OPPO A60 costs only 5 million VND but has a ‘huge’ battery and military-standard durability

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Participating in the mid-range segment, OPPO A60 phone is a product line that has attracted the attention of many users. So whether with what is equipped, this model will make users satisfied or not, join us to find out and give us the answer.

1. Price and competitor analysis of OPPO A60 phone

OPPO A60 phone Distributed by the manufacturer in the Vietnamese market with 2 versions and corresponding selling prices as follows:

  • OPPO A60 8GB/128GB: Price 5,490,000 VND
  • OPPO A60 8GB/256GB: Price 6,490,000 VND

With this price range, the A60 participates in the low-cost, mid-range phone segment in the market in 2024. In this price range, there are currently many products on the market for users to choose from such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 (price 5.29 million VND), Vivo Y36 (price 5.19 million VND), Samsung Galaxy A15 5G (price 5.99 million VND)…

The “competitors” of the OPPO A60 phone are all products that manufacturers have invested quite carefully from design to equipment. So compared to competitors, is the A60 a worthy choice or not? Join us in analyzing the pros and cons of this phone and give us the answer.

OPPO A60 costs only 5 million VND and has a battery
OPPO A60 phone has a quite reasonable price (Photo: OPPO).

2. Evaluate the advantages of OPPO A60 phone

Compared with competitors, OPPO A60 phone possesses many outstanding advantages such as:

2.1 Trendy design

OPPO always does very well in terms of product design, and OPPO A60 is no exception. With the A60, users will not only own a modern but also “unique” device – these are all things that many users are very interested in when buying a new phone.

The modernity of the A60 is reflected in the overall squareness but is still very comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to the thickness of the device. only 7.68mm – can be said to be the thinnest in the price segment. The back is finished with wavy patterns and a rough surface, bringing youthfulness while minimizing fingerprint adhesion.

OPPO A60 costs only 5 million VND and has a battery
Luxurious and modern design (Photo: OPPO).

The uniqueness of OPPO A60 is shown in the main camera cluster arranged in 2 extremely large circles on the back, creating a difference compared to other products in the segment. This camera cluster also does not protrude too much so it is not rough at all. In particular, the A60 also achieves military durability, so the product’s scratch and impact resistance is quite good.

One advantage that we also rate OPPO A60 highly is that the device is sold with full accessories including charger, charging cable and comes with a transparent silicone back cover.

2.2 The touch screen is sensitive even when wet

Although within the price range, many phones are capable Water resistant IP54 But certainly when it comes to the sensitivity of the touch screen when wet, OPPO A60 probably has no “rival”. Even when splashed by rainwater, users can still perform very sensitive touch operations with the screen of this cheap OPPO phone.

OPPO A60 costs only 5 million VND and has a battery
The screen responds well even when wet (Photo: OPPO).

Besides, with a screen brightness of up to 950 nits and a screen refresh rate of 90Hz, the A60’s screen also displays very clearly even under outdoor sunlight shining directly on the screen. Of course, we can’t help but mention the 6.67-inch screen size – super large for users to comfortably entertain with their favorite movies and entertainment programs.

2.3 Huge battery, “unbeatable” fast charging

With capacity battery 5000 mAh, OPPO A60 phone evaluation tests can last up to more than 30 hours of voice calls and nearly 15 hours of video playback. This is definitely what every user wants in a phone – no need to worry about the battery.

Not only that, it is equipped with fast charging technology Super VOOC 45W (with a 45W charger included in the sales box), it only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery from 0 – 50%. This is the best charging speed in the price segment because competitors currently only stop at 25W charging (Galaxy A15 5G) or 33W (Vivo Y36, Redmi Note 13).

The charging port used on the A60 is USB Type-C, so even if you forget to charge it at home, users can still borrow it from a friend because this is a popular charger on both Android or iOS today.

OPPO A60 costs only 5 million VND and has a battery
The A60 battery is huge and has impressive fast charging capabilities (Photo: OPPO).

2.4 Configuration meets user needs well

OPPO gave the A60 a chip Snapdragon 680 – a very popular chip in the segment, also used on competitor Vivo Y36. Accompanied by 8GB RAM and 2 internal memory version options: 128GB or 256GB.

Regarding software, the A60 uses the original Android 14 operating system with the latest ColorOS 14 interface customization. With many interesting new features, and the technology to expand virtual RAM by 8GB, the configuration of OPPO A60 is enough for playing popular mobile games such as Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG Mobile…

Performance testing tools to evaluate the OPPO A60 phone have quite impressive scores, specifically:

  • Above Antutu V10: OPPO A60 passes 314,395 points
  • Above Geekbench 6: OPPO A60 passes 413 single core points and 1438 multi-core points.

Through the game tests performed, OPPO A60 even plays well (but not too smoothly) the game Genshin Impact – a game that is considered an “Android destroying game”. In addition, the stability of the A60 phone’s performance is also shown in maintaining a temperature of only about 37 degrees Celsius even when playing games for 30 – 60 minutes continuously.

OPPO A60 costs only 5 million VND and has a battery
Strong configuration helps OPPO A60 play popular mobile games well (Photo: Ictfix).

3. Evaluate the disadvantages of OPPO A60 phone

Although there are many advantages, compared to competitors in the price segment, the OPPO A60 phone still has some of the following disadvantages:

  • The first is The top and bottom edges are still quite thicksomewhat rough compared to Redmi Note 13, Vivo Y36…
  • Monday is OPPO A60’s camera is not excellent like competitors. The device is only equipped with dual rear cameras of 50 MP + 2 MP, front camera 8 MP. While Redmi Note 13 has a 108MP main camera, and other phones such as the A15 5G or Vivo Y36 all have 13MP front cameras, providing better quality photos and selfies.
OPPO A60 costs only 5 million VND and has a battery
The camera is the weak point of OPPO A60 (Photo: OPPO).

It can be seen that this is the first time that compared to competitors in the price segment, OPPO phones are inferior in terms of cameras. However, saying that does not mean that the A60 takes bad photos, but the quality of photos taken from this OPPO phone is still very good, meeting the needs of common users.


It can be seen that in the price range of under 6 million VND, the OPPO A60 phone is offering an option with a trendy, super durable design, a sensitive touch screen even when wet, and a huge battery that charges super fast. However, the camera will be a point that makes users a bit disappointed compared to previous generations of OPPO phones.

This will be a quite suitable choice for young people who need a phone with good battery, meeting daily entertainment and gaming needs at a reasonable price range.

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