Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan: Unique 3D reversing, but a bit expensive!

Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan has a beautiful and sophisticated design, very diverse functions, especially the unique 3D reversing ability. However, the price of the product is also a factor that makes it not a suitable choice for every family.

In the modern era, the need for comfort and convenience in living spaces is increasingly emphasized. Besides high-end air conditioning equipment, room fans also play an important role in bringing coolness and ventilation to the house. In this article, please read along Let’s learn about a special mezzanine fan model of the Mitsubishi brand, model R12A-DA.

1. Mitsubishi R12A-DA design: Modern, sophisticated!

This mezzanine fan model has a very special design, it must even be said that it is unlike any other mezzanine fan or standing fan model ever before. It has a very neat fan body, a thick base and a more square fan cage, very different from the curved fan cage design we often encounter.

Objectively speaking, its appearance easily creates a highlight in the space used, and in any interior style, the Mitsubishi R12A-DA certainly has a ‘place’ in it.

Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan: Unique 3D reversing, but a bit expensive!
Mitsubishi R12A-DA has a sophisticated appearance and modern style (Photo: Mmitsubishi-Electric).

The large fan cage of the R12A-DA has specially designed spiral fan blades to prevent the diffusion of airflow, providing a wider and farther airflow with a range of up to 10 meters according to the manufacturer’s specifications. manufacture.

Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan: Unique 3D reversing, but a bit expensive!
Uniquely designed fan cage (Photo: Mitsubishi-Electric).

Inside the fan cage, it uses a transparent fan blade with 7 blades with a diameter of 30cm. The large number of blades helps the fan create a smoother and more comfortable airflow.

Under the base, we will have a series of function knobs such as On/Off, smart fan On/Off timer, multi-directional air swing and child lock. It also comes with a remote with similar functions, and can be stowed right under the fan when not in use.

Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan: Unique 3D reversing, but a bit expensive!
The control panel is located at the base with many function buttons (Photo: Wind Fan).

Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan: Unique 3D reversing, but a bit expensive!

But, the most interesting point of the Mitsubishi R12A-DA is not in the fan cage or base, although they all have new and unique designs. Instead, the new fan body is really interesting, because it connects the base and fan neck in an assembled fashion. With just a simple operation, we can disassemble this body, then assemble the fan neck with the base to turn into a convenient table fan.

I almost forgot, the maximum height of the Mitsubishi R12A-DA is 102cm, and the lowest is 58cm.

Overall, the appearance of this Mitsubishi mezzanine fan is very unique, innovative but equally convenient. If you are also looking to invest in a device with such a groundbreaking element for your living space, the R12A-DA is worth a look.

2. Mitsubishi R12A-DA engine, power and cooling performance

Mitsubishi mezzanine fans use a DC motor that we often see in popular electric fans, but it uses a bearing motor so it has smoother and quieter rotation performance than brass bearings. Furthermore, the bearing also has very good durability, we do not even need to periodically maintain the fan and still ensure cooling ability. However, no matter what we say, we should still maintain the fan at least once every half a year.

The power level of the R12A-DA is quite low, only 13W, which is far lower than many other fan models, even many table fans and mezzanine fans that are many times cheaper still have a much higher power level than it. much. The wind flow it creates is not much, only 37 m3/minute.

Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan: Unique 3D reversing, but a bit expensive!
The power of the Mitsubishi R12A-DA is not strong, but it is extremely smooth (Photo: Mitsubishi-Electric).

Basically, the advantage of this badger fan model does not lie in its ability to create strong wind, but in its operating ability and uniqueness. In strong wind mode, the noise it creates is only about 30 dB, while in silent mode it is 12dB, we will almost not feel any disturbance.

One of the outstanding features of the Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan is the ability to rotate 180 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. The horizontal rotation ability helps air circulate faster in the room, while the vertical rotation ability eliminates stuffiness and ensures air flow all the way to the floor.

Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan: Unique 3D reversing, but a bit expensive!
The unique and impressive 3D reversing ability of the Mitsubishi R12A-DA (Photo: Mitsubishi-Electric).

When combining both horizontal and vertical rotation, the R12A-DA possesses a 3D reversing feature, helping to distribute the wind evenly and comprehensively in the space. When combined with air conditioning, this feature will provide the most optimal cooling for the room.

Finally, the Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan also has a sleep wind and natural wind mode, helping to create a gentle and pleasant wind flow, suitable for good and comfortable sleep.

3. Conclusion

With a reference price of 6.4 million VND, the Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan is considered one of the extremely unique fan models on the market. Its performance is not too strong, but the absolute quietness and 3D reversing feature make it the perfect choice for the living room, bedroom or office. When used in combination with air conditioning, R12A-DA will provide optimal cooling results for your living space. However, the price is not cheap, so this product may not be suitable for every family.

In general, if what you are looking for in a mezzanine fan is uniqueness and a new experience, then you can consider this product. Mitsubishi has proven its quality and reputation in the field of consumer electronics, and the R12A-DA suspended fan is no exception. And, if your priority is wind efficiency and affordable price, I think we should still look for more popular table fans, mezzanine fans, and standing fans.

Above are the comments of About the Mitsubishi R12A-DA mezzanine fan model. Hopefully with these shares, readers will have a more multi-dimensional view of this product.

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