Me-o cat food review

Having a lot of conflicting information makes cat owners worried about whether Me-o cat food is good? So in this article we will evaluate in detail the quality of Me-o cat food.

Is Me-o cat food safe? Is it good? Is it rich in nutrients? These are issues that cat owners are interested in learning about. Because the daily diet will directly determine the health and development of cats. In the cat food market in Vietnam today, Me-o is a famous cat food brand, but that does not mean that owners do not care to learn more. Is Me-o cat food good? to ensure the safety of your cat’s health. So now let’s see if Me-o cat food is worth choosing for your cat!

Me-O cat food – reputable Thai brand

Me-O cat food is a famous and reputable brand from Thailand. Established in 2001 after nearly 20 years of construction and development, Me-O cat food has gradually asserted its position in the domestic and international markets.

The packaging design of Me-O cat food is extremely prominent in yellow, making it easy for owners to distinguish from other cat food brands on the market.

Me-O cat food originates from Thailand
Me-O cat food originates from Thailand

Classification of Me-O cat food

Me-O cat food includes two main types: dry food and wet food. There are two product lines of dry food: Me-O dry food for kittens (Kitten) and Me-O dry food for adult cats (Adult). The flavor of dry cat food is also quite diverse and rich with seafood, tuna, sea fish…

Me-O cat food also has a product specifically for treating and removing hairballs in the cat’s intestines called Me-O Persian Anti Hairball. In addition, Me-O also produces treats and snacks for cats.

Advantages and disadvantages of Me-O cat food

The assessments of pros and cons below will help you find answers to your questions Is Me-O cat food good??


– Me-O cat food is made from ingredients such as rice, corn, corn protein, soy protein, chicken fat, fish meal, brewer’s yeast, shrimp meal, fish meal digest, taurine, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, squid by-product powder, iodized salt. All of these ingredients have been carefully checked by experts for quality so they are very safe for cats’ health.

– The nutritional ingredients of Me-O cat food are complete and rich, from fat, protein, calcium, fiber, iron, phosphorus, zinc, DHA, Omega 3 and 6, vitamins A, D, B1,2 12… In particular, this ingredient and nutritional content have passed rigorous testing by the US National Research Council (NRC), ensuring cats grow healthy, agile and healthy. mercurial.

– Vitamin A and taurine have a great effect in improving eye functions, supporting vision development for cats with bright, healthy eyes.

– Me-O cat food helps minimize unpleasant odors in cat feces.

– Tartar plaque on cat teeth is also significantly reduced after eating Me-O cat food. This helps cats avoid tooth damage.

– In particular, Me-O cat food does not contain toxic chemicals, genetically modified foods, Gluten, chemical additives, artificial colors and flavors, so it is very safe for your cat’s health.

The nutritional ingredients of Me-O cat food are complete and rich
The nutritional ingredients of Me-O cat food are complete and rich


– Like other dry food brands, Me-O cat food can cause your cat to develop kidney stones and constipation due to its low fiber and water content. However, this drawback is very easy to overcome, you just need to give your cat water regularly and add green vegetables to daily meals.

– The flavor of Me-O food is attractive, so if eaten regularly, cats may be lazy to eat other foods. Therefore, you should feed your cat a mix of fresh foods when you have time to shop and cook.

According to consumer reviews, although Me-O cat food still has a few disadvantages, it is still considered perfect food, of good quality and completely harmless to cats. Therefore, cat owners can safely use Me-O cat food without having to worry about problems. Is Me-O cat food good? again.

Cost of Me-O cat food

According to a market survey, Me-O cat food is currently sold at a reference price of 23,000 VND/350g package. This is considered a fairly affordable price, suitable for cat owners with an average income.

Where to buy genuine Me-O cat food?

In order for cats to stay healthy, food must be safe and of good quality, not containing substances harmful to the cat’s body. Cats’ health will be affected and threatened when you unfortunately buy Me-O cat food that is counterfeit, fake and of unknown origin.

Therefore, choosing a reputable and highly reliable sales address is extremely important to be sure to buy genuine Me-O cat food, 100% imported from Thailand. Besides, you should research and consult cat owners who have experience buying cat food to know where to go to buy genuine and safe Me-O cat food.

You should buy Me-O cat food at large and reputable sales addresses
You should buy Me-O cat food at large and reputable sales addresses

Hopefully with the answers above, you are no longer confused Is Me-O cat food good? and feel secure buying Me-O food for your cat to eat every day. Hope your cat eats well, grows up quickly and is healthy!

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