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If you are wondering what is the best food for Husky dogs, please read our article immediately.

Husky is the most durable and strong sled dog breed, originating from Russia. There is a fact that many owners worry that Husky dogs eat very little so they often become skinny. So Husky dog ​​food What should they include so that they are not too skinny and also not obese or overweight? The article below will reveal to you how to choose food for Husky dogs!

Husky is the most durable and strong sled dog breed, originating from Russia
Husky is the most durable and strong sled dog breed, originating from Russia

Nutrition for Husky dogs

Whether eating fresh food or prepared dry food, the nutritional content of Husky dog ​​food must still ensure adequate ingredients, fat, protein, fiber, calcium, starch, vitamins and minerals. mineral.

For 8-month-old Husky dogs, they need to supplement 2% fat and 3% protein in their total daily diet. Husky dogs from 8 to 12 months need to provide 1% fat and 2% protein. For adult Husky dogs, it is necessary to provide 3% fat and 4% protein to develop muscles…

The best fresh foods for Husky dogs

Fresh food provides nutrients that Husky dogs need specifically as follows:

– Protein and fat: Found in beef, chicken, lean pork, duck meat; animal organs such as heart, kidney, liver, brain, lungs, intestines; All kinds of eggs, Husky especially loves to eat duck eggs. Every week you can feed your adult Husky 3 duck eggs.

– Starch: Has the effect of supplementing and providing energy for Husky dogs to have enough strength to work all day long. Starch is abundant in bread, biscuits, porridge, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes… However, because the Husky dog’s digestive system does not digest starch well, Husky dog ​​food rich in starch, need to be fed little by little and mixed with other foods.

– Fiber, minerals and vitamins: Vegetables and fruits are foods that provide extremely abundant fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, Husky dogs are not interested in this food group, so the only way is to mix chopped vegetables with rice and meat and feed them. Eating lots of foods containing fiber, vitamins and minerals will have a very good effect in increasing resistance, digestive system, strengthening immunity and limiting constipation.

Fresh food for Husky dogs
Fresh food for Husky dogs

When preparing fresh food for Husky dogs, you need to keep in mind the following issues:

+ Do not feed Husky dogs raw food because it can cause intestinal diseases and diarrhea, which is very dangerous.

+ Change the food regularly so that the Husky dog ​​does not get bored.

+ Do not feed your Husky dog ​​rancid food. This breed will not eat if the food smells rancid.

+ Limit feeding your Husky dog ​​a lot of fatty meat, starch, and fat because it is very susceptible to intestinal diseases.

Prepared Husky dog ​​food

In case you don’t have time to cook fresh food for your Husky dog, you don’t need to worry too much. Because there are currently many types of prepared dog foods on the market. These foods have many types with diverse and rich nutritional ingredients. The only thing you need to do is research and choose a prepared food product suitable for the age of the Husky dog ​​you are raising.

Husky dog ​​food There are two main lines of processed food: dry food and wet food. Among them, dry food is chosen the most by farmers because it is both convenient and clean. Wet food is less commonly used because it is difficult to preserve and can only last about 1-3 days after opening the can.

Currently on the dog food market there are many unbranded products with no clear origin. These foods often contain many non-nutritive fillers and toxic substances that are harmful to the health of dogs. When feeding, you can see that the Husky dog ​​still eats but is skinny and weak due to lack of nutrients. Therefore, choosing prepared dog food from reputable brands will be more secure.

You should choose some brands trusted by the pet owner community around the world such as Royal Canin, Morando, Fitmin, ANF, Brit Care, Iskhan… to ensure your Husky dog ​​has delicious meals. The mouth is rich in nutrients.

Fitmin dry dog ​​food
Fitmin dry dog ​​food

Diet for Husky dogs according to age

– For Husky dogs from 1 to 2 months old: You should feed 4-5 meals a day.

– For Husky dogs from 3 to 6 months old: You should feed 3 meals a day, and increase the amount of food in each meal.

– For Husky dogs from 6 months old: Should be fed 2 meals/day and increase the amount of food at each meal.

* Husky dogs are not picky eaters so it’s up to you to choose Husky dog ​​food Not too fussy either. Husky dog ​​food is also easy to buy at markets and supermarkets. Hopefully after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of nutrition as well as good foods for Husky dogs.

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