Kitten food: What should and should not be eaten?

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What should and should not be eaten when kittens enter the weaning stage? If you also have the same question, please read the information we are about to share below.

Why is it necessary to choose suitable food for kittens?

Even though you care for and feed your kittens very carefully, they are still susceptible to vomiting. The cause of this condition may be due to: when the kitten first started weaning, but you fed it too much, while the kitten’s digestive system is not yet stable, it cannot digest much food at the same time, causing sugar to form. intestines full. And bringing food back up and vomiting out is the body’s response to help the digestive system not be overloaded.

Besides, changing food frequently also causes the cat’s digestive system to not be able to get used to it in time. Food that is not fully cooked can also cause your kitten to vomit after eating it. Food that is too big and not soft enough can also cause kittens to choke and vomit.

kitten food
Kittens that eat inappropriate food can easily vomit
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Types of food kittens should eat

When they are 1 month old, kittens will enter the weaning stage to get used to foods other than milk. If you are new to raising kittens, you can apply the formula to calculate the amount of food for kittens according to the following ratio: Each kilogram of cat weight requires 40-50 grams of food. The ratio of substances is as follows: 50% animal meat + 20% starch + 20% green vegetables.

If you don’t have much time to cook for your children, Sen can practice feeding your cat kitten food granules month by month. The nutritional content of these seeds has been calculated by the manufacturer to suit each age and stage of development of the kitten, so there is no need to worry about over- or under-nutrition.

If you have time to cook for kittens, some good kitten foods you should use are:

+ Aquatic products: Fish and shrimp are favorite foods of cats. If you feed your cat fish, you need to be careful to remove the bones to avoid choking. Shrimp also need to be peeled because shrimp shells contain benzoic acid, which is not good for kittens’ health.

+ Types of meat: All kinds of meat and poultry Sen can buy for kittens such as chicken, beef, pork, etc. However, Sen should only feed cats lean meat because fatty meat is not good for their digestion and cardiovascular system. cat.

+ Poultry eggs: Chicken, duck, quail, goose, and geese eggs provide a rich source of protein and rich calcium that is good for the bone system. Every week you can feed your cat 2 fruits by boiling them. With eggshells, Sen can crush them and then add them with rice or kitten food to provide enough calcium needed for the baby.

+ Vegetables: Every day kittens need to absorb 10-15 grams of vegetables. The Sen can cook vegetables with porridge or mix with rice or food and then eat them. Some vegetables and fruits that are good for kittens include: spinach, carrots, green beans, etc.

kitten food
Some foods are good for kittens
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Foods for kittens should be avoided

Kittens’ digestive systems are not yet complete and healthy enough, so besides the good foods that should be eaten, there are still some foods that need to be avoided. Specifically:

+ Do not eat ready-made dog food: Because each food product is calculated with different nutritional content to suit each pet’s physical condition.

+ Do not drink human milk: Because human milk has not decomposed lactose, it will cause difficulty in absorbing and diarrhea in cats.

+ Don’t just feed your cat one food, you should diversify your cat’s food to avoid boredom.

+ Do not feed kittens raw fish because this food contains thiaminase which can destroy vitamin B1.

+ Avoid consuming drinks containing caffeine such as chocolate, tea, and coffee because they are not good for the cardiovascular system and nervous system, causing vomiting and diarrhea in cats.

+ Kittens should also not eat macadamia nuts. These nuts contain substances that can cause their bodies to weaken, tremble, become unsteady, and even cause death.

+ Kittens also need to abstain from eating garlic and onions because they contain a lot of thiosulfate, which can damage red blood cells and cause anemia.

+ Some fruits that kittens should not eat are: grapes and raisins because they contain some bad elements that affect the cat’s kidneys; Avocados contain pepsin, which causes difficulty breathing and pulmonary edema.

+ You should limit feeding your cat raw or uncooked food because it contains many disease-causing bacteria.

kitten food
Kittens should also not eat macadamia nuts. These nuts contain substances that can cause their bodies to weaken, muscle tremors, unsteadiness, and even death.
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Be careful when feeding kittens

When feeding kittens, you need to pay attention to making soft food for your kitten to help make digestion easier. You should diversify and change dishes regularly to avoid your cat losing its appetite.

Besides, you should not force your cat to eat too much, causing the stomach to overload. Let the kitten eat according to his ability to have more interest in eating. Hopefully with the information we provide above, you can more easily choose food for your cat!

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