How to choose food for Japanese dogs according to age

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Choosing suitable and nutritious Japanese dog food is the concern of many Japanese dog owners today. Therefore, will have an article sharing with you how to choose suitable food for Japanese dogs according to each age right below. Please see now in the article below!

Because they are picky eaters and have poor digestive systems, when raising Japanese dogs, they need to pay special attention to their bosses’ nutrition and diet so that it is nutritious and scientific. With a small weight and body, the amount of food consumed each day by the Japanese dog boss is not much.

The most important thing in the boss’s diet is that they must pay special attention to choosing the right food. Besides, Japanese dogs can only eat soft and wet food, so if they are fed pre-processed dry food, they need to be soaked in water to soften the food before feeding them to the dogs.

Currently on the market there are many types of prepared dog food sold at pet stores and supermarkets. To ensure safety, you should buy ready-made dog food products from reputable and famous brands such as Royal Canin, Smartheart, Pedigree, Ganador, Classic Pets…

Below is how to choose suitable food for Japanese dogs according to each age:

Food for Japanese dogs from 1 to 2 months

+ In addition to mother’s milk, you can feed your Japanese puppies soft and thin foods such as porridge.

+ To supplement nutrition, the lotus should mince pork, chicken or beef and then cook it with porridge for the bosses to eat.

+ You can also feed the baby Japanese dog boss dry food. But you need to soak the dry food until it’s soft or you can crush it until it’s crushed before feeding it to the boss.

+ Give baby Japanese dogs milk at night to supplement calcium and protein, helping them grow faster and stronger.

+ At this age, you should feed your small Japanese dog boss 4-5 meals, a little each meal. Absolutely do not feed the bosses too much at once because the digestive system of the Japanese dog boss is still incomplete and very weak.

Japanese dog food
Food for Japanese dogs from 1 to 2 months
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Food for Japanese dogs from 3 to 6 months

+ At this age, the Japanese dog’s digestive system is more complete so it can digest thicker foods. Therefore, you can feed your boss thick porridge and soft rice.

+ Lean beef, chicken, and pork also do not need to be minced, but should still be cooked until tender.

+ The lotus can also stew bones and then use the water to cook porridge or add it to rice for the Japanese dog boss to eat. Bone water helps supplement calcium and protein, which is very good for the health and development of Japanese dogs.

+ Japanese dog food during this period, in addition to meat and rice, can be fed to the boss with grains, vegetables, and fruits to provide vitamins, minerals, starch, and fiber. In particular, carrots and pumpkins contain a lot of vitamin A, which helps Japanese puppies increase their resistance and have bright eyes. Cereals have abundant vitamin B1 content to help stimulate digestion so that Japanese dogs can eat more deliciously.

+ Absolutely do not let Japanese dog bosses eat bones during this period, ladies. Because hard bones can have a negative impact on the digestive system and intestines of Japanese dogs. All dishes for the Japanese dog boss must be both soft and moist.

+ At this age, you should feed your Japanese dog boss 3 meals a day and practice the habit of feeding on time.

+ At this time, the boss has started to get used to dry dog ​​food. The product will provide rich nutrition and bring convenience to customers.

Dry food for Japanese dogs
Japanese dogs from 3 to 6 months can start using dry food
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Food for Japanese dogs over 6 months

+ As Japanese dogs grow older, their nutritional needs for protein, lipids, calcium, vitamins and minerals also increase. Food for Japanese dogs at this time is still the same food as when they were 3 to 6 months old, but the amount of food will have to increase. However, you need to pay special attention to the fact that food for Japanese dogs, no matter what age, must be very soft and wet.

+ At this stage, you can feed your Japanese dog bosses duck eggs, chicken eggs, and balut eggs to provide vitamins B1, D and other nutrients to help them develop comprehensively. Every week, remember to feed your boss 2-3 fruits.

+ The number of meals a Japanese dog eats at 6 months should also be reduced to 2-3 meals/day. Because Japanese dog bosses can now eat larger amounts of food, they no longer need to feed their bosses many small meals.

Japanese dogs should be fed eggs regularly
Every week, remember to feed your boss 2-3 fruits
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* Above are the experiences of choosing Japanese dog food that many people apply very effectively. I hope you have interesting experiences in your journey of caring for and nurturing your Japanese dog boss.

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