Learn about SOS shower gel for white-haired cats

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Originating from Taiwan, SOS shower gel is a famous brand for dogs and cats. The white SOS shower gel is designed specifically for cats. Let’s find out if this is the best shower gel for white cats!

White-haired cats attract many people’s attention because of their extremely adorable appearance. However, taking care of their fur to keep it shiny and not discolored or yellow is not simple. Shower gel will be the number one choice that most pet caregivers will think of to care for their fur, making it soft, smooth and strong.

SOS is the name that many pet cat owners are most interested in today. So let’s learn and evaluate this product in more detail to see if it is really suitable and best when used for white-haired cats!

Learn about SOS shower gel for white-haired cats

The product is known for a number of outstanding advantages such as:

  • SOS shower gel for cats is known as a famous brand from Taiwan that is trusted by many pet owners around the world.
  • SOS shower gel has an affordable price, suitable for the economic conditions of many pet owners. Help them have better conditions to take the best care of their pets
  • With the main ingredient in SOS shower gel made from natural ingredients containing protein and vitamin E, it not only provides the best care for cats’ sensitive skin but also helps keep their white fur soft and smooth. stronger. In particular, the product ensures safety and does not cause irritation to cats when used.
  • Unlike many other shower gel lines, SOS cat shower gel has many types suitable for each type of pet and the characteristics of each type. The white SOS shower gel is specifically for white-haired cats, helping the cat’s white fur stay soft and smooth and keep its bright white color from yellowing and fading.
  • Besides, SOS shower gel for white cats also helps protect the skin, kill bacteria and support the treatment of skin and scabies. Helps cats’ skin stay healthy and reduces hair loss, causing discomfort for owners.
  • SOS shower gel for white-haired cats also has the ability to deodorize and leave a gentle scent that can last up to 10 days.
SOS shower gel for white cats
SOS shower gel for white-haired cats

Should I use SOS shower gel for white cats?

As a famous and reputable brand in the world, you can be completely assured when choosing SOS shower gel for your cat. With the above mentioned advantages, SOS shower gel has a white color suitable for white-haired cats, so it will definitely bring you many of the benefits you desire. Therefore, it can be said that SOS shower gel is a pretty good choice for lovely white cats.

However, you also need to see if your cat is having any skin problems? For example, if your cat has mange or is seriously attacked by ticks and lice, then SOS shower gel will no longer be suitable for your cat. At this point, you will first need to find a special cat shower gel to get rid of the condition your cat is experiencing.

There are many types of SOS shower gel for you to choose from
There are many types of SOS shower gel for you to choose from

How to use SOS shower gel for white-haired cats

To be highly effective during use, you need to know how to use SOS shower gel for cats correctly. Below are detailed instructions for you on how to use SOS shower gel for white-haired cats.

Use warm water to wet your cat’s fur. Be careful not to use cold water to bathe your cat. Not only will it make them susceptible to colds, but it will also make them scared every time they take a bath. After wetting the cat’s fur with warm water, use a moderate amount of SOS shower gel in your hand and rub it all over the cat’s body to create foam.

Next, use your hands to rub all over the body or use a wide-tooth comb before rubbing by hand, for about 5-10 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the cat’s fur, then use warm clean water to wash away the foam. on the whole body. Use your hands to gently stroke the whole body to remove water from the hair. Wipe with an absorbent cat towel.

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