Refer to 3 quality independent dishwashers suitable for every family

Dishwasher is gradually becoming an indispensable kitchen appliance in modern life. Currently, two lines of dishwashers, Bosch and Electrolux, are trusted by many people. Join to learn about these two product lines.

1. Compare two famous dishwasher lines: Bosch and Electrolux

1.1. About the design of the two dishwasher lines

Both brands Bosch (Germany) and Electrolux (Sweden) are of European origin, providing peace of mind about quality and reliability. Both brands pay great attention to modern design, bringing luxurious beauty to your kitchen space. Stainless steel is the main material used for dishwashers of both brands, ensuring durability and safety for health. Bosch and Electrolux both provide many dishwasher models with different sizes and designs, meeting the diverse needs of users.

Bosch is famous for its simple style, focusing on function rather than form. The brand often uses silver tones as the main color for its designs, creating a gentle and elegant feeling. Most Bosch dishwashers use flat doors, creating a seamless kitchen space. Some Bosch models have a control panel hidden behind the door, giving it a luxurious and modern look.

Electrolux favors a modern design style, combining strong lines and personality. Many Electrolux models have soft curved doors, creating a highlight for the kitchen space. The control surface is often designed prominently on the door, making it easy to operate and observe. Electrolux offers more color options, including white, gray, black,… to meet users’ diverse preferences.

Refer to 3 quality independent dishwashers suitable for every family
Features of Electrolux dishwasher (Photo: dienmayxanh).

1.2. Features of 2 product lines

Both brands offer many different washing programs, suitable for many types of dishes and pots. Bosch and Electrolux dishwashers both have a drying feature that helps dishes dry completely after washing. There are also many safety features such as: Timer feature allows you to schedule washing dishes at the desired time; Child safety lock helps prevent children from tampering with the control panel and starting the machine.

Differences between the two brands:

With Bosch dishwasher:

  • ActiveWater technology: Effectively saves water, only consuming about 9.5 liters of water per wash.
  • ExtraDry technology: Dry dishes completely, including plastic items.
  • VarioSpeed ​​technology: Helps shorten dishwashing time.
  • Smart sensor: Automatically adjusts the washing program to suit the amount of dishes and dirt level.
Refer to 3 quality independent dishwashers suitable for every family
Features of Bosch dishwasher (Photo: dienmayxanh).

With Electrolux dishwasher:

  • AirDry technology: Dry dishes with hot steam, helping to save energy.
  • AutoDose technology: Automatically adjusts the amount of washing water and regenerated salt according to the dirt level of the dishes.
  • Beam On Floor technology: Shines a beam of light onto the floor to signal that the washing program is active or completed.
  • Antibacterial feature: Eliminates bacteria on dishes, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

1.3. About the price of the dishwasher

Both brands offer many dishwasher models with prices ranging from affordable to high-end, meeting the needs of many customers. Size, capacity, features, technology,… are the main factors that affect the price of a dishwasher. In general, Bosch dishwashers have a higher price than Electrolux.

4. Some independent dishwasher products come from Bosch and Electrolux

4.1. Bosch SMS6ECI04E independent dishwasher

Reference price: 20,490,000 VND

Refer to 3 quality independent dishwashers suitable for every family
Bosch SMS6ECI04E independent dishwasher (Photo: Bosch).

Bosch SMS6ECI04E is a high-end product from the famous German brand Bosch. With a modern, luxurious design and many smart features, Bosch SMS6ECI04E promises to bring you a completely new dishwashing experience, saving time and effort. The machine possesses a delicate silver gray color scheme, with an independent design, making it easy to install anywhere in the kitchen.

With a capacity of 13 sets of dishes, Bosch SMS6ECI04E is suitable for families of 3 – 4 users. The machine has 8 different washing programs, meeting all your dishwashing needs, from quick washing, economical washing, specialized washing for pots and pans… along with some modern technologies such as: EcoSilence Drive, ActiveWater, ExtraDry, … Bosch SMS6ECI04E independent dishwasher Operates smoothly with a noise level of only 44 dB, does not affect family activities.

4.2. Bosch SMS4EMI06E independent dishwasher

Reference price: 17,990,000 VND

Bosch SMS4EMI06E independent dishwasher is a high-end product line from the famous German brand Bosch. With a modern, luxurious design and many smart features, Bosch SMS4EMI06E promises to bring you a perfect dishwashing experience and save time.

Refer to 3 quality independent dishwashers suitable for every family
Bosch SMS4EMI06E independent dishwasher (Photo: Bosch).

Bosch SMS4EMI06E possesses a modern, luxurious design with high-quality stainless steel tones, suitable for any kitchen space. Compact size (845 x 600 x 600 mm) makes the machine easy to install and use, even in kitchens with limited space. Capacity of 14 sets of European dishes meets the needs of a family of 4 – 5 people. Modern touch control panel, easy to use.

Bosch SMS4EMI06E dishwasher has 6 diverse washing programs: Economical washing (ECO), Automatic washing (AUTO), Intensive washing (Intensive), Quick washing 65°C, Quiet washing 50ºC, Custom program ( Favorite). With many different features such as: EfficientDry drying technology, ActiveWater technology, EcoSilence Drive, Automatic discharge of excess water,…

4.3. Electrolux ESF5512LOX standalone dishwasher

Reference price: 12,700,000 VND

Electrolux ESF5512LOX stand-alone dishwasher is one of Electrolux’s outstanding products in the mid-range price segment.

Electrolux ESF5512LOX has an independent design, making it easy to install and move. With the design, the main color tone is silver gray, giving your kitchen space a luxurious and clean look.

Refer to 3 quality independent dishwashers suitable for every family
Electrolux ESF5512LOX stand-alone dishwasher (Photo: Electrolux).

Electrolux ESF5512LOX dishwasher has a compact size (Height 85 cm – Width 60 cm – Depth 62.5 cm – Weight 42.9 kg) is suitable for many kitchens, including those with limited space. The machine body is made of high-quality stainless steel, anti-rust and ensures durability over time.

Electrolux ESF5512LOX has a capacity of 13 sets of European dishes, equivalent to 3-4 meals for a Vietnamese family. The machine also integrates 6 diverse washing programs: Standard wash (ECO), automatic wash (Auto), wash heavily soiled porcelain and cutlery, wash lightly dirty porcelain and cutlery, wash lightly dirty dishes and glass. clean, quickly rinse dishes.

In addition, the Electrolux ESF5512LOX stand-alone dishwasher also has an AirDry feature that dries 3 times more effectively than a closed door system, helping dishes dry completely.

In the above article, we introduce to you information about two famous dishwasher brands on the market. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose the right product for your family.

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