Foods for nursing mothers with lots of milk

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Your boss has just given birth. You need to find the right food for your boss to ensure nutrition and provide plenty of milk to feed the puppies. Next, we will introduce to you the types of food. Give the mother dog plenty of milk to feed her puppies so you can choose for your boss.

Caring for new mothers is not a simple job for many mothers. Especially for those who have a boss who has just given birth for the first time, taking care of them will be more difficult. At this time, the mother’s health is still quite weak and sensitive, so to take good care of her mother, she needs to grasp the basic knowledge of taking care of her mother. The most important issue that breeders care about the most is a nutritional regimen so that the mother is always healthy and has plenty of milk to feed her puppies.

To make it easier for you to choose food for your new mother dog, will soon introduce to you the best dry food for mother dogs today that is extremely convenient and nutritious. Provides many rich nutritional ingredients to help mothers stay healthy.

ANF ​​dog food

ANF ​​dog food
ANF ​​dog food

ANF ​​dog food is a brand that was formed and developed in 1950 in Korea and is favored by many pet owners in many countries around the world. ANF ​​with carefully selected organic ingredients from farming to processing and preservation.

Among them is the special ANF dog food with 6 free series:

  • No genetically modified organisms
  • No antibiotics
  • No pesticides
  • Does not contain hormone-altering drugs
  • Contains no synthetic colorants
  • Contains no chemical preservatives

This ensures absolute safety for your boss. In addition, this ANF dog food is also considered to have a rich source of nutrition and meet the needs of mothers. The delicious and attractive flavor of ANF dry food is also loved by many bosses. This is also the advantage that many lotus people have chosen this type of food for their bosses.

Smartheart dog food

Smartheart dog food
Smartheart dog food

Smartheart dog food is a product of the Smartheart brand from Thailand and has been present in Vietnam since 2010, chosen by many people for their bosses.

With a production line that meets ISO 9001 international certification. Specially produced by a team of experts with extensive experience in the field of pets to give dogs and cats good physical and mental values. best.

Smartheart dog food also has a variety of dry food products suitable for large dogs, small dogs, puppies and puppies… so you can choose the most suitable product for your boss. The product is also considered a suitable choice for mothers who have just given birth and need a lot of nutrition to quickly restore health and breastfeed their puppies.

In addition, Smartheart dry dog ​​food is also highly appreciated for its attractive flavor that stimulates taste buds and makes it easier for pets to absorb for better digestion.

Royal Canin dog food

Royal Canin dog food
Royal Canin dog food

Royal Canin dog food is an extremely famous French pet food brand. The product is currently of great interest and choice for their bosses because of its good quality and guaranteed safety.

Royal Canin dry dog ​​food contains essential nutritional ingredients such as protein, vitamins and many other nutrients. In particular, the product also contains antioxidants and selenium to help puppies strengthen their immune system and resistance very well. Therefore, the product is considered a suitable choice for mothers who have just given birth.

In addition, there are Vitamin E and vitamin C – important compounds with natural antioxidant functions in cells – to help large dogs maintain the best health.

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