Is Ganador dog food good to use?

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There are many questions and concerns about the quality and price of the Ganador dog food brand. If you are having the same question, this article is for you!

The position of dogs today has changed a lot. From animals raised only for the purpose of guarding the house, dogs are now chosen by many families to be kept as pets and family treasures. From care, toileting, clothing, vaccination or food selection, farmers are also carefully researched. In particular, the issue of dog food is of special concern to dog owners with the desire for their pet dog to develop best. There are many brands of dry dog ​​food, but in this article let us evaluate them Ganador dog food is it good? Is it worth using?

Origin and origin of Ganador dog food

Ganador dog food is a brand originating from France. Previously, Ganador dog food in Vietnam was imported directly from France. But now this brand has a factory in Vietnam, so finding and buying Ganador dog food in Vietnam is extremely easy.

Ganador is a dog food brand with more than 60 years of prestige and experience, loved and chosen to buy by many pet owners around the world. A team of experienced and skilled experts understands what dogs want to eat and what nutrients they need to grow.

Ganador dog food is a brand originating from France
Ganador dog food is a brand originating from France

What types of Ganador dog food include?

Dog’s food Ganador includes 2 main types:

– Ganador Puppy: Food for puppies when they are 3-4 months old or older.

– Ganador Adult: Food for adult dogs, 10 months or older.

Is Ganador dog food good?

In the next part, let’s review it Ganador dog food is it good. We will review Ganador Puppy small dog food and Ganador Adult adult dog food separately.

1. Ganador Puppy puppy food:

Newborn puppies should be fed exclusively mother’s milk because their digestive system is not yet complete. But when they are about 3-4 months old, you should feed your puppy additional foods in addition to mother’s milk such as Ganador Puppy prepared dry food. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Ganador Puppy food is made from completely natural ingredients such as wheat, rice, poultry meal, fatty poultry, soybean meal and minerals, so it is absolutely safe.

Ganador Puppy food for puppies has high milk and DHA content so puppies can adapt quickly to new food and provide enough nutrients for puppies to grow well and healthily.

High DHA in Ganador Puppy food helps maximize bone development, helping dogs become stronger and stronger. Besides, the brain supplemented with DHA also helps dogs become smarter and more agile. DHA is an extremely important and necessary nutrient for dogs in their first years of life.

When feeding your puppies Ganador Puppy dry food, you should soak the food in water for about 1-2 minutes to soften the food, making it easier for the puppies to eat and digest.

Ganador Puppy puppy food
Ganador Puppy puppy food

2. Ganador Adult dog food:

Ganador dog food Adult for dogs 10 months and older has nutritional content and ingredients that are completely different from Ganador Puppy puppy food. The reason is that adult dogs are often more active, run faster and more developed.

Ganador Adult food for adult dogs has the following nutritional content: crude fiber 6%, crude protein content 21%, maximum moisture 12%, crude fat 10%, wheat, poultry fat, rice, lamb, vitamins A, B1, D3, K3, poultry meal, etc. The perfect combination of these nutritional ingredients will help adult dogs be provided with enough energy for maximum development.

In particular, both Ganador Adult and Ganador Puppy dog ​​food do not use preservatives, artificial flavors, additives or any toxic chemicals that are harmful to the health of dogs.

Ganador Adult food for adult dogs
Ganador Adult food for adult dogs

How much does Ganador dog food cost?

– Ganador Puppy puppy food 3kg: 180,000 VND.

– Ganador Adult adult dog food, 20kg bag: 885,000 VND.

– Ganador Puppy milk and DHA puppy food: 23,500 VND.

– Ganador Puppy puppy food, 15kg bag: 85,000 VND.

Hope the information we share about Ganador dog food The above will be helpful for you in choosing dog food!

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