Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 Inch 85C855: Classy display on the big screen!

Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 Inch 85C855 promises to bring a revolution in the Mini LED TV segment. It offers high image quality, groundbreaking features, and impressive performance at an extremely affordable price compared to the big guys.

1. Design and sound quality of TCL C855 Mini LED

TCL C855 Mini LED has a luxurious and modern appearance. The screen is surrounded by a thin bezel, creating a minimalist and sophisticated feel. The base is firmly designed, helping the large-screen TV stand firmly and stably on all surfaces, large and small. Elegant black color and elegant lines create a harmonious and classy overall look.

Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 Inch 85C855: Classy display on the big screen!
Modern, luxurious design (Photo: TCL).

Regarding connectivity, this TV line is equipped with two HDMI 2.1 ports, supporting data transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps. It allows us to connect and transmit 4K images with a high refresh rate of up to 144HZ, perfect for ultimate gaming and movie watching experiences. Besides, the TV also has HDMI 2.0, USB, Ethernet and Optical ports, meeting users’ diverse connection needs.

Included with this 85-inch TV is a reworked remote control. Its appearance is somewhat more modern than TCL’s old remote models, quite comfortable to hold, and has quick access buttons for Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime applications.

Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 Inch 85C855: Classy display on the big screen!
Impressive, powerful sound, no need for external speakers (Photo: TCL).

Regarding sound quality, TCL 85C855 Mini LED has a 2.2.2 speaker system integrated with Dolby Atmos technology, and calibrated by Onkyo. The speakers are arranged both on the top and the back, giving the TV the ability to create multi-dimensional surround sound, providing a vivid and realistic sound experience. The 60W speaker capacity is very impressive, powerful enough to meet basic entertainment needs, even a bit more advanced when used in a home space.

2. Google TV: Upgrade your entertainment experience!

The Google TV operating system integrated on the TCL 85C855 Mini LED provides a friendly and easy-to-use user interface. We can easily access popular entertainment applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Youtube, and more.

The highlight of the TV is its memory capacity of up to 64GB. With this spacious storage space, we can freely download and install many of our favorite applications and experience TV in our own way.

In addition, this operating system will be periodically updated and upgraded, helping to improve the user experience and bring new features, meeting increasing user needs.

3. Image quality of TCL 85C855 Mini LED: Excellent!

The heart of this 85-inch TV is a Mini LED panel with 2304 control zones. This technology significantly reduces halos and improves contrast. Thanks to the use of QLED filter, this 85-inch TV model is also capable of reproducing sharp and vivid colors. Color tones become more vibrant, images are reproduced more realistically and attractively with DCI-P3 color coverage up to 97%.

Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 Inch 85C855: Classy display on the big screen!
Vivid, realistic colors (Photo: TCL).

With high peak brightness up to 3500 nits (normally about 650 nits) and contrast ratio up to 5600:1, TCL 85C855 Mini LED TV ensures detailed and sharp images even in overlit conditions. . Dark areas are still displayed clearly without loss of detail, while bright areas are not saturated in color.

This 85-inch TCL TV model supports popular HDR formats such as HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR10+. It basically ensures that any HDR content will be displayed in optimal quality, helping us feel fully immersed in vivid, epic scenes.

In particular, with smart backlight control technology, the TV can effectively display the blooming phenomenon (the phenomenon of light surrounding bright objects on a black background). This further enhances contrast and provides clearer, noise-free detail quality.

Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 Inch 85C855: Classy display on the big screen!
Powerful AiPQ processor, applying artificial intelligence (Photo: TCL).

TCL 85C855 Mini LED uses AiPQ Pro processor, applying artificial intelligence technology to improve image quality. This processor can optimize contrast, increase brightness and reproduce colors in the most natural way, providing clearer, more vivid images. With advanced noise processing technology, it eliminates ‘banding noise’, making images smoother and more detailed. Even when viewing poor quality content and projecting it on an 85-inch screen, this processor retains image sharpness and realism, even better than the original content.

Similarly, the color and contrast of the content are also improved by the processor for better balance and quality.

4. Gaming: Ready for every challenge!

As mentioned, this TV has two HDMI 2.1 ports that support a 144Hz refresh rate, so it’s naturally ideal for gaming as well. Overall, the gaming experience on this screen is quite smooth, no lag and quite low latency, we can fully enjoy the game content and have eye-catching action scenes that are no worse than watching a movie. Hollywood movies like that.

Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 Inch 85C855: Classy display on the big screen!
TCL 85C855 Mini LED is ideal for gaming (Photo: TCL).

Its two important technologies are VRR (Variable Refresh Rate and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), which help optimize the gaming experience. While VRR reduces tearing and lag, ALLM will automatically switch to mode Game Mode to minimize input lag.

Not only that, we can also customize the Game Mode on the 85C855 Mini LED to reflect the exact requirements of each game. From adjusting brightness and contrast to reducing input lag, this TV meets all gamers’ needs, from games that require fast reflexes like FPS to AAA games that require image details, it All responded extremely well.

5. Conclusion

Above are’s comments about the Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 Inch 85C855, the company’s newly launched TV model. With a modern design, excellent picture quality, multi-dimensional surround sound and impressive gaming capabilities, this 85-inch TV is worth considering for consumers. In particular, its price is somewhat more affordable than many Mini LED competitors in the same segment, only about 77 million VND.

If you are considering a large screen TV for your modern, luxurious living space, the Google TV QD-Mini LED TCL 4K 85 inch 85C855 may be a perfect suggestion.

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