Review: Is Whiskas cat food good?

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This article reviews all the information from A to Z about Whiskas cat food and will help you find the correct answer to the question: Is Whiskas cat food good?

Choosing cat food has never been easy when the cat food market is extremely diverse and rich like today. Whiskas is one of the famous cat food brands that many people trust. But there are still many people who are hesitant and concerned about the quality Whiskas cat food because it has never been used.

American Whiskas cat food
American Whiskas cat food

Origin and origin of Whiskas cat food

Whiskas is the longest lasting cat food brand in the world. Founded in 1936 in the US, Whiskas has more than 83 years of construction and development activities. Whiskas products are now widely available in all countries around the world.

When sold in the Vietnamese market, Whiskas cat food is widely trusted by pet owners because of its rich and diverse flavors, helping to change the taste and stimulate cats to eat better.

Nutritional composition of Whiskas cat food

Whiskas cat food Made from ingredients including: wheat, corn, poultry by-products, salmon, tuna, soybean oil, soybean meal, corn starch, palm oil, soybean oil, sea fish, vitamins and minerals ingredients, wheat flour, preservatives, flavors and food colors.

The nutritional ingredients of Whiskas food include: Carbohydrate starch, lipid fat, protein, amino acids, soluble fiber, DHA, Omega 3 and 6, taurine, iron, calcium, zinc, Phosphorus, vitamin E, B1, B12, B6,… All of these nutrients are scientifically combined and balanced to help cats develop healthily both physically and mentally.

Whiskas cat food is made from natural ingredients
Whiskas cat food is made from natural ingredients

Advantages and disadvantages of Whiskas cat food

To know cat food Is Whiskas good? Let’s evaluate in detail the pros and cons of this food brand.


– Whiskas cat food is produced on a leading modern technological line system in Thailand. The ingredients and nutritional content have been carefully calculated by experts to suit cats of different ages and stages of development.

– The ingredients used to make Whiskas cat food are completely natural, do not contain toxic chemicals, do not use additives, artificial colors, or chemical flavors, so they are safe for your cat. .

– The flavors of Whiskas cat food are quite diverse and rich, allowing you to freely choose your favorite flavor for your cat.

– Full nutritional content helps cats develop physically, mentally, and with maximum eyesight; enhance resistance, improve immune system; increase digestion and absorption of nutrients; care for skin and fur, prevent common skin diseases in cats…

– Doesn’t take time to cook and can be taken with you anywhere when letting your cat go out.


– Protein content is not high, while cats have high protein needs.

– Contains allergenic ingredients so you need to observe cats after feeding Whiskas cat food.

Cost of Whiskas cat food

Cost of cat food Whiskas is quite high, the reference selling price on the market is as follows:

  • Whiskas kitten food with sea fish and milk flavor: 116,000 VND/package of 1.1kg.
  • Whiskas cat food mackerel flavor: 119,000 VND/1.2kg pack.
  • Whiskas cat food tuna flavor: 119,000 VND/1.2kg pack.
  • Whiskas cat food with sea fish flavor: 35,000 VND/package of 400g.
  • Pate Whiskas cat food: 10,000 VND/85g.
  • Whiskas pate food with seafood flavor: 11,000 VND/85g.
  • Whiskas pate food with mackerel and sardine flavor can: 37,000 VND/400g.

Reputable address to buy genuine Whiskas cat food

You can buy it Whiskas cat food Genuine at major pet stores, highly reliable and chosen by many people. You should not buy Whiskas food at small, unknown stores because the risk of buying food of poor quality and unknown origin is very high.

You should buy genuine, reputable Whiskas cat food
You should buy genuine, reputable Whiskas cat food

* Hopefully with the information we shared above, you will understand better Whiskas cat food. Don’t forget to accompany to gain more useful knowledge in caring for and raising cats!

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