Google Mini LED TV Sony 4K 65 inch K-65XR70: Quality is everything!

Google Mini LED TV Sony 4K 65 inch K-65XR70 is not a TV model for most people, but for those who are demanding about experience, this TV is definitely worth the money invested in it.

Sony is launching a whole new generation of televisions: more comfortable than ever and packed with useful extras. Bravia 7 is the common name of this Mini LED TV line, and it can be considered a ‘less expensive’ version of the Bravia 9 series.

In today’s article, readers please join Let’s learn about the Google Mini LED TV Sony 4K 65 inch K-65XR70, to see what is different about this TV this year that has received so much praise from technology experts.

1. Design and appearance of Sony K-65XR70

The appearance of the Sony K-65XR70 has not changed much compared to previous product lines: flat screen with narrow metal frame, the back looks quite nice with a checkered pattern. The TV stands on two thin metal stands that can be mounted in two different positions: on either side of the screen or in the center. In general, it is quite flexible when placed on a table or shelf.

In addition, this stand can also be adjusted in height: lowering it is only about 2.5cm higher than the table surface, while raising it is 7.7cm enough to place a soundbar in front. Seen from the width, the TV is about 5.7cm thick, which is quite thick, but that is due to its complex screen technology.

2. Display quality: QLED and Mini LED combined!

It must be said that the Sony K-65XR70 is a quite special TV.

At its core, it’s an LCD television, which needs something called a backlight that shines through the liquid crystal display to create an image. However, this Direct LED system has a problem in that it cannot display deep blacks due to the uncontrolled source, causing areas that need to be dark to be brightened.

To improve, Sony has evenly distributed the LEDs behind the screen and controlled their brightness according to the displayed content. Accordingly, in areas that need to be bright, the LED will be as bright as possible, and in areas that need to be dark, the LED will be dimmed. That’s also what we call ‘local dimming’.

Until now, that feature is also somewhat outdated. And Sony has used a new system with smaller, more numerous Mini LED bulbs, distributed into many independent operating zones and controlled on and off under the control of a technology called XR Backlight. Master Drive. As a result, we have an LCD screen with more sophisticated display capabilities, deep black levels approaching OLED, although there is still some halo phenomenon, but we have to be very observant to be able to detect it.

But that’s not all, Sony also carefully added a layer of quantum dots between the screen and the lighting system. As a result, we have a Sony K-65XR70 that is both a QLED TV and a Mini LED TV.

In general, Mini LED technology is no longer new, manufacturers have also begun to widely apply it, but there are few that have attracted the attention of users and experts like this Bravia 7 series.

Specifically, on this 65-inch Sony TV we have a total of 480 control zones. The TV can adjust the brightness of these zones independently and help the image display more accurately. Furthermore, the LED bulbs that Sony uses also have a very high brightness threshold, which can reach 2,064 nits. At the same time, it can display very deep blacks (though not as good as OLED), good enough to deliver impressive, vivid images.

In terms of color, due to carefully coating a layer of quantum dots on the Sony K-65XR70, it also appears very exemplary, accurate and natural. The results measured through Portrait Display Calman software are 96% DCI-P3 for HDR (high dynamic range) content, which is something that many more expensive LCD monitors may not be able to do as well.

And yet, thanks to the 10-bit color resolution, the color transition and brightness when changing viewing angles are also quite good. Overall, the colors will be a bit cooler, the contrast will also decrease slightly but it won’t too much affect the overall experience.

The Sony K-65XR70 has a refresh rate increased to 120Hz, so it can display 4K content with high smoothness, even fast-moving content such as sports and games can be reproduced clearly. clear.

In addition, due to delicate screen illumination, the Sony K-65XR70’s power consumption is also less than that of most TVs of the same size. When tested, the average consumption of the TV is 100W. Turn on HDR content and adjust the brightness to the highest, the consumption is only about 226W, this number is not much for a quality TV. High.

3. Gaming performance of Sony K-65XR70

Besides the ability to reproduce impressive movie content, the Sony 4K 65-inch Google Mini LED TV K-65XR70 can also play games, with an ideal 10ms latency. On the TV there are two HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K@120Hz, perfect for connecting the TV to a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X gaming console or a PC case with a correspondingly powerful graphics card. In addition, it also has VRR (variable refresh rate), but by default when shipped, this feature is turned off, we need a few steps to turn it on.

4. Operating system: Google TV with many additional features!

Sony K-65XR70 runs on the Android TV operating system (version 12) and Google TV user interface, it provides a full range of online applications that a modern smart TV must have. For example, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Galaxy Play, FPT Play, VieON…

On top of that, we also have the Sony Pictures Core library (formerly Bravia Core) which is only available on PS4 or PS5. It contains more than 2000 movies produced by Sony, and although you will have to pay a fee to rent or buy the movies, for those who are only interested in enjoying the highest quality movies, perhaps It’s not a problem either. You must know that this is one of the streaming platforms with the most IMAX Enhanced content today.

And because it is Google TV, we can also contact the virtual assistant Google Assistant using the microphone on the remote. It helps a lot in searching for movies, Youtube clips and specific articles from multimedia libraries.

Also talking about the remote, the Sony K-65XR70 remote control is much thinner and more convenient than before. It has 6 buttons for quick access to online applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Youtube… Because there are only a few keys, using it will be very simple.

In addition, running out of battery is no longer a problem with Sony’s remote, its battery can now be recharged via the USB-C port. And if unfortunately this battery is damaged or defective, don’t worry, we can replace it with another battery.

5. Conclusion

Having said that, Sony has achieved great success with the Bravia 7 series this year: everything is good and offers a lot of comfort when watching TV, playing games, the sound quality is also really good. Its biggest strength is the extremely bright and high-contrast screen, with equally perfect color reproduction.

With a selling price of 54.9 million VND, Google Mini LED TV Sony 4K 65 inch K-65XR70 will be a valuable product to experience, especially suitable for those with high requirements for display quality.

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