Nutrition and food for 1 month old puppies

A puppy’s digestive system is still extremely immature and incomplete. Therefore, nutrition and food for 1-month-old puppies is a concern for many people preparing to raise dogs.

Due to the immature digestive system, weak and immature resistance, raising and taking care of a 1-month-old puppy is not at all easy. So please join us in reading the article below to know what food to feed a 1-month-old puppy includes? What is the nutritional regimen and how to care for a 1 month old puppy?

A puppy's digestive system is still extremely immature and incomplete
A puppy’s digestive system is still extremely immature and incomplete

What should food for a 1 month old puppy include?

– For puppies under 3 weeks: According to veterinary experts’ recommendations, for puppies under 3 weeks, mother’s milk is the best food for them to be healthy and develop comprehensively. The mother dog’s colostrum is rich in antibodies and essential nutrients that will help the puppies grow quickly and healthily.

Therefore, if the mother dog has enough milk, let the puppies under 3 months old be exclusively breastfed. In case the mother dog lacks milk or has no milk, you can use specialized milk products specifically for puppies from reputable brands such as: Bio Milk, Royal canin Babydog milk, Dr.Kyan Predogen, Goat’s Milk New Zealand, Esbilac..

Puppies should be breastfed for the first 3 weeks
Puppies should be breastfed for the first 3 weeks

– For puppies that are 3 weeks old: When puppies are 3 weeks old, you can start giving them solid food to get used to foods other than mother’s milk. Weaning food is mainly simmered porridge, fed about 1-2 meals a day. You can also grind pork and lean beef to cook with porridge for your puppy to eat.

– For 1-month-old puppies: At this stage, the puppy’s digestive system is much more complete and can digest foods other than mother’s milk well, including starch. Therefore, in addition to continuing to give your puppy milk, you can feed your puppy many different foods. Food for 1 month old puppies Must ensure adequate supply of protein, fat, fiber, starch, vitamins and minerals for puppies to develop maximally.

Protein and fat are often found in meat, eggs, and animal organs; Starch is found in rice, porridge, cookies, sweet potatoes, and potatoes; Fiber, vitamins and minerals are abundant in vegetables, tubers and fruits. When preparing food for 1-month-old puppies, you need to cook it well and puree it so that it is easier for the puppy to eat and digest.

The diet for a 1-month-old puppy should be divided into many small meals, eating a little each time to avoid overeating. It is best to feed puppies 4-5 small meals/day, combined with drinking 200ml of warm milk.

Feed your puppies thin porridge when they are 1 month old
Feed your puppies thin porridge when they are 1 month old

What should you not feed a 1 month old puppy?

Food for 1 month old puppies You should stay away from the following foods:

– Do not feed 1-month-old puppies chicken bones or fish bones because they are very susceptible to choking, intestinal perforation, intestinal obstruction and constipation.

– Food that is too hot or too cold, food that is too fatty, too salty, too sweet, smoked meat dishes.

– Raw fish, raw meat and raw eggs contain many bacteria that are harmful to the health of puppies.

– Absolutely do not feed your puppy fast foods such as sausages, sausages… because these foods contain many toxic substances that damage the puppy’s liver.

– Sweet foods, especially candy, cakes, and soft drinks, affect the puppy’s digestive process, in addition to affecting tooth enamel and endangering the puppy’s eyes.

– Do not feed puppies with pork fat because it can easily cause diarrhea.

– Rotten or expired food should not be fed to 1-month-old puppies.

Instructions on how to care for 1 month old puppies

In order for a 1 month old puppy to grow healthily, in addition to choosing 1 month puppy food year old Care is also extremely important. Accordingly, when taking care of puppies, you need to pay special attention to the following issues:

+ Keep the puppy’s living environment warm, you can light a lamp to warm the puppy. Do not expose your puppy to cold, rain, wind, or dust, making them susceptible to illness and death.

+ Keep the puppy’s body temperature stable at about 34.5 – 36 degrees Celsius.

+ Keep the puppy’s living area clean, clean the nest, and change the pads regularly to avoid bacteria that are harmful to the puppy.

+ Do not bathe puppies after birth. Only use a warm, damp cloth to clean. Only bathe puppies when they are 3 months old or older.

+ Fully vaccinate puppies to prevent diseases in dogs.

+ Regular deworming for 1 month old puppies.

Fully vaccinate puppies
Fully vaccinate puppies

* With the information we provide above, we hope you have a better understanding of nutrition and diet Food for 1 month old puppies as well as how to take care of 1 month old puppies. Don’t forget to accompany to gain more useful knowledge about raising pets!

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