Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B: So attractive with good sound and vibrant colors!

Sharp display with accurate colors thanks to Quantum Dot technology combined with superior sound at its price range with a separate subwoofer, Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B is the most classy entertainment device you can buy. Found for under 10 million VND.

In the first half of 2024, the television market is showing increasingly fierce competition among leading brands. While the big guys still maintain their role in providing products with the best display quality and the most advanced technology, but the price also makes many families worry, smaller companies like TCL are still diligently providing Providing good products at more affordable prices. For example, this Google TV model QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B here.

Accordingly, this TV model is positioned in the popular price segment, 55 inches in size, suitable for almost all needs. The main factor that makes it stand out is that it is equipped with quantum dot technology so that a cheap TV can have a higher average brightness and display 100% of the color range.

With the same ability, the QLED TV model Samsung QA55Q65D will cost about 17.9 million VND. while TCL 55C69B is only about 9.6 million VND. So, with such a far price gap, what will the display quality of the 55-inch QLED TV model from TCL be like? Let’s find out with

1. TCL 55C69B design: Minimalist, luxurious!

In the past few years, the designs of most smart TVs have been quite similar. They all use thin bezel designs and thin inner bezels to both optimize display space and bring high aesthetics. than for television. If we just look at it from the front, it is difficult to judge which TV model has the better overall appearance.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B: So attractive with good sound and vibrant colors!
Modern design, perfect quality commensurate with price (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

TCL 55C69B is a typical example. If you place this TV next to the rival Samsung QA55Q65D, just looking from the front, it is difficult to say which model will be more beautiful or high-end, even their stand elements have the same glossy exterior. although the materials are different (TCL is alloy, Samsung is metal).

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B: So attractive with good sound and vibrant colors!
Looking from the front, the TCL 55C69B is not inferior to more expensive models in terms of aesthetics (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Only when compared from an angle do the disadvantages of the TCL 55C69B become completely apparent. Its size is about 6.3cm thick, compared to previous years, it can be considered thin, but at the present time, this thickness is only considered average, even compared to the main body. Samsung’s competitor is only 2.6cm, so it is considered too thick.

But anyway, those are just relative comparisons, and do not say that TCL 55C69B is of poor quality. You have to know that after all, it is positioned in the popular price segment, so obviously all resources will be devoted to the display aspect, design elements are secondary, just make sure it looks beautiful when displayed. Looking at it from the front is fine.

2. Display quality of TCL 55C69B: Too good for a TV under 10 million VND!

According to the manufacturer, TCL 55C69B uses quantum dot technology, which improves color accuracy and brightness, creating more vivid and realistic images. The maximum brightness that the screen can reach is about 450 nits, 25% more than conventional LED screens, and the contrast ratio between light and dark color arrays according to ANSI standards is about 5000 times. In the affordable price range, these parameters are considered very good, fully ensuring our daily experience.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B: So attractive with good sound and vibrant colors!
The TCL 55C69B’s ability to reproduce content is surprisingly good (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

This TV also supports 4K HDR Pro, ensuring sharp and colorful HDR picture quality. It supports HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision formats. If you have a hobby of watching movies on Netflix or similar high-quality digital movie platforms, the TCL 55C69B is flexible enough for this.

In terms of color, due to the use of quantum dot filters, this 55-inch TCL TV certainly reaches 100% of the sRGB color range, displaying extremely bright and accurate content. In addition, it is also guaranteed to meet 95% of the DCI-P3 cinematic color standard to combine with HDR content to deliver more accurate, realistic movie colors.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B: So attractive with good sound and vibrant colors!
The displayed color range is highly accurate and vibrant (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

In addition, the TV also has MEMC technology that helps reduce motion blur and tearing, ensuring smooth images in fast-moving scenes, useful for sports and action movies. And, it is also equipped with many eye care technologies, including low blue light and flicker-free features, which help reduce fatigue when we watch TV for too long.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B: So attractive with good sound and vibrant colors!
MEMC technology reduces motion blur (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Overall, under the price of 10 million VND, the display quality of TCL 55C69B is extremely worth considering. The ability to display wide and accurate colors will help us enjoy everyday content with greater vividness and realism, creating more excitement every time we turn on the TV.

3. Sound quality: Surprisingly impressive!

We thought that TCL 55C69B only scored points in display ability, but surprisingly, the Chinese brand also brings us another joy in the sound aspect. That is, it has an additional subwoofer on the back.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B: So attractive with good sound and vibrant colors!
TCL 55C69B surprises with an ultra-bass speaker on the back (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Normally, popular TV models like this only have 2 speakers in the front with an average capacity of 20W, the sound quality is basically enough to hear clearly. And because of limited speaker configuration and insufficient capacity, audio technologies equipped with TVs such as multi-dimensional space simulation cannot take full advantage, even when enabled. Didn’t feel too big of a difference either.

But if there is an additional subwoofer, it will be different. With a capacity of 15W, it can create a much deeper and more powerful sound, listen to music with more intense bass, and surround effects will also be a bit clearer. Although it still does not reach the same level as a standard multi-channel system, if you use the TV in a room space of about 25m2 or less, you definitely will not need to install additional external speakers.

4. Operating system

TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B QLED TV uses the Google TV operating system, the easiest and most convenient to use today. It has the most diverse app store so we can access all kinds of entertainment content easily. In addition, the TV also has a built-in microphone and virtual assistant Google Assistant that supports Vietnamese, so we can ask the 55C69B to check the weather situation, open any application, increase or decrease the volume, change channels… in any way. Absolutely hands-free without the need for a remote.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B: So attractive with good sound and vibrant colors!
Google’s operating system is friendly to all types of users (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Some other basic TV features such as sharing content from your phone to the big screen, video calling via the Google Duo application (must purchase additional device) are also available for those who need it.

5. Conclusion

With a selling price of 9.6 million VND, Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B is truly a remarkable bargain this year. It is no longer a popular 55-inch TV model for watching television but has become an attractive entertainment device in the price range of less than 10 million VND that any family should consider owning.

Beautiful display quality, outstandingly powerful sound for the money, plus smart voice control capabilities, the disadvantages of the low-cost product line for the TCL 55C69B no longer make too much sense. If you are really considering a TV model with good audio and visual quality at an affordable price, then Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C69B must be your top priority.

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