Handbook on Phu Quoc dog food for new owners

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In order for Phu Quoc dogs to have a beautiful and standard body, building a nutritional regimen and choosing food for Phu Quoc dogs from an early age is extremely important.

As you all know, the Phu Quoc dog is a dog breed originating from Phu Quoc island in Kien Giang province of Vietnam. This dog breed is famous for its rarity and is loved by many people to keep in their homes because it is agile, intelligent, and extremely loyal and affectionate. Those who have just started raising Phu Quoc dogs should understand and know a lot about nutrition as well Phu Quoc dog food Then please refer to our article below.

Many people choose to raise Phu Quoc dogs because they are very agile and intelligent
Many people choose to raise Phu Quoc dogs because they are very agile and intelligent

Nutritional regimen for Phu Quoc dogs

Like other dog breeds, Phu Quoc dogs need to provide enough nutrients such as fat, protein, starch, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

However, that is not the reason why you feed Phu Quoc dogs a lot and supplement them with lots of protein and fat. The digestive system and intestinal tract of Phu Quoc dogs are not the same as humans. If they eat too much protein and fat, they will be at risk of developing very dangerous intestinal diseases. If not detected and treated promptly, the Phu Quoc dog will lose weight quickly, accompanied by fever, vomiting, diarrhea and eventually death.

Many people who are new to raising Phu Quoc dogs make this mistake because they do not research carefully. Think that the more you feed Phu Quoc dogs, the healthier and better they will grow. But the result is completely opposite, eating too much can harm the health and life of the Phu Quoc dog.

You should not feed Phu Quoc dogs too much
You should not feed Phu Quoc dogs too much

So what should Phu Quoc dog food include?

Although a rare breed, Phu Quoc dogs eat very simply and are not picky eaters like other imported dog breeds. Phu Quoc dog food It doesn’t have to be nutritious or too expensive, but the more natural it is, the better. The reason for this is because Phu Quoc dogs live on a wild island, so eating natural food has become their instinct.

Phu Quoc dogs can eat insects, small animals, roots, vegetables and fruits that they find themselves. This breed also has a hobby of chewing on the ground, so the natural disease resistance of the Phu Quoc dog is very high. When sick, Phu Quoc dogs can find good food to cure themselves.

That said, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention to the diet of Phu Quoc dogs. You still need to feed Phu Quoc dogs the right type of food and a scientific diet. These Phu Quoc dog food The best include:

– Meat, animal organs, seafood, fish, eggs to supplement protein, fat, iron, calcium that the Phu Quoc dog’s body needs to provide.

– Fresh vegetables, tubers and fruits to provide vitamins, micronutrients and essential minerals.

– Foods rich in starch such as rice, porridge, potatoes, and cassava to provide energy.

– Give Phu Quoc dogs water to prevent constipation and digest food better.

Phu Quoc dog food is as natural as possible
Phu Quoc dog food is as natural as possible

In addition to fresh food, you can also buy dry dog ​​food from some reputable brands such as Pro-Pet, Smartheart, Ganador, Junior, Iskhan… to change the taste of Phu Quoc dogs.

How much should Phu Quoc dogs eat?

+ For Phu Quoc dogs under 2 months old: Phu Quoc dogs can be weaned from mother’s milk after 1 month. At this time, you should start getting your Phu Quoc dog used to thin porridge or thoroughly cooked rice. Avoid feeding Phu Quoc puppies fishy foods or fatty or greasy meat. Every day you should feed your Phu Quoc dog many small meals, about 4-5 meals.

+ For Phu Quoc dogs from 2 to 6 months: Phu Quoc dog food This stage can eat harder foods than the previous stage. The number of meals per day is 3-4.

+ For Phu Quoc dogs over 6 months: This is the strongest stage of development for Phu Quoc dogs. Phu Quoc dogs over 6 months old have matured, their digestive system is also more complete so they can eat many different types of food. You should feed Phu Quoc dogs fully to provide the nutrients that Phu Quoc dogs’ bodies need for maximum development. The number of meals per day is 2-3.

Good experience for you when raising Phu Quoc dogs

– Fully vaccinated Phu Quoc dogs.

– Keep Phu Quoc dogs in a clean, airy place with lots of sunlight.

– Bathe Phu Quoc dogs regularly.

– Deworm every 6 months to eliminate helminths and gastrointestinal diseases.

– Do not feed Phu Quoc dogs too much food or too much food.

– Do not let Phu Quoc dogs eat leftover food, spoiled food, or expired food.

– Do not chain Phu Quoc dogs often because they will become more aggressive.

Do not chain Phu Quoc dogs often because they will become more aggressive
Do not chain Phu Quoc dogs often because they will become more aggressive

* Above is information about nutrition and diet Phu Quoc dog food. Hopefully after reading this article, you will have more useful knowledge to care for and nurture Phu Quoc dogs to grow healthily. Good luck!

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