Is Catsrang cat food good to use?

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In recent years, Catsrang cat food has begun to become more known. But there are still many people who are hesitant and hesitant about whether Catsrang cat food is really good or not?

Catsrang cat food is not a familiar and long-standing brand in the Vietnamese market like Me-o, Royal Canin or Whiskas… But with its quality, Catsrang cat food is increasingly popular with the pet community. In Vietnam, it is popular and trusted. Let’s learn more about it with Catsrang cat food in the next part of the article!

Origin and origin of Catsrang cat food

Catsrang is also a food brand originating from Korea. As you all know, Korea is a country that owns many famous and famous dog and cat food brands on the market. This also partly speaks to the quality and safety of Catsrang cat food.

Not only produced on a modern technological line system, Catsrang cat food is also made from clean and safe natural ingredients, ensuring a full supply of necessary nutrients for cats. healthy, smart and in the best shape.

Catsrang cat food is suitable for cat breeds of different ages and stages of development. Therefore, you need to carefully read the instructions on the packaging to choose the Catsrang food that best suits your cat’s age.

Catsrang cat food
Catsrang cat food

Ingredients and nutritional content of Catsrang food

Catsrang cat food Made from natural ingredients and ingredients such as: salmon meal, chicken meal, sugar beet, cornstarch, starch, yeast, flaxseed, yucca extract…

The nutritional content of Catsrang cat food is extremely abundant: 31% protein, 12% fat, 3.5% fiber and less than 10% moisture.

The nutritional content of Catsrang cat food is extremely abundant
The nutritional content of Catsrang cat food is extremely rich

Advantages and disadvantages of Catsrang cat food


– The ingredients used to produce Catsrang cat food are completely natural, so they are very safe and benign, not harmful to the health of cats.

– Absolutely does not contain antibiotics, genetically modified foods, artificial flavors, chemical additives, colorants… so it is absolutely safe for cats.

– Taurine and vitamin A help support maximum vision development, keeping cats’ eyes bright and healthy.

– Essential vitamins and nutrients help strengthen the immune system.

– Skin and hair care; Preventing night blindness in cats.

– Removes hairballs in the stomach; Stimulates hair to grow faster and smoother.

– The size of food particles is moderate so you don’t have to worry about kittens choking when eating. Especially for older cats with weak teeth and jaws, Catsrang food is easier to chew.

Catsrang cat food Easy to digest, cats will have solid stools and odor will also decrease.

Moderate particle size, easy to chew and swallow
Moderate particle size, easy to chew and swallow


+ Low fiber content so cats often get constipated. Therefore, it is necessary to add green vegetables to your cat’s daily diet.

+ Lower moisture content compared to other cat food brands. Cats are susceptible to kidney stones if they eat continuously for a long time. This is also a disadvantage of other dry cat food brands. However, just giving your cat water to drink continuously can overcome this drawback.

+ The calcium content in Catsrang food is quite modest, only about 0.8%, while the protein content is as high as 31%. If you do not control the portion and amount of food, cats can easily get too much protein.

Cost of Catsrang cat food

  • Food for adult cats Catsrang 1kg: 80,000 VND.
  • Cat food Catsrang 5kg: 400,000 VND
  • Kitten food Catsrang 1kg: 59,000 VND.
  • Cat food Catsrang 0.4kg: 50,000 VND.
  • Cat food Catsrang 2kg: 246,000 VND.
  • Cat food Catsrang 1.5kg: 195,000 VND.
Catsrang cat food 5kg
Catsrang cat food 5kg

Conclude: From the above analysis, you can make your own judgment Catsrang cat food Is it good to use? According to objective assessments, Catsrang food has quite good quality plus an affordable price, making it a perfect choice when you have an average income. Although it is not the highest quality, most premium cat food, Catsrang food is still worth choosing for your cat.

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