LG T2109NT1G washing machine costs less than 4 million but the quality is unexpectedly good

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LG T2109NT1G washing machine comes from Korea with a super cheap price of only less than 4 million VND but can wash many types of fabrics, including hard-to-wash woolen clothes. To make sure that the product is really worth the money, let’s evaluate the pros and cons of this model with Websosanh.vn right below.

1. Price of LG 9kg T2109NT1G top-load washing machine

With a washing capacity of 9kg, the product is suitable for the needs of the majority of families today with 3-5 members with a compact, space-saving top-load design. Although it comes from the famous Korean brand LG, the price is LG T2109NT1G washing machine It is considered much cheaper than other models with the same washing capacity on the market. Specifically, the genuine listed selling price of LG T2109NT1G is 7,390,000 VND.

However, according to data compiled from Websosanh.vn, the actual selling price of the product at electronics stores is even cheaper than that. With the lowest price of only 4,000,000 VND (price updated until May 28, 2024).

LG T2109NT1G washing machine costs less than 4 million but the quality is unexpectedly good
LG T2109NT1G washing machine (Photo: Cho Lon Electronics)

Meanwhile, the average selling price of 9kg top-load washing machine products currently on the market will range from 5,700,000 – 7,700,000 VND. Overall, the price LG T2109NT1G cheaper from 1.7 – 3.7 million VND. If your family has limited finances but is looking to buy a new washing machine to save time and effort on laundry, you can consider buying and choosing this product.

2. Evaluate the quality of LG 9kg vertical door washing machine T2109NT1G

Besides the attractive price, the LG 9kg T2109NT1G washing machine is also highly appreciated by consumers for its ability to clean, flexibly wash many types of clothes and convenience. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the product from the perspective of an overall assessment of Websosanh.vn compared to other washing machines on the market.

2.1 Simple design, space saving

For families with small areas and tight spaces LG 9kg washing machine T2109NT1G is a sincere choice. The machine has an upper door design with dimensions of 520mm wide, 900mm high and 530mm deep, so it does not take up installation or use space. Not only that, the tempered glass washing machine lid also has a smart power assist function, preventing the machine door from suddenly collapsing due to impact during use. This will protect the user from being crushed or the machine door from being cracked or broken.

However, there is a small limitation that makes the device not highly appreciated for its user friendliness: the control panel only supports English, so it will cause inconvenience for older people and new users.

LG T2109NT1G washing machine costs less than 4 million but the quality is unexpectedly good
LG T2109NT1G washing machine control panel only supports English (Photo: dienmaydonga.com).

2.2 Flexible washing program for many types of clothes

The washing machine has 8 different washing modes built-in, meeting all daily laundry needs in the family such as: regular wash, mixed wash, quick wash, delicate yarn wash, curtains, children’s clothes, laundry. Clean the washing drum, dry the washing drum. Thanks to that, your clothes will be cleaned better without damaging the fabric quality.

A special feature in our washing program LG washing machine 9 kg T2109NT1G vertical drum Compared to most current washing machines, there is a duo of Cleaning – Drying drum modes. Normally other washing machines only have the Drum Cleaning feature, so after cleaning the drum, you have to open the lid of the washing machine to dry the drum naturally. Now, with the above pair of features, it will help clean the washing drum better, minimizing mold and unpleasant odors due to the humid space inside the washing machine.

LG T2109NT1G washing machine costs less than 4 million but the quality is unexpectedly good
Convenient washing drum cleaning feature (Photo: Dien May Cho Lon).

2.3 Features and technology available on LG T2109NT1G washing machine

Compared to other washing machine models on the market, the LG T2109NT1G washing machine does not have many washing technologies, only suitable for normal basic laundry needs or washing large volumes of clothes. However, this will not affect the durability or quality of the fabric after washing for everyday fabrics.

Besides, this device has many other smart utilities to help bring a more convenient usage experience such as:

  • Washing timer: Allows users to flexibly arrange washing time at any time
  • Child lock: Keeps safe for families with young children, ensuring children cannot adjust or change previous settings on their own, affecting the washing process or making them unsafe.
  • Lint filter bag: The filter bag part on the LG T2109NT1G washing machine helps retain lint and dirt on clothes during the washing process. From there, it helps keep clothes clean like new and limits the risk of clogging the washing machine drain pipe.
  • Automatically restarts after power is restored: When there is a sudden power outage, this 9kg LG top-load washing machine will save the cycle and continue to start the previously unfinished process. The device will not have to run the cycle again from the beginning, so it saves time and energy better.

3. Who should buy the LG T2109NT1G washing machine

With a price of just over 4 million VND for a 9kg washing machine product that can be used for the whole family of 3-5 members, LG 9 kg vertical drum washing machine T2109NT1G is an economical choice, worth considering within the range of cheap machines.

With the top door design, the product does not take up space when used, very suitable for families with small, limited home space. In addition, because the product does not have much washing technology, it is only suitable for normal, not too complicated washing needs.

Above are the LG T2109NT1G washing machine review to help you understand more about the quality, price and features of this product. To buy the product at the best price, don’t forget to compare prices before buying at Websosanh.vn to get the best price feedback.

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