Panasonic 3-blade fan: Top 3 products trusted by many families!

The Panasonic 3-blade fan product line is a highly efficient household appliance, creating cool wind and sometimes comes with modern functions. If you are also a ‘fan’ of this brand, the 3 suggestions below will help improve the quality of your life.

Panasonic fans (standing fans) can be said to be familiar household appliances to many Vietnamese families, especially to families that value quality, aesthetics, and durability. Over the years, this Japanese brand has also made a number of improvements to this cooling product line with the purpose of serving user needs better, for example increasing the number of fan blades from 3 to 5 blades. .

Indeed, that improvement received many positive reviews. The increased number of blades helps the Panasonic fan’s ability to create wind better and quieter, while also looking more aesthetic and modern. However, that does not mean that Panasonic 3-blade fan models become outdated. They are always one of the top choices of many families.

And, if you are consulting, or simply curious to know which is the most popular 3-bladed Panasonic fan model today, the information below will help you get the answer.

1. Panasonic F-409K fan

Panasonic F-409K is one of the most popular standing fan models on the market because of its elegant appearance, placed in any space, it exudes luxury and modernity. Flexible height from 128 – 143cm is higher than most home or office furniture, helping to achieve better cooling efficiency. Its colors are also diverse, there are 3 colors red (F-409K-R), blue (F-409K-B) and beige (F-409-BE), all colors are outstanding.

Panasonic 3-blade fan: Top 3 products trusted by many families!
Panasonic F-409K (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

Using a bearing motor, this Panasonic 3-blade fan operates very smoothly, without causing noise or interference when used in the bedroom or office. Furthermore, its capacity of 51 – 57.5W (depending on wind speed) is also quite strong, creating an air flow of up to 46m3 per minute, the wind dissipation range is also wide, very comfortable for daily use and during hot days. Hot sun also has a certain effect.

Most importantly, the Panasonic F-409K fan has an additional natural wind function, also known as rhythmic wind. When activating this function, the fan will rotate at an uneven speed, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, to create the feeling of being blown by the wind. This changing wind flow will ensure better health for users, especially for the elderly and young children.

Panasonic 3-blade fan: Top 3 products trusted by many families!
Convenient control (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

To increase convenience, the Panasonic F-409K fan comes with a remote control, very convenient for use at home, or in places with a bit of space. In addition, the fan also has a smart timer function to help us manage usage time more effectively, avoiding wasting power.

The reference selling price of the Panasonic F-409K fan is about 2,790,000 VND.

2. Panasonic F-307KH fan

Panasonic F-307KH is a mezzanine fan model, it is much more compact than the F-409K model above, its height only ranges from 66 – 85cm. Its height range will generally be relatively suitable for bedrooms, or sofa areas. Compact design helps it save more space and is also easier to move.

In terms of functions, it is not much different from the F-409K, it also has 1/F Yuragi natural wind function, smart timer, fuse that automatically turns off when abnormal, bearing motor, air conditioner. remote control. However, its wind generation ability will not be as strong because the equipped capacity is only from 37 – 40W (depending on wind speed).

Panasonic 3-blade fan: Top 3 products trusted by many families!
Panasonic F-307KH (Photo: Nguyen Kim).

However, because of its low capacity, this 3-bladed Panasonic fan model does not cool effectively. It can still generate a large air flow of 50.7m3 per minute, giving a very impressive cooling effect.

Panasonic F-307KH has two color versions: blue (F-307KH-B) and silver (F.307KH-S), reference price from 1,890,000 VND.

3. Panasonic F-407WGO fan

If the two Panasonic 3-blade fan models above tend to be minimalist, then this Panasonic F-407WGO model is a bit more sophisticated, it has two additional lights on the side that are very unique, and their effects are very unique. It glows like a night light. Furthermore, this 3-blade Panasonic fan model uses aluminum blades, so it will provide better durability and wind generation ability than plastic blades.

The metallic yellow color of the fan blade is also very beautiful, adding to its aesthetic appearance when operating.

Panasonic 3-blade fan: Top 3 products trusted by many families!
Panasonic F-407WGO (Photo: Panasonic),

The capacity of Panasonic F-407WGO ranges from 53.5 – 61.5W, average wind flow per minute is about 54 m3, the strongest of the 3 models. However, it is a bit unfortunate that on this model we do not have the natural wind function like the two models above, it only has normal wind and 3 wind speeds.

Other convenient elements of the fan are very complete, with a remote control, a W-type fuse that automatically shuts off when there is a problem, and a 6-hour timer. The fan has a shiny, luxurious copper brown color, combined with golden-colored fan blades to create a visual effect as if you own an antique fan. Even the double light system gives us that feeling.

Reference price of Panasonic F-407WGO fan is about 2,270,000 VND.

4. Conclusion

Above are 3 suggestions for Panasonic 3-blade fans that are being trusted by many families today. Basically, compared to the general level, the price of Panasonic fans is much higher, but in return we can be completely assured of the quality of the product, and have the most comfortable usage experience.

If you are also a fan of the Panasonic brand and are considering buying a 3-blade fan for your family, Panasonic F-409K, Panasonic F-307KH and Panasonic F-407WGO will be reference options. Best reference at this time.

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