appearance of the Daikiosan DM105 cooler impresses with its modernity, and it gives us a very durable and sturdy feeling. In addition, one thing we need to note is that due to the vertical design, the fan’s air dissipation range will also be more limited than other lines. However, with the average space of family apartments or offices, Daikiosan DM105 still meets cooling needs well.

Another notable plus point of Daikiosan DM105 is that it has a 4-way automatic air swing feature, not 2-way. Just press the button, cool air will be evenly distributed in the space without needing to adjust it manually.

2. Engine, capacity and cooling performance of Daikiosan DM105

This Daikiosan air conditioner fan model uses a motor made from high-quality virgin materials. This is a material with good durability, giving the fan the ability to operate smoothly at high speed. The power level that DM105 is equipped with is up to 200W, very strong in the home air conditioning fan segment and the air flow it can create is up to 3000 m3 per hour.

The large airflow after passing through the wooden cooling pad will bring us a natural refreshing feeling, suitable for families who love fresh air. The water tank capacity is not much, only 30 liters, but with a maximum consumption of 2.5 liters per hour, it is enough for us to use all day.

The fan has 3 customizable wind speeds, from high to low, to meet different cooling needs. Besides, the Daikiosan DM105 air cooler also has 2 wind modes: normal wind and sleeping wind. Normal wind should be used at most times of the day, a constant flow of wind will help us feel more comfortable. Sleeping wind is suitable for use at night. The gentle breeze helps our bodies avoid heat shock and limits respiratory problems.

Finally, the operating noise level of the fan is quite low, only about 55dB. This is a relatively surprising parameter because the capacity of this cooling fan model is very strong. Many models with only half the capacity of the DM105 have even greater noise than that.

3. Main features of Daikiosan DM105

3.1. Ionizer

In addition to the cooling function, the Daikiosan DM105 air conditioner fan can also create negative ion particles that purify the air, helping to remove dust and bacteria to bring a fresh, clean space for the family. This feature will be extremely suitable for families with people with respiratory diseases, the elderly and young children.

3.2. Shut down timer

The control panel and remote both have a timer feature to turn off the fan, lasting up to 24 hours. This feature is necessary so that we can manage the fan’s operating time effectively, be more proactive in saving energy and create a sense of safety when using it.

3.3. Automatically turns off the pump when water runs out

Most current air conditioning fan models have this function, and the DM105 is not outdated either. When water runs out, DM105 will automatically turn off the pump and switch to normal air blowing mode to avoid damaging the engine, and at the same time emit a signal to let the user know if water needs to be added.

4. Conclusion

With a neat vertical design, powerful 200W capacity and many notable features such as 4-way automatic air swing and negative ion generation, Daikiosan DM105 not only provides the ability to create good cooling wind on hot days, but It can also help your family have fresher, healthier air.

The reference price of Daikiosan DM105 is 4,990,000 VND, promising to be a potential choice for many families in the summer of 2024.

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