Is smartheart dog food good?

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Is smartheart dog food good? is a concern of many pet owners. Join to find the answer to this question through the article below.

The Vietnamese market has many types of prepared foods specifically for dog owners. That’s why it’s even more difficult for dogs to choose the best and suitable food for their dog boss. Smartheart is a world-famous dog food brand, but many people still wonder if smartheart dog food is good?

Smartheart dog food
Smartheart dog food

Origin and origin of Smartheart food brand

Smartheart is a brand of prepared dog food of Perfect Companion Company (Thailand). This is a leading company in the field of pet food business and production in Thailand. The company’s products have received many international certifications for quality and safety.

In 2010, Perfect Companion Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established and is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. Then quickly opened a branch in Hanoi with the desire to bring quality products to consumers in Vietnam.

What types of SmartHeart dog food include?

SmartHeart dog food includes adult dog food and small dog food. This classification will help meet the maximum nutritional needs of dogs at different stages of development and ages.

In particular, food for small dogs often has high energy sources and a protein content as high as 30% to help dogs develop maximum muscles and bones. Food for adult dogs provides complete nutritional ingredients for them to develop comprehensive muscles, create more muscle, increase resistance, strengthen the immune system and help keep their fur shiny.

Smartheart food for small dogs
Smartheart food for small dogs

Nutritional composition of SmartHeart dog food

To know if smartheart dog food is good?, let’s find out what ingredients SmartHeart dog food contains. The main ingredients in SmartHeart dog food include:

+ Colin and DHA help develop the brain.

+ Phosphorus and calcium are good for bones and teeth.

+ Selenium has the effect of increasing resistance and immune system.

+ Fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 nourish and soften hair.

+ Vitamins and minerals help the digestive system stay healthy to best digest and absorb nutrients.

All of the above nutritional ingredients are essential for the development of dog bosses. However, experts and manufacturers will balance the nutritional content to suit each breed of dog at different ages, health conditions and stages of development. Therefore, you can feel completely secure when feeding your dog boss SmartHeart food.

SmartHeart food contains all the necessary nutrients
SmartHeart food contains all the necessary nutrients

Is Smartheart dog food good?

SmartHeart dog food has the following advantages and disadvantages:


– Nutritional content is carefully calculated to suit each dog breed at each age, so dogs do not need to worry about how much food to feed their dog boss. Just take the amount of food recommended by the manufacturer and your dog will have a nutritious meal.

– High vitamin and protein content helps improve cardiovascular health.

– Don’t waste time preparing food for your dog boss every day.

– Easy to store, convenient, easy to carry when taking your dog boss out.

– Helps limit intestinal diseases in dogs such as infectious diseases, worms, and tapeworms.

– Reduces the odor of feces, making the living environment of lotus and family cleaner.

– Reasonable price, suitable for the economic conditions of many different pet owners.


– The fiber and water content in SmartHeart food is low. Therefore, if not fed properly, the dog can suffer from constipation and kidney stones.

– Need to add more water and green vegetables for dog bosses in their daily meals.

– Eating dry food regularly can cause your boss to get used to the taste, leading to not wanting to eat other foods.

SmartHeart food provides adequate nutrition to help dogs develop comprehensively
SmartHeart food provides adequate nutrition to help dogs develop comprehensively

Where should I buy SmartHeart dog food?

Whether SmartHeart dog food is good or not depends on the address where you buy it. Currently, there are many stores and units selling SmartHeart dog food, but not all of them sell genuine and quality products.

Therefore, you need to buy SmartHeart food at large and reputable units and stores in the market. Avoid buying fake, counterfeit, or poor quality goods that affect the health of dog owners.

With the information and analysis above, you have surely found the answer to the question: Is SmartHeart dog food good? Don’t forget to accompany to gain more useful pet-raising knowledge!

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