Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan: Cools the air, purifies the space!

1. Fashionable design, durable

Karofi KAC H132R air conditioning fan is not only an essential product in the hot summer but also a highlight for your living space. With compact design and elegant colors, this cooling fan model easily coordinates with many different types of interiors, from living rooms to bedrooms or offices.

Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan: Cools the air, purifies the space!
Karofi KAC H132R air conditioning fan has an elegant design, suitable for family spaces, and can be used in any room space (Photo: Karofi).

The parts on the fan are made from ABS plastic, which is durable and has a long lifespan, with good heat resistance, so there will be no unpleasant odors caused by the plastic under the heat of the engine. The plastic surface is covered with elegant white paint, high color fastness, and easy to clean.

The touch control unit is located at the top of the fan, with many function buttons marked for easy familiarization and operation. And right on the front, it has a fairly large LED screen that displays the room temperature based on the built-in smart sensor. Based on measured parameters, the AUTO FAN function will automatically adjust the function to best suit the environment. This is an extremely unique feature that not all air coolers have.

Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan: Cools the air, purifies the space!
Smart technology automatically adjusts wind speed and cooling mode (Photo: Karofi).

For more convenience when using indoors, we have a remote control that comes with the fan. The function buttons on the remote are similar to those on the main control panel.

2. Strong capacity

Karofi KAC H132R air conditioning fan is equipped with a strong capacity of up to 135W, capable of generating wind up to 1325 m3/hour, ensuring optimal cooling performance for every space. However, the fan’s water tank capacity is relatively modest to better suit the family style, only 15.5 liters. However, we still have a relatively good usage time and do not have to change the water too many times a day.

Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan: Cools the air, purifies the space!
Strong capacity, cools the space (Photo: Karofi).

Although the capacity of the cooler is quite high, the fan operates very smoothly, the noise level is just under 60dB and does not affect your family’s space or sleep at all.

Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan: Cools the air, purifies the space!
Quiet with minimal noise, does not affect sleep (Photo: Karofi).

Karofi KAC H132R’s 2-way left and right air swing mode helps distribute cool air evenly throughout the space, meeting diverse usage needs. Instead of focusing on just one direction, this fan creates a continuous and even airflow, providing an overall cool feeling for everyone in the room.

With impressive capacity and air flow, Karofi KAC H132R not only helps cool the space quickly but also effectively reduces the temperature, creating a comfortable and refreshing environment for users.

3. Other functions and utilities

3.1. Nano Silver filter

Besides the main function of cooling, Karofi KAC H132R also serves the function of an air purifier when equipped with an advanced Nano Silver filter capable of removing up to 99.98% of dust and mold in the air. air. It will thoroughly improve air quality to protect the health of each family member.

Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan: Cools the air, purifies the space!
Nano silver filtration technology improves the quality of living space (Photo: Karofi).

This feature is also especially aimed at people who have problems with allergies or respiratory diseases. With cleaner air, the risk of disease recurrence will also be minimized.

3.2. Production of negative ions

In addition to the air filtration function, the Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan also has negative ion generation technology to remove pollution molecules in the air such as bacteria, viruses, fine dust or unpleasant odors, cleaning the air. air effectively.

Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan: Cools the air, purifies the space!
Creating negative ions removes pollutants in the air (Photo: Karofi).

When combined with the Nano silver filter, Karofi KAC H132R will promote the power of an air purifier as effective as specialized equipment, creating a more comfortable and relaxing feeling for each member of the family. family. That is also the reason why this negative ion generation technology is also known by another beautiful name, ‘vitamin of the air’.

3.3. Protects internal devices

Thanks to the optimal filtering ability of the Nani Silver filter, dirt and coarse dust in the air cannot reach the cooling plate. Thanks to that, this cooling pad can fully utilize its water absorbing and retaining effect without generating unpleasant odors, keeping the space inside the machine always clean.

4. Conclusion

With a reference price of 4.4 million VND, Karofi KAC H132R is currently one of the most high-quality, popular and trusted home air conditioning fan models today.

Comparing the cooling ability, the Karofi KAC H132R cannot lower the maximum room temperature like an air conditioner, but once you use this air cooler, its comfort and ease will definitely increase. is something that air conditioning cannot create.

And, not only does it bring cool breezes, Karofi KAC H132R also helps improve indoor air quality, protecting the health of you and your loved ones without causing any discomfort or inconvenience. in use. Everything is so perfect.

Overall, if you are looking for a quality air conditioning fan in all aspects, Karofi KAC H132R should be the top name you need to refer to.

Hopefully the information in the article has helped you better understand the Karofi KAC H132R air conditioner fan and choose the most suitable product for yourself.

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