Is Fitmin dog food good?

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This article will provide you with a lot of useful information about Fitmin dog food before you decide whether to choose this food brand or not.

Fitmin dog food is popular around the world, including Vietnam because the main ingredient of the food is fresh meat with high humidity up to 70%. Let’s see Fitmin dog food is it good? Is it expensive? in the next part of the article!

Fitmin dog food originates from the Czech Republic
Fitmin dog food originates from the Czech Republic

Origin and origin of Fitmin dog food

Fitmin dog food is a famous brand of the Czech Republic founded in 1990. After many years of construction and development, Fitmin dog food is widely available in all countries around the world, in That includes Vietnam.

Fitmin products are recommended by experts due to their high quality and safety. Every year, Fitmin dog food provides millions of meals for dogs and cats around the world.

Classification of Fitmin dog food

Fitmin dog food includes the following types:

– Fitmin food for small dogs (about 13kg): Fitmin For Life Puppy all breeds, Min Senior, Mini Light, Mini Maintenance, Mini Puppy.

– Fitmin food for average dogs (weighing 13-25kg): Fitmin Medium Senior, Medium Maintenance, Medium Puppy…

– Fitmin food for large dogs (weighing 35kg or more: Maxi Puppy, Fitmin For Life, Maxi Junior.

Besides, Fitmin also produces treats and pate for dogs.

Fitmin dog food comes in many different types
Fitmin dog food comes in many different types

Advantages of Fitmin dog food

Fitmin dog food has nutritional content suitable for each stage of development of dogs. At each stage and age, dogs will have different needs, ways of absorbing nutrition and frequency of activities. Therefore, Fitmin’s nutrition experts have perfectly combined fresh meats, nutritional ingredients and flavors to suit puppies, old dogs and adult dogs.

– The ingredients used to produce Fitmin dog food are from fresh meats such as beef, rabbit, sheep, chicken, pork, potatoes, salmon… to help provide enough energy and nutrients for dogs. grow healthily.

– Nutritional ingredients of protein, fat, Omega 3, 6, DHA, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, vitamins and minerals… have the following effects: providing energy, physical and muscle development, taking care of the body. cares for and nourishes hair and skin; Strengthens the immune system, supports the digestive system to function better; Enhances vision for clear eyes; increase resistance, protect the body from negative effects from the external environment; for strong bones and teeth…

– All Fitmin dog foods are produced on modern technological lines, meeting ISO 9001:2008 standards, certified by IFS organization… Therefore, you can be completely assured. when your dog eats Fitmin food.

– The flavor of Fitmin dog food is quite diverse and rich, allowing you to constantly change the taste for your pet dog.

Fitmin dog food Does not contain Gluten allergens, does not use additives, chemical flavors and toxic substances.

– The taste of Fitmin food is completely natural, extremely delicious and attractive.

Rich nutritional content helps dogs grow healthily
Rich nutritional content helps dogs grow healthily

Cost of Fitmin dog food

  • Fitmin for life Adult dog food: 910,000 VND/15kg.
  • Fitmin Medium Performance adult dog food: 263,000 VND/3kg.
  • Fitmin For Life dog food: 950,000 VND/15kg.
  • Fitmin For life Adult dog food: 190,000 VND.
  • Fitmin food for dogs from 5-18 months: 272,000 VND
  • Fitmin food for adult dogs of all breeds: 950,000 VND/15kg.

Reputable address to buy Fitmin dog food

In Vietnam, there are many stores selling Fitmin dog food, but not all of them are reputable and highly reliable. To avoid buying counterfeit and fake Fitmin dog food, you should choose large, well-known and reputable sales addresses. Here you will receive dedicated advice from our staff to choose the most suitable product for your dog.

* Surely when you read this, you already know Fitmin dog food is it good? Is Fitmin dog food worth buying? Make wise decisions so your dog can have nutritious and delicious meals!

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