Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch K-55S30: Potential ‘heir’!

As the generation to replace the X80L series in 2023, Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch K-55S30 of the Bravia 3 2024 series promises to also be the top choice in the popular price segment.

Recently, Sony launched the Bravia 3 TV product line in the new popular segment. Among them, the 55-inch Sony 4K Google TV model K-55S30 has received a lot of attention from consumers, because this is the 2024 version of the Sony KD-55X80L model, and the X80L series once received the award ‘Popular TV’. best information’ at the Tech Awards 2023 event.

If readers are also interested in this 55-inch Sony TV model, let’s join to find out what is similar and different from last year’s version.

1. Design review of Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch K-55S30

Overall, the appearance design of the Sony K-55S30 does not have too many differences compared to last year’s generation. It still retains Sony’s traditional design features, summed up with the words ‘elegant’ and ‘luxurious’.

The border around the screen is still thin, creating a modern and minimalist feel. The back is also the same, still has square patterns to create accents and a flat appearance so it can be neatly placed close to the wall. The thickness of the K-55S30 is 7.2 cm, similar to the KD-55X80L.

The module cluster is located on the left (when viewed directly) with all the necessary connection ports. Even when hanging the TV on the wall, we can still easily access these ports and connect them to the device we need.

The most noticeable difference in design lies in the base. While the X80L series uses a straight T-shaped stand, the K-55S30 has a traditional upside-down V-shaped stand. Sony has calculated to make the difference in design, but the distance between the bottom edge of the screen and the table top of the two lines is approximately the same, the X80L is 7.2cm, the K-55S30 is 7.4cm.

In general, in terms of overall design, Sony does not apply too many changes between these two lines, the stand details just make it easier for us to distinguish between them. Next, we will learn about display quality.

2. Display quality and image technology of Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch K-55S30

Comparing the correlation parameters, it can be simply seen that this year’s Bravia 3 line with the 2023 X80L line has not changed too much.

Regarding imaging technology, the K-55S30 still uses the X1 4K HDR image processor and 4K X-Reality Pro technology. These are two image processing technologies that have been proven to bring excellent performance on the X80L line. Thanks to them, the display quality of the X80L is completely superior to that of other brands. .

In terms of imaging technology, the K-55S30 uses the same X1 4K HDR image processor and 4K X-Reality Pro technology as the KD-55X80L. These are two image processing technologies that have proven their effectiveness on Sony’s 4K TV lines.

Other technologies such as Triluminos Pro, Motionflow XR 200, Auto Low Lantency Mode (ALLM) and HDR content support (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision) are similar. All of the technologies that contributed to the success of last year’s X80L series still appear on the Sony K-55S30 this year.

However, compared to the previous generation, the K-55S30 lacks an XR Motion Clarity feature. This may partially affect the TV’s ability to handle fast-moving content.

In short, basically, the image quality that the K-55S30 brings will not be much different from the KD-55X80L model. From sharpness, color, contrast to smooth motion processing, the K-55S30 all meets high quality requirements for a popular TV. But in more detail, the X80L will be a bit superior because with XR Motion Clarity, it will give better visual performance when playing games.

3. Sound quality of Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch K-55S30

For a popular priced TV, the sound system is not particularly important, because most brands focus mainly on display quality. Therefore in this aspect, the K-55S30 and KD-55X80L do not have any differences.

They are all equipped with a 2.0 full-range speaker system applying X-Balanced design technology, with a total capacity of 20W with a volume loud enough for daily experience. Although not too impressive, the sound is clear enough, and well balanced for watching movies, listening to music, and playing games.

Besides the basic 2-channel speaker system, the K-55S30 is also equipped with expanded audio technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS Digital Surround. However, it no longer uses S-Force Front Surround technology.

Many people may think that this is a ‘retrograde’ by Sony, but in reality, for low-power sound systems, whether or not surround technology is not too important. Because TV speakers cannot create a clear enveloping effect unless there is an accompanying multi-channel sound system. Therefore, if you already plan to buy a soundbar, or already have an existing sound system, it’s the same with or without S-Force Front Surround.

4. Operating system

Google TV is currently the most popular operating system today, it has both the familiarity of the Android platform and a smart user interface, tailored to each user’s usage habits. The application store is also rich, from entertainment applications to learning applications, watching movies, listening to music, reading newspapers, playing games, we can install more to use according to our personal needs. Expand the experience of using this 55 inch TV more effectively.

Of course, there will be no shortage of voice control capabilities via Google Assistant. It will help us save time for data entry, very convenient and fast. In addition, the K-55S30 also has AirPlay 2 and Chromecast to project content from mobile devices to the screen. These are all basic features of a popular segment TV.

5. Conclusion

After comparing the parameters one by one, it can be temporarily said that the Google TV Sony 4K 55 inch K-55S30 is 99% similar to the Sony KD-X80KL model, only differing in a few small factors and according to Those factors are not enough to create a performance gap between these two TV lines. In other words, if the X80L series ever received the ‘Best Popular TV’ award, then this year’s Bravia 3 series is definitely also on the ‘seed’ list of this award.

However, it must be said that because all aspects are the same, for those who own the X80L series, upgrading to Bravia 3 may not bring much new value. If you are using a completely different TV line, looking for a brand new TV in the popular segment, the Sony K-55S30 promises to be a good choice with a reference price of about 16.1 million. copper.

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