Refer to Toshiba refrigerator error codes and effective solutions

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While using a Toshiba refrigerator, you may occasionally encounter a few common errors when the device operates. The article below will share with everyone common Toshiba refrigerator error codes and how to fix some errors. Please find out now.

1. Common Toshiba refrigerator error codes

  • Error code H14: Error code related to power transistor circuit.
  • Error code H16: Error code related to the compressor coil circuit (Blook).
  • Error code H17: Error code related to compressor interrupt line.
  • Error code H1C: Blook is corrupted.
  • Error code H21: Blook voltage exceeded (more than 104rps)
  • Error code H22: Machine suddenly reduces compression speed with rapid acceleration.
  • Error code H23: Communication error with rapid deceleration.
  • Error code H24: Sensor part is abnormal.
  • Error code H30: Disconnect prevention sensor freezes.
  • Error code H31: The defrost part has an error.
  • Error code H1C: Air compressor lock error
  • Error code H3C: The short-circuited temperature sensor has an abnormal problem.
  • Error code H32: Cold sensor prevents thermistor disconnection.
  • Error code H33: Sensor switch prevents disconnection.
  • Error code H34: Ice tray thermistor is disconnected.
  • Error code H35: RT thermistor disconnected.
  • Error code H36: Thermistor defrost system is disconnected.
  • Error code H38: Freezer thermistor compartment is short circuited.
  • Error code H39: Thermistor defrost compartment is short-circuited
  • Error code H24: This error code is related to a communication error.
  • Error code H3F: This error code is related to a problem with the cabinet resistor.
  • Error code H3H: Room switching thermistor short circuit error.
  • Error code H3E: Short circuit thermistor (cold room) defrost error.
  • Error code H3d: RT thermistor is short circuited.
  • Error code H50: This error code is related to a short damper.
  • Error code H54: This error code is related to the open damper
  • Error code H60: This error code is related to a damaged engine fan.
  • Error code H61: This error code is related to indoor fan error.
  • Error code H62: This error code is related to the error of the cold compartment locking the fan motor.
  • Error code H63: This error code is related to fan reversing error.
Common Toshiba refrigerator error codes
Common Toshiba refrigerator error codes (Photo: dienmaynamtien).

2. How to handle some common errors of Toshiba refrigerators

Check out how to fix some common Toshiba refrigerator errors at home below!

2.1. Toshiba refrigerator is still running but not cold enough

If the Toshiba refrigerator has the phenomenon of not being supplied with enough cold air, please check the following parts:

  • Thermostat: Usually, the refrigerator will be set at 0°C, and the freezer will be around -17°C. Everyone check to see if the device is within this temperature level. If unfortunately the knob is at the wrong temperature, please adjust it so the refrigerator can operate normally again
  • Food: People need to put less food outside the refrigerator, because the amount of food inside the refrigerator exceeds the allowed capacity and the refrigerator will not work well.
  • Door: Everyone check the rubber gaskets of the refrigerator door and make sure that the door is completely closed tightly to prevent cold air from escaping from the refrigerator to the outside environment.
  • Avoid opening and closing the refrigerator continuously for short periods of time, because this will cause cold air to escape, reducing the amount of cold air provided to food.
  • Defrost unit: If the refrigerator is covered with frost, cold air is lost, causing “paralysis” of the cooling system’s operation, making the device not cold. At this point, you need to clean the refrigerator and check again.
  • Gas: It could be because the refrigerator is out of gas, in which case people need to contact the warranty center for professional repair support.
Toshiba refrigerator is still running but not cold enough
Toshiba refrigerator is still running but not cold enough (Photo: Toshiba).

2.2. Toshiba refrigerator is leaking water

Possible causes of Toshiba refrigerators leaking water include:

  • The tray is cracked or broken, causing water to spill out. The drain pipe is clogged with dirt, causing water to not flow down to the receiving plate but spill out the door.
  • The water supply is damaged, or the water supply line is leaking. In this case, the water supply pipe may be cracked or the water supply connection is loose.
  • The device control system was broken so the ice compartment could not be frozen, the ice and food inside were defrosted and water leaked out.

To fix this problem, people need to replace damaged equipment and tighten pipes. Users should regularly check the water tray and pour out excess water in case it overflows. In addition, people should also regularly clean and unclog drainage pipes to avoid impacting refrigerator equipment, leading to cracks and damage.

2.3. Toshiba refrigerator makes noise

If the Toshiba refrigerator makes unpleasant noises with a high frequency, people can check and fix it with the following steps:

  • Check and firmly fix the 4 legs of the cabinet, place the cabinet on a flat and solid surface
  • Clean the blower motor and reinstall it after you have cleaned it to reduce noise.
  • If the Toshiba refrigerator is frozen, people only need to wait a few minutes for the defrost relay to automatically reduce noise.

Each noise coming from the refrigerator can represent a separate error, so everyone needs to check carefully to find the right solution.

Toshiba refrigerator makes noise
Toshiba refrigerator makes noise (Photo: Toshiba).

2.4. Toshiba refrigerator reports an error that the door does not close tightly

One of the most common errors is that the Toshiba refrigerator reports an error that the door does not close tightly. To solve it, you can follow the steps below:

  • Check and remove objects that prevent the refrigerator door from closing
  • Reduce cabinet door weight by removing heavy foods from the side of the door
  • Check the refrigerator door hinges and gaskets, adjust accordingly to ensure that the cold door is tightly closed.

Above is a summary of common error codes of Toshiba refrigerators. Hopefully this sharing article will help people solve problems more effectively, help protect the refrigerator as well as increase the shelf life of the refrigerator.

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