Malinois dog food group grows fast and is exceptionally intelligent

Nutrition and food for Malinois dogs greatly determine the development of Malinois dogs. Let’s find out what Malinois dogs should eat to grow quickly and be exceptionally intelligent!

How to make the Malinois grow fast, healthy and smart is a question that many people who raise this breed of dog ask. The Malinois dog originates from Belgium and is a sheepdog breed, possessing a tall body, strong personality, loyal and extremely intelligent, so many people choose to raise the Malinois. In Vietnam, many people want to raise a Malinois but are worried about it Malinois dog food What should be included to fully exploit the outstanding advantages of this breed? The article below from will help you solve this problem!

Malinois dogs originate from Belgium
Malinois dogs originate from Belgium

Nutrition for dogs Malinois

Malinois dogs are also carnivores, so their digestive system can digest lipids (fats) and proteins (and proteins) best. That means that two nutrients, lipid and protein, are indispensable in the daily diet of Malinois dogs.

The ratio of lipids and proteins that each Malinois dog needs will depend on their age. To make it easier to understand, let’s take 10% fat and 20% protein as the minimum ratio, this ratio will change depending on the age of the Malinois dog. As follows:

+ For Malinois dogs under 6 months old: Need 3% protein and 2% fat.

+ For dogs 6 years and older: Need 2% protein and 1% fat.

So it can be seen that young Malinois dogs will need to provide higher levels of protein and fat than adult or old Malinois dogs. You need to pay attention to supplementing young Malinois puppies with enough protein and fat so that they can develop fully in the first years of life. In the next section, let’s find out Malinois dog food What should it include?

Young Malinois dogs need to provide higher levels of protein and fat than adult Malinois dogs
Young Malinois dogs need to provide higher levels of protein and fat than adult Malinois dogs

Malinois dog foods should be eaten regularly

– Food group rich in protein and lipids: Beef, chicken, fish, lean pork; beef and pig organs such as intestines, lungs, liver, brain, heart, kidneys; Balut eggs, quail eggs, chicken eggs, regular duck eggs…

– Food group containing starch: Rice flour, rice, cakes, potatoes, cassava, biscuits.

– Food group high in fiber, vitamins and minerals: Cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, collard greens, kale, lettuce, bananas, apples, oranges, watermelon, blueberries, pears, beets , raspberries, strawberries…

Malinois dog food must be rich in protein and fat
Malinois dog food must be rich in protein and fat

For fresh foods, you need to clean and cook them before feeding them to your Malinois dogs. Absolutely do not feed Malinois raw foods that can easily cause diarrhea. Do not feed Malinois dogs the following foods: Onions, garlic, milk and dairy products for humans, bones, chocolate, cakes, candy, soft drinks, wine, beer, avocados, grapes, coffee, foods containing xylitol, flour, baking powder, fruits without seeds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, sausages, smoked meats…

In addition to types Malinois dog food In fresh form, you can also buy dry food to feed your Malinois dog. This type of prepared dog food is very nutritious, especially protein and fat, so many owners prefer it. However, you should choose to buy dry food from famous brands such as Smartheart, Royal Canin, Ganador, Classic Pets, Pedigree, ANF, Fib’s… Especially, when buying dry dog ​​food in Vietnam, you need Choose a reputable sales address to be sure to buy 100% genuine, imported food.

Ganador dry food for Malinois dogs
Ganador dry food for Malinois dogs

Daily ration and food volume of Malinois dogs

+ For Malinois dogs from 2 to 4 months: Feed 500g of food/day, divide food evenly into 4 meals.

+ For Malinois dogs from 5 to 12 months: Feed 700 – 1000g of food/day, divide food evenly into 3 meals.

+ For Malinois dogs over 1 year old: Feed 1.4 kg of food/day, divided into 2 meals: breakfast and dinner.

Notes when eating Malinois dogs

– Malinois dog food in the first year should contain lots of vitamins, minerals and calcium in the first year.

– Feed Malinois about 5-7 eggs/week to keep their fur and skin shiny.

– Clean dishes and water trays of Malinois dogs after each meal.

– You should let your dog go to the toilet and go for a walk after dinner.

– When the Malinois dog shows signs of nausea or illness, the Malinois dog should go to the veterinarian for examination immediately.

Conclusion: So Malinois dog food is no different from other dog breeds. It is important that you make sure your Malinois dog’s daily diet contains two important nutrients: fat and protein. Wishing you have interesting experiences raising a Malinois dog!

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