Food guide for British Shorthair cats

We will share all the information about nutrition and types of food for British Shorthair cats in detail in this article.

British Shorthair cats are quite voracious eaters, so they will eat any food you give them. However, choosing the right food for British Shorthair cats to help them develop fully and stay healthy is not something every breeder knows. Choosing food also depends on the characteristics of each cat as well as your experience in raising it.

Origin of the British Shorthair cat

The British Shorthair cat, abbreviated as the Aln cat, is the oldest cat breed in the world today. Appeared around 100 AD, when the Romans explored and invaded the islands of Great Britain. During the invasion, they brought the cat Aln with them.

Not only living and growing very well in the UK, British Shorthair cats are also raised as pets in many noble families in England. But since the Persian cat appeared in the UK in particular and European countries in general, the British Shorthair cat has fallen out of favor. The number of Aln cats also gradually decreases over time.

After World War I, the British Shorthair was almost extinct. It was not until the 60s that breeders successfully created a purebred British Shorthair cat. This result has been recognized by the American Cat Association (CFA) and the International Cat Association (TICA).

British Shorthair cats appeared in Vietnam at the end of 2008 and so far this cat breed is loved by many people. Because the number of Aln cats is not much, the price of these cats is still very expensive, from about 4.5-8 million VND/cat. Caring for Aln cats also faces many difficulties due to the difference in climate between Vietnam and the UK.

The British Shorthair is the oldest cat breed in the world today
The British Shorthair is the oldest cat breed in the world today

The best foods for British short-haired cats to grow

About problem food for British shorthair cats, you can combine both methods by feeding your cat pre-processed canned food or buying fresh food to feed Aln cat. You can also combine both types of food to change the taste for Aln cats to eat better. Specifically:

  • Prepared food for British Shorthair cats

There are many ready-made food products specifically for cats such as: Me-o, Royal Canin, Whiskas, Nutri Source Weight Management, Cat Eye Kitten & Cat, Home Cat, O’fresh – Cat care, Whiskas tuna… These are all famous brands in the world, the quality of the products All products have passed the inspection of reputable agencies and organizations, so you can completely rest assured to buy them to feed your cat.To buy prepared food specifically for cats, you should go to reputable and reputable pet food stores in the market. However, the price will be an issue that makes you wonder whether you should buy ready-made cat food or not. Compared to buying fresh food to cook for Aln’s cat, buying ready-made food is much more expensive.

The biggest advantage of ready-made cat food is that it saves time and effort in feeding your cat. Cats are still provided with all the nutrients they need to grow. Canned cat food is also very diverse, there are many different types, from dry to hard, from wet to soft, so it is suitable for British short-haired cats of different ages.

Canned, prepared food specifically for cats
  • Homemade food for British Shorthair cats

If you have time, don’t hesitate to go to the market to buy fresh food to cook for your British Shorthair cats.

Beef, chicken, duck, pork, fish, shrimp… are the most suitable and best foods for Aln cats. In addition, fruits and vegetables that provide fiber and vitamins are also necessary foods to help cats increase resistance, improve the immune system, digest and absorb food better to stay healthy. If cats are lazy to eat vegetables, grind the vegetables, then mix them with meat and feed them.

To prevent British Shorthair cats from becoming obese due to overeating and lack of exercise, you should limit feeding them rice. Eating too much rice, too often and continuously will cause your weight to increase rapidly.

The advantage of cooking for British Shorthair cats yourself is that it saves a lot of money compared to buying ready-made food, fresh food has a more attractive flavor. The biggest drawback of making your own cat food is that it is time consuming. If your work is too busy, this is really an impossible task. Besides, having to balance nutrition and nutrients in each daily meal to help cats develop comprehensively and not become obese is not easy.

British Shorthair cats love to eat meat
British Shorthair cats love to eat meat

You can choose one of the two forms of eating above. But it is better to combine both canned and homemade food for British Shorthair cats. When you’re busy, you can feed your cat processed food; When you have free time, you can buy food to prepare for them. Changing the flavor of food regularly also helps British shorthair cats eat better.

What should British Shorthair cats not eat?

Besides these food for British shorthair cats Well, there are some dangerous foods that Aln cats should not eat such as:

Raw potatoes: Potato leaves and peels contain toxic chemicals that can be toxic to cats. The digestive system and stomach are the two parts that will be affected first if you feed Aln cats potatoes.

Garlic and onions: These are two foods that are taboo for cats. Just eating onions and garlic in small amounts will cause cats to experience weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia and even death.

Raw eggs: Not only do they contain many disease-causing bacteria, raw eggs also contain avidin, which interferes with the absorption of vitamin B, seriously affecting the health of Aln cats.

Raw meat and fish: British Shorthair cats can be poisoned when eating raw meat and raw fish. Therefore, cook meat and fish thoroughly to remove bacteria that are harmful to your cat’s health.

Salmon: The cat also likes to eat fish. But salmon should absolutely not be fed to cats. The high fat content and mercury in salmon can be harmful to your Aln cats.

Dog food: The nutritional needs of cats and dogs are completely different. If your cat eats dog food for a long time, it will suffer from nutritional deficiencies that can lead to many complex diseases.

British Shorthair cats should not be fed raw eggs
British Shorthair cats should not be fed raw eggs

Food for British Shorthair cats Not too different from other cat breeds, so you can absolutely find and buy their favorite foods at stores, supermarkets or markets. Love along with understanding of diet and care is the secret to helping your British Shorthair cats grow quickly and stay healthy.

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