Maintenance and replacement service for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores

With the goal of bringing customers peace of mind and maximum efficiency when using Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion water purifiers, is proud to introduce professional maintenance and filter replacement services from Kangenvn.

First, let’s learn a little about Trim Ion and Kangen water purifiers.

1. A few words about the Trim Ion and Kangen water purifier brands

1.1. Trim Ion water purifier brand

Trim Ion water purifier is a product of the Japanese iON alkaline water purifier brand Nihon Trim. These products are 100% manufactured at Nihon Trim’s factory and fully comply with ISO 9001 processes for quality management and ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturing. For many years of operation, Nihon Trim has always tried to bring comprehensive water treatment technologies and solutions, contributing to improving everyone’s health.

Trim Ion water purifier is capable of creating 5 – 7 types of water to serve the needs of users. iON alkaline water has a microscopic molecular structure so it absorbs 5 times faster than regular water, increasing metabolism and purifying and detoxifying the body. This water is also rich in natural trace minerals, replenishing electrolytes and promoting the body to absorb nutrients better. In particular, hydrogen in water provides a powerful anti-oxidant, strengthens the immune system and prevents aging.

Maintenance and replacement service for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores
A few words about the Trim Ion and Kangen water purifier brands (photo: kangenvn).

1.2. Kangen water purifier brand

Kangen is a brand of electrolytic water purifiers belonging to Enagic Group, Japan. Since its founding in 1974, this brand has always been a leader in the field of manufacturing alkaline ionized water and electrolyzed water generators. The goal that this brand always aims for is to bring consumers water that helps change their lives based on three basic health foundations: Body health – Mental health – Financial health.

With nearly 50 years of development, Kangen has brought to users water purifiers that meet prestigious international standard certification. This brand aims to bring users alkaline ionized water rich in natural minerals, helping to fight aging and bring comprehensive health.

2. Trim Ion water purifier accessories

2.1. Trim Ion Gracia water purifier filter core

The filter core of the Trim Ion Gracia water purifier has a filtering capacity of 8000 liters, including 3 layers: Calcium Sulfite, Activated Carbon particles and mechanical filter layer. This filter element can remove harmful substances such as lead, chlorine, rust, metals, impurities, dirt and bacteria, while retaining necessary natural minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. .

Inside the filter core are non-woven fibers layered and bonded in a three-dimensional structure, helping to remove large particles before water passes through the micro-carbon layer. Filtered water can be used for many different purposes such as drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning sinks.

Maintenance and replacement service for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores
Trim Ion Hyper water purifier (photo: kangenvn).

2.2. Trim Ion Grace water purifier filter core

Trim Ion Grace water purifier filter core is designed with two modern filter layers including non-woven fabric and micro-carbon. This design quickly absorbs dissolved substances, prevents the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, and removes fine particles. This filter core is capable of removing 17 toxic substances according to Japanese JIS standards. The output water meets standards for direct drinking without boiling, the minerals necessary for the body are still retained.

With a capacity of 12,000 liters, the Trim Ion Grace water purifier filter core can be used for about a year if it filters 27 liters of water per day. Filtered water has a stable pH, is rich in Hydrogen and can contribute to improving user health.

2.3. Trim Ion Neo, Trim Ion Hyper filter mount

Trim Ion Neo and Trim Ion Hyper filter mounts are made of sturdy stainless steel with a maximum weight of 10kg. The rack has a compact design and can accommodate many types of purifiers such as Trim Ion Hyper, Trim Ion Neo and many others. In particular, the bottom of the hanger has a ventilated design, avoiding water stagnation or moisture, the installation area is always dry and clean, improving the durability and efficiency of the device.

2.4. Trim Ion Hyper, Trim Ion Neo filter core

Trim Ion Neo and Trim Ion Hyper water purifier cores have a maximum capacity of up to 8000 liters, including two main parts: electrolysis chamber and fine filter core. This design helps the filter core absorb dissolved substances quickly, preventing the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to their sophisticated structure and advanced technology, Trim Ion Neo and Trim Ion Hyper water filter cores are the ideal choice for families and businesses that want to ensure clean, safe and nutrient-rich water.

3. Leveluk K8/SD501/SD501 super/SD501 Platinum Kangen water purifier accessories

3.1. Water supply faucet for the filter

This water supply faucet has many types, which can meet the user’s needs. Made from super durable plastic that won’t deform even if the position is adjusted many times. The RO faucet is made from 304 stainless steel and has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees, bringing maximum convenience to the user. With this design, you don’t have to worry about wires getting entangled or water dripping from the faucet head. 304 stainless steel material is not only durable but also rust-resistant, the faucet is always shiny and safe for health.

Maintenance and replacement service for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores
Leveluk K8 Kangen water purifier (photo: kangenvn).

3.2. FC1 filter core for purifiers

This is a high-end product specially designed for Kangen K8 and SD501 models. This filter core stands out with the main function of removing chlorine and lead, two harmful components often found in tap water. With the ability to filter up to about 12,000 liters of water, the FC1 filter core provides clean and safe water for a long time. Filter core replacement time ranges from 12 to 24 months, depending on input water quality and daily water use. With the FC1 filter core, users can rest assured about the quality of daily drinking water, effectively protecting family health.

3.3. Stainless steel hanger for filter

This is an accessory for Leveluk K8 and SD501 models. The product has a compact design, can bear a maximum weight of up to 10kg and can be hung on the wall. The hanging rack is made from solid stainless steel so it is not only sturdy but also ensures high safety for users. The bottom of the hanger has a ventilated design so the purifier will always be dry and not affected by moisture.

4. Maintenance and replacement service for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores

Maintenance and replacement service for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores
Maintenance and replacement service for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores (photo: kangenvn).

Kangenvn Company Limited is proud to be one of the leading units in the field of providing water purifier products and accessory Genuine water filter in Vietnam. Kangenvn filter core replacement and maintenance service is highly appreciated not only for its product quality but also for its professionalism and dedication in each step of service.

With a commitment to bringing absolute peace of mind and trust to consumers, Kangenvn always ensures that all products are 100% genuine. Users can be completely assured about the safety and effectiveness of the product when used. Kangenvn’s technician team is well-trained, highly skilled and always ready to support customers quickly and effectively.

Service fee for replacing filter core and toilet, of Kangenvn is very reasonable, only 100,000 VND/time for local customers and 150,000 VND/time for out-of-province customers. This is an affordable price compared to the quality of service the company provides. In addition, the prices of filter cores are also listed clearly and transparently: 2,400,000 VND for SD501 core and 2,500,000 VND for K8 core. Consumers will receive values ​​commensurate with the money they spent.

Customers who use Kangenvn’s services all have positive feedback such as satisfaction with the service attitude of the staff or the professionalism in the way of working. Not only that, all customer questions and requests are answered promptly and satisfactorily by Kangenvn staff.

If you are in need of maintenance and replacement services for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores, please contact Kangenvn immediately to get the best experience.


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