Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655: A valuable choice in the mid-range segment!

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655 is the top TV model in the mid-range segment of the Chinese brand. It has a 4K display with Quantum Dot technology that provides vibrant, vivid color display.

1. TCL 55C655 design: Modern, neat style!

In terms of design, TCL 55C655 possesses a simple but modern and sophisticated appearance. The thin screen border, along with the high-quality plastic shell, creates a neat and elegant image. This TCL TV will harmonize with most modern interior spaces.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655: A valuable choice in the mid-range segment!
Modern, luxurious style (Photo: TCL).

Although it’s mostly plastic, the build quality of this 55-inch TV is quite impressive. The details are meticulously machined, with no signs of cracks or gaps. When pressing on the camera body, the amount of vibration is also at an acceptable level, showing sturdiness and solidity.

With a thickness of only about 7 cm, the TCL 55C655 is easily installed on the wall thanks to the standard VESA 200 x 300 mount. However, if you want to place the TV on a table, the stand is also sturdy enough to keep the screen stable. .

2. Image quality of TCL 55C655: Sharp, impressive brightness!

With 4K resolution and HDR display capabilities, the TCL 55C655 delivers sharp and detailed images. Quantum Dot technology helps expand the color space, allowing the TV to display more vibrant and vivid colors than traditional LED TVs. It has DCI-P3 color coverage of an impressive 95%.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655: A valuable choice in the mid-range segment!
TCL 55C655 has impressive color coverage, reproducing content realistically (Photo: TCL).

Due to the use of a VA LCD panel, the TV will have a good black background, but the viewing angle is narrow. It uses Direct LED backlighting, although there is no local dimming but overall brightness uniformity is good.

Thanks to modern image processing technology, TCL 55C655 can upgrade image quality from low-resolution sources to 4K smoothly and effectively. Noise and artifact effects are also significantly reduced, providing a smoother movie watching and gaming experience. It also supports all HDR formats: HDR10, HLG, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655: A valuable choice in the mid-range segment!
Advanced AiPQ processor upgrades input quality from multiple dimensions (Photo: TCL).

In terms of drawbacks, the most obvious is the maximum brightness. This 55-inch TV model has a brightness of only about 460 nits at 10% of the screen range, and the mode is the same. If you want to enjoy HDR content, it’s best to customize the dark mode, as it will provide very accurate gray scale reproduction, and equally excellent tone mapping.

3. Sound quality of TCL 55C655: Diverse experience!

TCL 55C655 is equipped with a 2.1-channel speaker system, with 2 speakers on both sides with a capacity of 10W each and a rear subwoofer with a capacity of 15W. In addition, it also supports Dolby Audio virtual surround sound, and is calibrated by Onkyo. Overall, the sound quality of the 55C655 is much more impressive than other TVs in the same price range, its bass performance is more impressive, providing a better quality virtual surround effect.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655: A valuable choice in the mid-range segment!
Impressive multi-dimensional sound with subwoofer (Photo: TCL).

Besides, this 55-inch TV also provides many different sound modes such as Movies, Music, News, so we can customize it to suit the content we are watching. It’s a pity that it doesn’t have automatic customization technology, because usually ordinary users aren’t too interested in changing the sound configuration.

4. Connection port

Google TV TCL 55C655 is fully equipped with necessary connection ports, including 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, optical port, LAN port and Wi-Fi connection. With these ports, you can easily connect to many different devices such as game consoles, 4K players, external speakers, hard drives, etc.

5. Smart operating system and features

This 55-inch TCL TV runs on the Android TV platform, providing a friendly and easy-to-use interface experience. You can access popular applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video,… as well as the Google Play app store to download many other useful applications.

With the built-in virtual assistant Google Assistant, you can easily control your TV with your voice. You can search for content, adjust the volume, open apps, and even control other smart devices in your home just by speaking.

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655: A valuable choice in the mid-range segment!
Google TV operating system supports voice control and search (Photo: TCL).

The remote that comes with the TCL 55C655 has a simple design with basic function keys such as power, volume, channel switching and shortcuts for common applications. Ergonomic design makes controlling the TV easy and convenient.

If you don’t want to use a traditional remote, you can also connect peripheral devices such as Bluetooth headphones or wireless speakers to experience sound without complicated cables.

6. Conclusion

Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655 is a notable TV in the mid-range segment, with a reasonable price but delivering impressive picture and sound quality. With Quantum Dot technology, sharp 4K HDR screen, high contrast and sophisticated image processing capabilities, this 55-inch TV provides a great entertainment experience for users.

Not only that, the integration of Android TV operating system and virtual assistant Google Assistant also helps enhance smart features and ease of control for users. With a modern design, good build quality and flexible connectivity, the TCL 55C655 is worth considering if you are looking for a new TV for your family.


Above is’s review of the Google TV QLED TCL 4K 55 inch 55C655, hopefully the above information will help you better understand this product. If you are looking for a TV with good picture and sound quality, smart features and modern design, the TCL 55C655 may be the right choice. Its price is also very affordable for the majority of families, from only 9.8 million VND.

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