Is Fay 5-star cat shower gel good?

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The information and objective reviews below will help you find the most accurate answer to the question: Is Fay 5-star cat shower gel good?

Besides SOS, Bio Care, Perfect Coat, Trixie, Joyce & Dolls… shower gel, Fay 5-star shower gel is also trusted by many to choose to bathe their pet cats. Before buying this type of shower gel, many people have the same question: Fay cat shower gel Is 5 stars really good and effective? Let’s find out this issue with right here!

Origin and origin of 5-star Fay cat shower gel

Fay 5 shower gel is the shower gel brand of Hoang Anh Company – a company specializing in researching and manufacturing fur and skin care products for pets. Established in 1999, after 20 years of construction and development, the Company has increasingly affirmed its position, name and brand in the market.

It can be said that these are a few genuine “made in Vietnam” shower gel brands. When it comes to being manufactured in Vietnam, many people will certainly be skeptical about the quality of this product. But you can be completely assured, Fay shower gel has been tested by reputable organizations for its effectiveness and safety on pets.

Fay shower gel is produced in Vietnam
Fay cat shower gel is produced in Vietnam

Ingredients of Fay 5-star cat shower gel

Ingredients included Fay cat shower gel 5 stars, very safe for cats’ health. There are 2 main activities including:

– Lanolin: This is an oil taken from sheep’s wool. This oil helps maintain moisture, care for and protect cat hair and skin to stay healthy, soft and shiny.

– Panthenol: Panthenol is a metabolite of vitamin B5. This substance is effective in supporting the treatment of dermatitis in cats; Effective anti-irritation and inflammation.

Uses of Fay 5-star cat shower gel

In addition to skin care, anti-irritation, and dermatitis treatment, Fay 5-star cat shower gel also has many other effects such as:

+ Eliminates odors on cat skin and fur extremely effectively. This is because Fay shower gel contains citrus essential oils, so the gentle fragrance will stay on your cats’ bodies for up to 10 days.

+ Extremely strong ability to kill ticks, lice, lice, and fleas, helping cats have the healthiest fur and skin. At the same time, it effectively prevents them from coming back.

+ Supports the treatment of skin diseases such as folliculitis and psoriasis.

+ Cleans dirt and plaque on fur and skin.

+ Reduces dry skin, provides moisture to restore soft skin.

Fay shower gel has the effect of nourishing the skin, deodorizing and killing mites and lice
Fay shower gel has the effect of nourishing the skin, deodorizing and killing mites and lice

Should I use Fay cat shower gel?

With the above effects and benefits, you can see Fay cat shower gel 5 stars is a product that helps care for cats comprehensively from skin to fur. Not only does it help cats stay clean and fragrant, Fay shower gel also has the ability to prevent diseases on fur and skin extremely effectively.

In particular, because it does not contain chemicals or toxic ingredients, Fay shower gel is very safe and benign. Using Fay shower gel for your cat, you won’t have to worry about the shower gel causing any irritation or rashes. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about whether you should use Fay shower gel or not? Or is Fay shower gel good? again.

Although the quality is not inferior to imported shower gels, Fay 5-star shower gel for cats is quite cheap: 50,000 VND/200ml bottle; 65,000 VND/300ml bottle and 130,000 VND/800ml bottle.

Fay shower gel is safe for your cat's skin
Fay shower gel is safe for your cat’s skin

Where should I buy Fay shower gel to ensure quality?

Fay 5-star shower gel is currently sold at many stores and pet goods stores. However, to ensure you buy genuine and quality Fay shower gel, you should go to reputable and reputable stores and units in the market. In particular, that store must be trusted by many pet owners to buy pet products, including Fay shower gel.

Absolutely do not buy Fay shower gel at small, untrustworthy stores. When shopping here, the risk of buying fake, counterfeit, or poor quality goods is very high. Bathing your cat with poor quality shower gel can seriously affect your cat’s health, skin and fur.

Hopefully with the information we shared above, you will have a better understanding Fay cat shower gel 5 stars and feel secure using the product for your pet cat.

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