LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but ‘extremely high quality’

The LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine has been released for 4 years but the price is even higher than some recently launched models. However, the integrated equipment of this front-load washing machine model is of outstanding modern quality.

1. Price of LG washing machine 10.5 kg FV1450S3V

LG washing machine 10.5 kg FV1450S3V Manufactured in 2020 in China, but the price of the product is still not cheap, even higher than some recent models.

Specifically, the genuine listed selling price of the product at LG is currently 15,990,000 VND. Besides, there are also some electronics stores that are distributing at cheaper prices, from only 11,000,000 VND (updated on June 6, 2024 according to data from Websosanh.vn). Thus, although the selling price is cheaper, it is still high when compared to other 10kg front-load washing machines on the market.

LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but
LG FV1450S3V Inverter 10.5 kg washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)
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2. Review features of LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine

Below are the 6 most outstanding advantages of LG Inverter washing machine 10.5 kg FV1450S3V Helps effectively wash clean clothes and brings many conveniences to users:

2.1 Featured with 14 washing programs and especially the download cycle

With a large washing capacity of up to 10.5kg, suitable for families of 4-7 members, this is a very popular family size in Vietnam so it is suitable for many families.

Besides, this LG front-load washing machine has 14 built-in diverse washing programs such as delicates, cotton, sportswear, mixed clothes, hand wash, light wash, quick wash, allergy wash,… so You can use the device to solve the laundry problem for all family members. Especially in the washing program, there is also a Download cycle mode that allows downloading and using LG’s latest programs via smartphone. From there, you will be able to handle all types of shirt fabrics, including the newest types, without having to spend money on replacing a washing machine.

2.2 Smooth operation, no noise

A plus point that helps the LG AI DD 10.5kg FV1450S3V front-load washing machine quickly score points in the eyes of consumers is the integration of a pair of high-end technologies: Direct drive motor using artificial intelligence AI DD and Inverter technology. Thanks to that, the rotation of the washing drum will be better controlled, ensuring the machine always operates smoothly, without strong vibrations.

This is very suitable for busy families, homes with young children and especially apartment dwellers who often wash clothes in the evening so as not to affect surrounding neighbors.

2.3 It is an energy-saving front-load washing machine

In addition to helping the machine operate smoothly, the direct drive + Inverter technology duo also has many meanings and is highly effective in saving electricity by adjusting the compressor rotation. From there, you will spend very little on monthly electricity costs for the product, especially for families who wash a lot or frequently.

Average power consumption efficiency of LG Inverter 10.5 kg FV1450S3V Just about 13.3 Wh/kg, much lower than some other 10.5kg washing machine models such as the Whirlpool OxyCare Inverter 10.5 kg FWMD10502FG which consumes up to 36.5Wh/kg. However, this is not the lowest power consumption on the 10.5kg front-load washing machine today.

2.4 Integrates 4 high-end technologies, not outdated over time

Even though it has been launched for 4 years, LG washing machines are still not outdated thanks to the integration of the following 4 special technologies, helping to improve washing efficiency better.

Automatically optimizes the washing program with AI DD to help clean but still protect clothes

With AI DD technology, this device can automatically determine the volume and material of clothes through smart sensors. From there, propose a washing program and optimize movements to help clean clothes and protect fabric up to 18% better.

LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but
Smart AI DD technology (Photo: Websosanh.vn)
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Anti-bacterial washing, wrinkle-reducing washing with Steam steam technology

LG washing machine FV1450S3V When using Steam hot steam technology, hot air will penetrate deep into clothes to remove allergens and bacteria that are harmful to the skin. Not only that, this heat also helps soften the shirt fabric and effectively reduce wrinkles.

Shorten washing time to less than 1 hour with Turbo Wash

The washing machine will operate with a quick wash and quick rinse mechanism using high pressure water flow. Thereby shortening the washing time for the entire washing and rinsing cycle to less than 1 hour.

LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but
Turbo Wash quick washing technology (Photo: Dien May Xanh)
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Upgrade washing quality to that of washing by hand with 6 Motion DD washing technology

With 6 movements that simulate hand washing operations: Kneading, rubbing, compressing, spinning, beating, and stirring, your clothes will be washed and cared for well like hand washing, minimizing damage and condition. tangles after each wash.

LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but
6 washing motions like hand washing (Photo: Dien may Xanh)
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2.5 Washing capacity can be increased when fitted with TWINWash Mini

Not only is it designed to expand the washing drum but does not change the size to create a larger space for washing clothes better LG washing machine FV1450S3V 10.5kg Can also be combined with a TWINWash mini washing machine to create a double washing machine that allows processing 2 loads of laundry at the same time.

LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but
Expand washing volume when combined with TWINWash mini washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)
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2.6 Smart connection with smartphone

Through the Smart ThinQ application on smartphones, this LG inverter washing machine allows users to monitor the operation of the washing machine. Not only that, this technology can also self-diagnose errors and send notifications to users very conveniently, saving time checking the machine, especially for non-professionals.

3. Evaluate the limitations of the LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine

Besides the outstanding advantages, LG AI DD 10.5kg front load washing machine FV1450S3V There are also limitations. First, the ability to save electricity is good but not the most optimal compared to other front-load washing machine products on the market.

In addition, in fact, some customers responded that the machine is quite noisy when spinning at a high speed of 1400 rpm and has a fairly low chassis design. Below are reviews of customers who have purchased and used LG washing machines compiled by Websosanh.vn.

LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but
Review of LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)
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LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but
Review of LG Inverter 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)
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4. Who should buy the LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine

With a large washing capacity of 10.5kg and many washing programs, good washing ability, the LG 10.5kg FV1450S3V washing machine will be the optimal choice for large families of 4-7 members or small families with needs. Lots of washing, family with young children and busy people. In addition, the product price is also quite affordable, very suitable for people with a fairly average income.

Especially with the impressive durability of LG’s front-load washing machine product lines (verified through many users), the LG FV1450S3V model is also a very suitable choice if families are looking for Look for a durable washing machine for long-term use

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