LG Inverter washer dryer 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB – versatile but cheap

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LG Inverter 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB washer dryer is a convenient 2-in-1 product from Korea with the ability to wash up to 15kg and dry up to 8kg in the same device. Let’s join Websosanh.vn to verify the actual performance of the product in the following article.

1. Price of LG Inverter washing machine 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB

Genuine selling price at LG’s LG Inverter washer dryer 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB Currently it is 24,990,000 VND. However, in reality, many stores are still distributing this product at a more attractive price, from only 15,000,000 VND (according to price updates from the Websosanh.vn system on June 8, 2024).

Compared to other current washer and dryer products or 15kg washing machine models that only have the washing feature, this price is quite cheap, worthy of long-term investment, especially for busy families and houses in the area. little sunshine or apartment building.

Despite its low price, the quality of the LG Inverter 15kg F2515RTGB washer and dryer is still highly appreciated by many people for its technology, engine and features. Continue reading in part 2 to better understand the impressive equipment of this LG washer and dryer model.

LG Inverter washer dryer 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB - versatile but cheap
LG Inverter 15/8 Kg Washing Dryer F2515RTGB (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

2. Review of LG Inverter 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB washer dryer

2.1 Washability

With a washing capacity of 15kg and drying capacity of 8kg, the LG washing machine with Inverter dryer 15kg F2515RTGB will meet all current laundry needs, even for large families of 7 members or more. Washing machines are equipped with a variety of washing programs that are no less diverse than specialized washing-only products, with up to 12 different modes. Among them, you definitely cannot ignore 4 modes:

  • Download cycle: Allows you to download new washing programs via your smartphone. From there, you can meet all your latest washing needs without having to buy a new washing machine.
  • Fast washing: Takes less than 1 hour to complete the entire washing and drying cycle while still ensuring effective cleaning
  • Difficult-to-wash stains: Removes all types of difficult-to-wash stains on clothes quickly, without wasting much effort and time
  • Anti-allergy washing: Using hot steam to increase the ability to kill bacteria and allergens on clothes that conventional washing methods cannot do. This not only helps protect the health and skin of family members, but also helps reduce wrinkles compared to cold water washing.
LG Inverter washer dryer 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB - versatile but cheap
Washing program of LG Inverter 15kg F2515RTGB washer dryer (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

In addition to the above special washing programs LG Inverter 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB also possesses other useful utilities to help improve user experience such as: Allowing remote monitoring and control of washing machines via phone,…

2.2 Drying ability

The special feature of LG washing machines compared to conventional washing machines is modern drying technology, providing instant drying effect, while also supporting sterilization to keep clothes smelling fresh, even when dry. drying in the sun. So if in a special situation when you need it urgently, you can still wash and dry it for immediate use.

Drying technology applied above LG AI DD Inverter washer dryer 15 kg F2515RTGB It is a condensation dryer, so there is no need to install additional steam pipes that take up space or are not dangerous for homes with young children.

2.3 Ability to save electricity

If you need to buy an energy-saving product, the LG Inverter 15kg F2515RTGB horizontal washer and dryer is not the most optimal choice today. Although it is equipped with a direct drive motor and Inverter technology to help operate smoothly and save electricity, the actual consumption efficiency of the product is up to 21.88 Wh/kg.

This is a fairly high power consumption compared to other machines in the same 14-15kg segment (compared to the Aqua Inverter washing machine 15 kg – drying 10 kg AQD-DH1500G PP only consumes 12.5 Wh/kg or the washing machine AQD-DH1500G PP only consumes 12.5 Wh/kg). drying Samsung Bespoke AI Inverter washing 14 kg – drying 8 kg WD14BB944DGMSV consumes 13.5 Wh/kg)

LG Inverter washer dryer 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB - versatile but cheap
AI DD sensor technology (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

2.4 Design and warranty

LG washing machine products have a design that is both elegant and modern, not picky about the space used, with black and gray as the main color tone. The case is made of powder-coated material that is both sturdy, easy to clean and less dirty. Although it has the same washing volume, the size and weight of the frame 15kg horizontal drum washer dryer LG AI DD LG F2515RTGB More compact than other products of the same weight, so it saves space better and is easier to move when cleaning is needed.

Besides the outstanding advantages of exterior design, LG Inverter washer dryer 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB Still very sophisticated with the following 2 outstanding points:

  • The first is equipped with a direct drive motor that uses artificial intelligence to help control the movement of internal parts more optimally. Minimize noise and vibration even when spinning at high speed, prevent heat generation, and protect components from damage. Thanks to that, the life of the machine will also be increased.
  • Second, the control panel has bilingual English-Vietnamese support that is easy to understand and use, suitable for all users, especially for homes with older people or people using a washing machine for the first time.
LG Inverter washer dryer 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB - versatile but cheap
User-friendly English-Vietnamese control panel (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

When buying and using LG Inverter AI DD washer dryer 15kg + dryer 8kg F2515RTGB You will be guaranteed a long-term genuine warranty policy of up to 10 years for the engine.

3. Who should buy the LG Inverter 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB washer dryer?

General, LG Inverter washing machine 15kg F2515RTGB horizontal cage is a good quality product, capable of washing and drying effectively with many specialized technologies and different modes. With compact design, light weight and smooth operation, the LG Inverter 15kg F2515RTGB washer and dryer will be very suitable for families living in apartments, homes with young children, homes with drying space with little sunlight. . Besides, the specialized drying function in the same product will help the device meet the laundry and quick drying needs of busy people.

However, because the washing machine consumes quite a lot of electricity, if you wash frequently, this is not the optimal choice. On the contrary, if you have the habit of storing large amounts of laundry at once, especially if you have limited finances, the LG Inverter 15kg F2515RTGB horizontal washer and dryer will be a choice worth considering.

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