Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inches 65C845: Perfect balance!

With a reference price of 24 million VND, Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inch 65C845 is the ideal choice for those who are passionate about the ultimate entertainment experience and want to improve the quality of gaming at home.

In recent years, the TV market is showing signs of exciting competition because in addition to the main competition between the three giants Samsung, LG and Sony, there is also a new ‘dark horse’ that is also hotly pursuing. It’s TCL. In the context of consumers increasingly appreciating appearance design and functional innovations, the Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inch 65C845 appears as a breath of fresh air. With this 2023 model, TCL not only sets new standards for mid-range TVs, but also changes the way we experience images and sound at home.

1. Design of Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inch 65C845

The design of the TCL 65C845 is very versatile because the stand is not too wide. This makes it easy to install it on almost any tabletop, and the distance created by the stand is still enough to install an additional soundbar. If you only look from the front, there is almost nothing to criticize about this TV. It is beautiful with a smooth metal frame. Looking from the front, you can only see the presence of the surrounding edges.

Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inches 65C845: Perfect balance!
TCL 65C845 looks very beautiful from the front. Even though the TV is still quite thick, when hung on the wall it still gives a beautiful visual effect (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

However, because it uses the FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) backlight system like high-end TV models, the TV will be quite thick. Inside, it must accommodate the entire LED lighting system and the number of zone sensors up to 576, more than the 288 on its 2022 predecessor. All of that takes up a lot of space. However, TCL still manages to keep the thickness of the panel from exceeding 1.6 cm, with the thickest part being 7.4 cm. On the other hand, this thickest part also has a reason, that is, it contains Onkyo speakers to add more ‘listening’ to the TV.

If you want to hang the TV on the wall, there are also standard VESA mounting holes on the back of the TV. In addition, the connection module cluster is gathered on one side so we will have a completely flat back to fit as close to the wall as possible.

2. Connection port

Google TV TCL 4K 65 inch 65C845 offers expanded connectivity options, meeting the needs of current users, it includes:

  • 4 HDMI 2.1 ports: ideal for connecting to high-quality video sources such as game consoles, Blu-ray players, computers
  • 1 HDMI eARC port: perfect for connecting to modern audio systems
  • 1 USB 2.0 port: for playback of pre-loaded content, or for additional software updates that the TV does not have
  • RJ-45 LAN port: for more stable Internet connection
  • 3.5mm Jack: connect headphones or external audio system
Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inches 65C845: Perfect balance!
The TV’s connection port is sufficient for all needs (Photo: Canaltech).

These ports allow us to easily and quickly access many different content sources while still ensuring quality and stable signals. For movie lovers, gamers, or simply wanting to get the most out of their television, the 65C845 is simply the perfect choice.

3. Display quality of Google TV MiniLED QLED TCL 4K 65 inch 65C845

Like all non-OLED TVs, the TCL 65C845 uses a VA LCD panel. This panel traditionally has better contrast than IPS panels, and combined with the Full Array Local Dimming matrix, it can mimic the performance of OLED technology and achieve almost perfect black levels.

Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inches 65C845: Perfect balance!
TCL 65C845 can reproduce images with very high contrast, deep black levels only inferior to OLED TVs (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

Why do you say imitation? Because FALD does not have the ability to turn off the LED 100% like OLED, it still requires a balance between black level and shadow detail so the black we see is actually just the LED maintaining brightness at a dark level. only minimal. And to add to the ability to ‘turn off shadows’, TCL has created a great algorithm implemented in the AiPQ 3.0 Engine, which is responsible for creating very good shadow detail while maintaining very good black levels. deep. So, even with such a small number of zones, the C845 is still one of the best local dimming systems.

And another aspect that this TV does very well is its ability to reproduce colors. First, it uses quantum dot technology instead of conventional RGB filters, providing pure colors and wide coverage. Second, it has no white sub-pixels so all the HDR light emitted is displayed in the three primary RGB colors.

Regarding maximum brightness in HDR, the TCL 65C845 reaches 2000 nits on 10% of the surface area, 500 nits higher than its predecessor, the contrast is also at 6000:1, this is also a very high value.

In addition, TCL has optimized image processing with AiPQ 3.0, which brings significant improvements compared to the 2022 version: more accurate motion interpolation, more natural scaling and detail, create better color. There are also improvements to data compression, which is great for watching online content on Netflix.

Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inches 65C845: Perfect balance!
AiPQ 3.0 technology provides TVs with outstanding processing power (Photo: Dien May Xanh).

However, it’s a bit unfortunate that TCL didn’t add anything to improve the poor viewing angles of the VA panel. Light-scattering pixels only radiate forward, so when viewed from an inclined angle, we will see significantly less contrast and brightness.

4. Gaming performance

Although there are up to 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, we need to note that their support parameters are completely different:

  • 1 HDMI port supports 4K at 144Hz
  • 1 HDMI port supports 4K at 120Hz
  • 2 HDMI ports support 4K at 60 Hz

On the other hand, when playing games, the TV will automatically disable many local dimming zones to reduce the output delay to a few milliseconds, so the image quality when gaming will be clearly reduced compared to when entertaining. .

On the other hand, input lag is not high in Game Mode – about 13.2 ms (and about 8ms in 4K@120Hz mode). The Game Bar has also been improved a bit, continuously informing about the type of VRR enabled by the user, frame rate, HDR or not, screen aspect ratio…

5. Sound quality of Google TV MiniLED QLED TCL 4K 65 inch 65C845

Google TV MiniLed QLED TCL 4K 65 inches 65C845: Perfect balance!
With the addition of a rear subwoofer, the TCL 65C845 can deliver a satisfying audio-visual experience (Photo: Canaltech).

Regarding the sound design of the TCL 65C845, it has a 60W 2.1 speaker system developed by Onkyo. There are two full-range speakers to hit the mid and high ranges, and a rear Ultra-bass speaker takes care of the bass. Overall, the sound performance of this TV is quite good, with outstanding highs and balanced mids. Although the bass is strong, it is not as intense as expected and the sub-bass is also a bit timid when turned on at maximum volume.

6. Operating system

The operating system of TCL 65C845 is Google TV based on Android TV 11 platform so the user experience is very good. This is because the giant’s platform gives us access to all the applications available on the Google Play Store, facilitating usability.

Overall, the system is very flexible and does not require a getting used to it as it is already very popular on smartphones. While navigation is a little different, being able to use every online app without any hassle improves the experience significantly.

7. Conclusion

Overall, Google TV MiniLED QLED TCL 4K 65 inch 65C845 is a very worthwhile TV. It has a high-quality mini LED screen, good sound, and the display quality is also excellent although the viewing angle is a bit limited. Because this product will be launched in 2023, its price has also been adjusted to be more reasonable for users’ budgets. Currently, you can easily own this 65-inch TV for only about 24 million VND.

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