Is minino yum cat food good?

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Minino yum cat food is a dry food that many people love and choose for their king. So is this a good product? Let’s see why you should choose minino yum cat food!

Anyone who raises a pet at home is concerned about the pet’s nutrition and health. Therefore, choosing dry food that ensures good quality and is suitable for hard animals is something you need to know when raising pets.

Therefore, if you own a lovely cat, bIt is completely understandable to be concerned about the quality and safety of prepared cat foods. Because in the current market, products are sold mixed between real and fake. If the Emperor is unfortunate enough to eat food of poor quality, his health will certainly be seriously affected.

Although there are many brands of dry cat food sold on the market today. But this article will only mention one type of cat food from the Minino Yum brand, which is being chosen by many cat owners as their daily cat food. Let’s see why the product was chosen by the lotus for their king.

Is Minino Yum cat food good?

Minino Yum food brand is a famous French cat food brand. After many years of construction and development, Minino Yum cat food has been trusted and chosen by millions of pet owners around the world because of its good quality. both ensure safety. Although there has been a change in brand, the quality of Minino Yum cat food has not changed at all.

Minino Yum cat food products are very diverse, ranging from popular to high-end segments, so they are suitable for many different pet owners. Even pet owners with low income can still buy Minino Yum food for their pet cats to enjoy. This is an advantage that not every cat food brand has.

Minino Yum cat food has seafood flavor so His Majesty is very excited about this food. The nutritional ingredients of Minino Yum food include: Rice; Wheat products; Poultry meal; Soy flour; Fish oil; Fish meal; Taurine; Poultry fat; Minerals (copper, Selenium, Iron, Iodine, Manganese, Zinc); Calcium; Vitamins (A, D3, K3, B2, B6, B12, B1, E); Folic acid; Sodium Disulfate; Biotin; Choline; Palatants; Monocalcium Phosphate; Yucca Schidigera Extract; Antioxidants.

The nutritional content of Blisk cat food is as follows: 30% Protein; 10% fat; 5% roving: 12% moisture.

Minino Yum cat food What benefits does it bring to the king?

  • The content of fiber, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals helps the Emperors develop comprehensively.
  • Omega 3,6 helps keep your cat’s fur and skin soft and smooth.
  • Taurine helps the Emperor’s eyes stay bright and healthy and improves vision.
  • Calcium, Yucca and Vitamin D help your cat’s bones and teeth stay healthy and develop optimally.
  • Fiber and vitamins help improve the digestive system, increase resistance and immune system.
  • Limit the risk of cats suffering from intestinal diseases, better protecting the digestive system.
  • Natural fiber and cassava ingredients help make His Majesty’s stool firm and minimize odor.

This is considered a good quality product, meeting the nutritional needs of cats. Therefore, Minino Yum cat food will be a good choice for cats to help their cats grow healthy and adorable.

Minino Yum cat foodMinino Yum food has enough fiber, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals

Instructions on how to feed your cat Minino Yum food

The lotus can feed the Emperor the amount of food appropriate to his body weight. As follows:

– Cats weighing 1 – 2kg: Should be fed 15 – 35g of Minino Yum food/day.

– Cats weighing 2 – 3kg: Should be fed 35-50g of Minino Yum food/day.

– Cats weighing 3-4kg: Should be fed 50 – 65g of Minino Yum food/day.

– Cats weighing 4 -5kg: Should be fed 65 -85g of Minino Yum food/day.

The amount of food for each cat depends on its weight
The amount of food for each cat depends on its weight

A few notes when feeding your cat Minino Yum food

When feeding the Emperor Minino Yum cat foodyou need to pay attention to the following issues:

+ It is necessary for the Emperor to drink more water to avoid constipation, digestive diseases and kidney stones. The reason is that Minino Yum food has quite low fiber and water content.

+ The amount of food needs to be flexibly adjusted according to His Majesty’s weight, physical condition and activity level.

+ For those who are new to Minino Yum food, they should feed it slowly a little at a time to get used to it, avoiding the situation of not being able to absorb the food leading to digestive disorders.

+ Occasionally, Hoang should be fed fresh home-cooked food to avoid the situation of only getting used to eating Minino Yum food.

+ Store Minino Yum food in a cool place, avoid storing it in areas with high temperatures that can easily damage food.

Don't forget to give your cat more water to avoid constipation, digestive diseases and kidney stones
Don’t forget to give your cat more water to avoid constipation, digestive diseases and kidney stones

* Above is detailed information about Minino Yum cat food. Hopefully with the information we shared above, you will understand more about Minino Yum food and feel secure in using this product.

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